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  • Author: Taotao
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 380
  • 7.5

In the ancient Earth, the shadow of the greenhouse effect shrouded the entire planet, and the polar ice caps began to melt, releasing ancient viruses that had been buried underground for millions of years. These viruses, once quietly existing in the ancient epochs of Earth, regained their freedom with the drastic change in climate and spread towards modern cities. The towering skyscrapers of the cities turned into ruins as the apocalypse descended, and the once bustling streets now lay silent. In this desolate land, life was rewriting its rules. The energy unleashed by the greenhouse effect gave birth to countless bizarre evolutions, and the realm of living beings witnessed the emergence of countless extraordinary mutations. Like characters from a sci-fi film, the mutants awakened amidst the ruins. Their bodies were filled with unknown powers, granting them incredible abilities. Mythical creatures from legends, such as phoenixes, dragons, and sphinxes, emerged one by one, soaring through the air, roaring and injecting a mysterious vitality into this land engulfed in chaos. In this chaotic world, humanity found itself in a predicament. However, just as everything seemed to be heading towards despair, an ordinary person named Han Zhong obtained a mysterious opportunity for rebirth. He vowed to rise against all odds and become the leader of all evolving beings. Han Zhong's rebirth was not a simple reincarnation; he carried the memories and wisdom of his past life into his newfound existence. Confronted with a world of mutations, he embarked on an extraordinary journey. Amongst the ruins, he discovered ancient secrets hidden within the remnants of the cities, gaining the key to unlocking evolution. While contending with mutants and mythical creatures, Han Zhong gradually discovered extraordinary changes within himself. His body started to possess unique abilities, and the knowledge dormant within his mind unlocked gradually, allowing him to comprehend the rules of this new world. Amidst this life-and-death struggle, what path will Han Zhong choose? Can he lead humanity out of the shadows of despair and coexist peacefully with mutant beings and mythical creatures? Or will he become the true ruler of this mutated world? "World Cataclysm: Ironblood Evolution" is a novel that fuses elements of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure. It tells the legendary story of an ordinary person who, after the advent of doomsday, rises to become a leader in the new world through rebirth and evolution. It is an epic tale about survival, hope, and power that will guide readers to explore an unknown world and embrace a brand-new future.


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