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You're My Sunshine

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Purity is an orphan whose mother died when she's too young forcing her father to remarry in order to provide her with a complete family having to feel a mother's love so that she won't miss her late mother so much. Later her dad too passes away leaving her under her stepmom's care. Once they are over the mourning of her father, the stepmom changes abruptly turning her life a living hell. Sometimes she struggles to break free from her grasp in vain. On learning that she's trying to flee from home her step mom forbid her from leaving the house which in turn makes her to drop out of school and hence becoming a house girl. One night changes it all when she's eighteen. Journey with me to see how God changed her story...

Chapter 1, The suitor is chosen

Waking up on an empty stomach had become purity's tendency.

She lazily threw the blanket away and sat on her bed staring at the wall clock that hung on the wall. It showed six o'clock in the morning. She unhurriedly went and grabbed her clothes from the wardrobe and put them on.

She got out of her room and strode to the kitchen so that she could make some breakfast for the two bosses of hers before they get going on their daily errands.

The kitchen was so messy that she couldn't know where to start from. But as she remembered clearly, she cleaned it before retiring to bed last night, so how come it was like this and so early?

As she was lost in thoughts, she heard a smirk from the door, on turning around, she faced her stepmom looking at her as if she fell from heaven.

" So now that you are eighteen you decide to wake up so late? Have you forgotten your daily routine? What has Ruby taken before she could go to school...?"

" Am sorry am late, because I wasn't feeling well." She answered her without looking her at the face.

It was only some few hours and she will be gone from this dungeon of a house! She wouldn't mind where she'll be going but all in all she had to leave this place and look for a living of her own. After all she had no one she could rely on. This was her only hope that remained once her dad died but it wasn't how she thought after her dad's mourning was over.

" Oh, so now you have the guts to defend yourself! Is it because you're becoming a grown up? Do not forget that you are still under me because you're living in my house! You'll do as I say! Now clean up this messy kitchen and come to the living room, I want to give you an important information..." Theresa Williams left with those words .

Purity heard her grunts as she shut the kitchen door behind her.

She didn't mind any of her words, she wasn't going to compromise anymore! She's been putting up with all the mistreatment because she didn't want to end up in an orphanage but now since she's a grown up, she'll definitely know how to survive on her own without any fear.

'It's only for today, yes today once I leave this house, you'll never ever find me again nor hear my name let alone use me.' she thought to her herself.

Once she was done with making the kitchen come back to a normal one, she left and went to the living room to hear what Theresa Williams wanted to tell her. It wasn't that she was afraid of her now, she only wanted to give her some face and respect for the last time. After all she still cared for her when her father was still alive. So no matter what, she had a place in her heart even if it wasn't that big.

In the living room Theresa Williams was going through some documents when purity arrived. Ruby was seated beside her on the couch.

' so she didn't go to school today? Oh what am I even thinking, she never goes to school but always on parties. But what are they whispering to each other? What's up their sleeves tus time? ' purity went over and called for their attention by a slight cough....

" So she finally got up?? The madam boss herself. Mama, look she's here, I hope she did a thorough cleaning of that kitchen hahaha... Did you leave some breakfast for her to take?" Ruby mocked purity when she saw her tired face but purity didn't buy her mockery....

" I'm here, what were you telling me?" She went straight to the point.

" I like it that you do not beat around the bush Purity. Come and seat here with me my daughter." Theresa Williams called sweetly to her for the first time ever since her father died.

Before she could move or say anything Ruby interrupted, " hey mom, why do you want this rag of a person to share a seat with you? You better not allow her to cling on you!"

Purity was confused by Theresa Williams ubrupt change to notice Ruby's bickering. ' she really is something!'

" You can directly tell me am all ears. " She replied to Theresa Williams without battling an eye.

Theresa was taken a back by Purity's attitude. ' is this girl changing for good? She always does what I asked her to do back then why not now? I must be careful. She might have grown some horns which needs to be cut off!'

"So you do not want to sit with me? Ok then here, read these documents and do what's necessary." Handing her the documents, purity didn't hesitate to grab them from her. They stated that she had to give her share of inheritance that her dad left for her to Ruby and then she will be compensated by marrying a rich guy who was bound to be Ruby's but Ruby wants to give him to her in exchange for the inheritance. Oh wow! Such a calculative mom! So they go and get a man I mean a husband for me already? Jerks!' for the first time purity cursed Theresa Williams in her head without thought.

She raised her face from the documents and looked Theresa Williams in her eyes deeply as if she would read her soul making the latter to tremble in fear.

' what? She's become this bold? Oh God! No!' she cried inside exchanging looks with Ruby.

Ruby on the other hand looked at Purity and asked, " you should be thankful that am giving my man to you as a compensation, be happy and sign it already. I might still change my mind any time who knows?" She firmly said earning another fierce glare from Purity.

Chapter 2, Am sorry

After a long while of a deafening silence, purity finally reacted by tearing up the documents without mercy. Then threw the pieces that came out of it on the air.

The pieces scattered all over the living room making it look like a playground for babies.

" You want me to give up my inheritance in exchange for some random guy huh? You must be really a loving stepmom to your husband's daughter!" Purity's innocent face suddenly changed which shocked both the mother and daughter pair.

Is this really the naive purity that they are used to? How can she change so suddenly that she appears to be a very different person from the one they knew? She became scary to see.

Ruby jerked at her, " what is this that you have done with the contract? Do not think so highly of yourself, you are not that important in our lives that we compesate you. After all the good that my mom has done for you, you have got guts to be this disrespectful towards her? Ho


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