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You are my sin

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Olivia is in charge of the nightclub, but at the same time, she is one of the members of the organized crime. She leads a double life to avoid being discovered. During the day, Olivia is a simple pastry chef, but at night, she transforms into an untamed woman with a dark aura. Noah is the typical wealthy, handsome, and intelligent man. However, he is not as perfect as everyone thinks; he has more than one secret that only a few know about.

The Lady's Mask


"Destiny or life always take care of surprising you... Longing for something you can't have is a failure, because you have what you have because you choose to have it, and I don't say this because it bothers me, I say it because one has the power to have what they want and not what they dream of, since a dream vanishes at the same time as a puff of smoke or the ticking of a clock. The night is my sweet friend, darkness my loyal companion, and my destiny... my great enemy! 

"Excuse me, ma'am," I stop just steps away from the exit of the nightclub. "Rest, because you'll need it, as in a few hours it will be the night of the games and... the secret guest's night." I glance at him, and his malicious smile doesn't surprise me. 

"I don't see why you're so happy," I exclaim arrogantly. 

Ponky is one of the workers at the club, a bootlicker, and even more so with the people he finds convenient. I despise people like him, but I have to tolerate him because he is respected when it comes to leading. 

"But ma'am, it benefits us because the great secret guest is the right-hand man of our master, Lobreguez," he says, and I roll my eyes upon hearing the master's name. 

"Ponky, don't be a blabbermouth, remember that we can't mention the master," I mutter under my breath, turning around to meet his gaze. "We can't name the master because he is darkness itself, and he knows everything; one of the things he abhors is being mentioned when we don't need to." 

"I'm sorry, ma'am," he softens his voice and lowers his gaze. 

"Close the club, and don't forget that the girls have to come an hour earlier," I ordered, piercing him with my cold gaze. "Everything will be under your responsibility." 

"I assure you they won't fail," he nods, and that ends the conversation for me as I decide to turn around and leave. 

In this job, one cannot afford to have a flexible character because nobody will give you the respect you deserve. Arrogance is one of my hidden attributes, and it satisfies me when I put someone in their place. In this dark world, friends don't exist, and even less so do confidants. One guards and protects their own skin because whoever seeks trouble finds death. 

Ah, exhaustion welcomes the dawn with open arms, and a wave of cold air makes me shiver. I walk through the streets of my beautiful city, Auckland, and I have no fear that something or someone will cross my path because I am on the path. Over and over again, the endless whisper of the streets penetrates my mind, asking over and over again, who am I and what do I want? 

I am Olivia Clark, a girl who leads a double life. One side of me presents the face of innocence to humanity and society, while the other is an arrogant, imposing, and controlling woman. My conscience reproaches me for the double life I lead, but my daytime personality is a façade to hide my true identity, which only a few should know about. 

During the day, I am the unsuspecting girl who wants to survive with the sole purpose of making ends meet and paying the rent. The only way I can do that is by baking homemade cookies and selling them at nearby cafés. The only person who knows about my childhood and the innocent part of my life is my friend-sister. 

Norma is my friend, sister, and ally. Yes, I can sleep peacefully with her, but always with the mask on, as I can't confess the other side of Olivia to her. My life is like Russian roulette, with danger lurking and fluctuating. 

The first thing I do when I step into the building where my small apartment is located is go to the restroom near the entrance, the same restroom the security guard uses. It's all about changing my clothes and put on a sports outfit. 

Ah, I know this is tiring, but it's a way to maintain two lives in one. Everything can be difficult, but never impossible. The idea is for my friend to believe that I have a daily exercise routine. 

At night, I open my eyes when she closes hers, and before proceeding with the change of mask and identity, I have to make sure she's in a deep sleep and that the sleeping pills will help until the next day. 

While she sleeps, Olivia Clarke comes to life as an unruly lady. The security guard receives a monthly payment with the agreement that he won't say anything and certainly won't ask stupid questions. 

Sometimes I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy an apartment where I could have everything that Norma can't see and thus hide my belongings, my attire, and the lady's mask. 

My excuse for having elegant clothing in my closet is that it's borrowed and all I do is wash and iron it to earn some extra money. Norma buys the story and is happy because it's an additional income for the apartment. 

Every day, when I enter the apartment at the same time, Norma gets up to get ready and go to work at the café two blocks away from here. 

When she finishes her work shift, she comes straight home to have dinner, complain, dream, and take a pill to sleep like a good girl. 

"Good morning!" I shouted after closing the door. 

"Olivia... I need you," I dropped the bags I had in my hands and ran towards the source of the screams. 

"Norma," I entered the room and stopped in my tracks as I saw her going through my closet. 

"Why haven't you taken her clothes?" she said, pulling out one of the dresses I wore three days ago. 

I took a deep breath and let go of my nervousness. 

"Norma, ah," I slapped my forehead, "it's just that Mrs. Gabriela asked me to keep her fine clothes for a few days," I hesitated, and she looked me up and down. 

"That old lady should pay you more because this apartment is not a dry cleaner," her annoyance was evident. "Besides, she doesn't pay you enough to have all her things in your closet," she ranted. 

Oh, if only you knew that everything you see, and desire, is nothing more and nothing less than mine. 

"Please, Norma," I softened my voice, and every word that came out of my mouth was one plea after another, "I can't afford to be arrogant and let go of this small job," I took a step forward. "It doesn't bother me to have Mrs. Gabriela's things," I made a sad face emoji, "besides, she just told me I can take whatever I want, and she might even raise the price of each item a little." 

I just hit the jackpot, and I know she's drooling over wearing all those clothes in the closet. 

"No... No, or rather, yes, but at the same time, no," she contradicted herself and struggled with her own thoughts. 

"Come on, Norma, choose the dress you want to have," I pointed to the closet.

The other side of the coin

"No, Olivia, you know you can work on something better and also at the cafeteria," her paranoia surprises me. "Maybe after we left the convent, we weren't lucky enough to study, as both of us had to focus on surviving rather than preparing ourselves as every teenager would have wanted." 

Sigh... And that's where my story begins, along with Norma's. 

Norma is a charismatic girl, empathetic, and above all, she has a beautiful personality. For her, beauty is everything a woman should have. She's my blonde with green eyes, the one who has refused to have a serious relationship because she thinks I'll die in the process. 

Norma insists that I'm the weak one, yes, the one who will die trying. She also claims that I don't have the character to live without her, although I believe that she can't live without me. 

For her, loneliness is a bad companion and your enemy, no doubt. 

"Norma, it's b


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