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Xavier's Bride

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I didn't love her, I didn't care what she has gone through in her life, the moment I saw her I could tell that she was just playing by the wind, there was not even an inch of truth in her words. Yet I saved her, for only one reason. And that's... She must be my bride. He saved her in exchange of a promise from her. Amyra Cassidy was a 18th years old, beautiful and intelligent girl. Getting backstabbed by her close people, she doesn't know who got her out of the prison but she knew his name. He was named 'XAVIER' and she was told to be his... Bride. But was she innocent like it seemed? Why would someone so powerful like Xavier Bryant marry her when he disliked the sight of her? #strong female lead #badboy billionaire



"What the hell is this!" He tossed the magazine on the table angrily and stood up from his chair. His pupils darkened and his fists were gripped.

Jacob glanced at the blonde who had been kneeling on the floor for nearly an hour by now. The look in her eyes could say it all that she was on the verge of passing out yet somehow holding it on. Even if she would black out, she would only find herself dead after waking up... Yes, in heaven or hell!

"Mr Bryant, I..." Her voice quivered as she tried sounding off.

"Get her out of my sight! Right now!" 

Before she could finish off the line, she was dragged out of the glass room. Outside, Jacob helped her to stand up and the blonde looked at him with sombre eyes.

"Mr Lewis, I can't do this anymore. He is so uprightly rude. I bet no woman will ever tolerate his bad temper. Mr Bryant has some serious issues..."

She took some notches away as her eyes glistened with Jacob's raged ones. Everybody in the city knew that Jacob could never tolerate someone badmouthing his boss.

Xavier and Jacob grew up in the same house, he played with him and went to school with him and when someone bullied him, it was Xavier who beat them.

It was because of Xavier's grandparents that he could go to school, get to eat meals properly and have a safe place to live. He grew up well because of their help.

Jacob yanked the woman's wrist tight and put an envelope in her hand.

"Take this money and leave this city before you get killed for your f*ck*ng mouth." 

"I..." Taking the money she made her way out of his sight. 

Jacob sauntered inside the room. Xavier Bryant is known to be as Mr Bryant who was now standing by the window. His hands were placed in his pocket and his sleeves up.

"Mr Bryant, I have given them another call. They will soon find a woman..." 

"Only a week."

"Got it."




"I have to leave this house by tomorrow? But mom..."

Sanaeha shut her off as she pronounced with deep remorse. "Don't worry about the money, I will be sending you your living expenses every month. So you can live without any worries in the dormitory."

"But Mom, I don't want to leave. Why can't I live with my family? I came here just a week ago and you said I could live here then why all of a sudden..." 

"We are not going to talk about this again. I have let you know my decision, you can only follow it not question me like this."

"I... I see. Can I ask something then?"

Sanaeha bobbed her head at Amyra's question. Letting out a sigh Amyra asked, "Is she also going to stay in the dormitory?"

"She is still young, you know she can't live without me. So..."

Sanaeha couldn't see Amyra anywhere. So she understood she left after getting her answer already. It hadn't been easy at all. Surely she didn't want it but she was not left with any choice so she could only push Amyra away.

'I am sorry, Amy. That's all I can do for you. I am really sorry.'


Amyra Cassidy

18 years old Amyra loses her parents just the day before her 18th birthday. She wants to be a lawyer in the future, doesn't have many friends but a best friend. She lived with her grandma but after she died, she came to the city to live with her mom.

Xavier Bryant

24 years old, known to be as Mr Bryant. Xavier Bryant is the most handsome bachelor in the country, apart from being the most powerful man in the city he is known to be arrogant, upright rude specially with women and coldhearted. People fear him and don't want to cross paths with him.

Jacob Lewis

23 years old, handsome, kind and arrogant to people his boss doesn't like at all. He is the secretary of Xavier Bryant. His parents died when he was 10 years old, he respects women. 

Chloe Murphy

27 years old, Chloe grew up as an orphan. She is beautiful, kind and savage at times. From elementary school she had been bestfriend with Amyra. A doctor in profession but more like a gangster sometimes.

Ep 1: Get Arrested

"I screamed, I cried, I told them the truth yet nobody believed me... Not even my own sister." ~ Amyra



"Amy, save me. Please… please save me, Amy." Amyra Cassidy hastily stood up from the bed as soon as she heeded the familiar female panicked voice from the other side of the call.

Not long ago she came back from her part-time job, she just laid her body relaxingly on the soft bed but the call got her freaked out.

"Where are you? Send me your location right now. I will…" The call was cut before Amyra could finish her sentence. 

She knew who it was, of course, it couldn't be someone else but her dear sister. Her name is Zenaya, they both belong to Cassidy but nothing between them is alike. 

Zenaya is one year younger than her, she likes to party, make new friends, go out with guys and do everything that Amyra hates to do.

Despite her warning Zenaya to avoid making random guys


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