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woman who hates love

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"Be my lover." The first time they met, he forced her to be his lover. "When I make enough money, I'll get out. Goodbye." She carries all her burdens and walks in style. The Devil CEO is wanted all over the world: "Woman, want to escape? Leave my heart first! " This is a game of conquest and counter-conquest. Whoever falls in love first loses. She can't afford to lose. The only thing she can keep is her own heart.

Chapter 1A day of plunder (1)

By the lakeside in the bamboo forest in the wilderness, there was a strange and rapid moan, and even the wind blew waves of ambiguous breath...

"Uh... President Lucius, will Bronya have a role in the next blockbuster?"

"Look at how you're doing."

"Well, uh..."

By the lake, a coquettish red convertible Ferrari was shaking violently, and a naked woman was performing desperately.

Snow-white skin, beautiful figure, amazing D cup, perfect size.

Under the warm light, she closed her eyes, swayed her body to please the man, and enjoyed the pleasure this love brought her. Her moans became more and more sultry, and even the air was filled with an ambiguous smell.

Compared with women, men are neatly dressed, with clean shirts without any wrinkles and a pair of sunglasses on their faces, looking exactly like they are traveling by car.

Tsk, tut, from this look, you can tell he's doing... that kind of thing.

Marcia Mason, hiding in the bamboo forest, sighed repeatedly and raised and put down her SLR camera several times.

Forget it, this man is just a supporting role anyway.

The camera is zoomed in, focusing on the passionate woman straddling the man's body, filming and recording continuously.

I really didn’t expect that I could secretly capture such an exciting scene today!

This panting woman is the popular star Bronya Freeman...

[The pure and beautiful girl of Bronya Freeman’s generation turned into a lustful woman, and her lover who was playing with the car during a private meeting in the suburbs was shocked]

With such a sensational title, this issue of the magazine will definitely sell out! Hahaha, I made a lot of money!

"President Lucius, you are...very satisfied with my performance..."

Such a sound shocked Marcia Mason. As a woman, let alone a man, her blood must be gushing out.

But the young man in the car actually seemed to be working, his tone was cold, and his slender hand clasped Bronya Freeman's delicate chin: "Are you so weak? Didn't you eat in the morning?"

It’s been half an hour since you exercised... No matter how much you eat, you still have to digest it, okay...

Bronya Freeman flushed with embarrassment, and her body shook even more: "President Lucius, are so terrible, I really have no strength... ..."

Can this man have the physical strength to last for so long?

In this case we will have to fight for at least another half hour.

"Why did Tate hurt you?" The man smiled evilly, with a hint of arc.

"'s just awkward. It's my first time, so don't be too gentle.

"Haha." The man smiled with some disdain, "First time?

"Yes, yes." She was startled by the mockery in the man's eyes, as if he had seen her hypocrisy.

Bronya Freeman simply stopped talking and grabbed the man tightly to cater to him.

The man chuckled, letting her wrap around him like a water snake, and slowly took off his sunglasses...

In the sunshine, it was a handsome face.

Narrow eyes, high nose bridge, pink and soft lips. Especially when he smiled, he only curled up the corners of his mouth, with a certain evil aura that could kill any woman instantly.

Even though she had seen this face many times, Bronya Freeman was shocked again, and her movements became slower and slower.

The man seemed dissatisfied with her being so slow. He frowned, turned over, and pushed her down arrogantly...

Now, all that's left in Marcia Mason's shot is a man's back!

What a scene-stealing, great supporting role! ! !

She wants to do Bronya Freeman, okay? Who is this guy? Very dramatic!

Fortunately, she had already taken action, took out the tape recorder, quickly pressed the switch, and recorded Bronya Freeman's ecstatic voice...

In the new wave of rhythm, Bronya Freeman's voice is so enchanting that it scares the birds in the bamboo forest to fly...

Her fans would definitely be shocked if they heard such a sound, right?

By the way, taking secret photos of her is considered an invasion of Bronya Freeman’s privacy. If she’s caught, she won’t be jailed, right? !

I was so panicked that I started to panic when I was doing things. I couldn’t hold my hands steady, and my photography equipment just fell to the ground...

Marcia Mason was startled, her heart pounding.

Fortunately, the noise made was quite slight. They were fighting so vigorously, so they probably didn't hear it, right?

Glancing over to the Ferrari sports car, I saw that the man was charging forward on top of Bronya Freeman. Bronya Freeman's ecstatic **** was bone-chilling, and the two of them had nothing to do with each other. Noticed her side.

"Huh..." Marcia Mason breathed a sigh of relief. No matter what, just in case, she had better get out of the way after taking the photo!

A few minutes later, Marcia Mason finished packing up the heavy photographic equipment, took out the memory card for taking pictures, and happily wanted to sneak out of the bamboo forest quietly.

Suddenly, a cold voice sounded from behind——

"Why, didn't you express your thoughts after watching the entire performance?"

Marcia Mason froze. Even though she didn't look back, she could feel the murderous intent behind her.

The sound of footsteps stepping lightly on the grass. She could feel him approaching her step by step, but her legs seemed to be nailed to the ground, unable to move.

Is that the man just now?

Actually, what got caught? ! What to do? What to do? !

Marcia Mason turned her head blankly.

She saw the man who had just been in the sports car walking up to her step by step. He was a tall figure of at least 1.88 meters, with straight legs. His silver-gray shirt was half unbuttoned, revealing his strong chest, and his body was filled with unfaded emotion. ~The breath of desire.

Looking at his face again, he has perfect facial features, charming and deep pupils, and a compelling cold light in his eyes.

And, just standing like this casually, exudes an aggressive aristocratic atmosphere.

This man... has a naturally intimidating aura.

Coupled with the guilty conscience of secretly filming, Marcia Mason took a breath and took a step back subconsciously, "What do you want to do?"

The guarded tone in her tone seemed to be that he was the one peeping and filming.

Ridiculous woman.

"Have you enjoyed the secret photography?" The man sneered and walked towards her, like a scary cheetah, "Should you hand it over yourself, or should I search for it myself?"

This man is inexplicably scary.

Marcia Mason continued to back away pretending to be stupid, "I don't understand what you are talking about..."

Are you pretending to be stupid to him?

The man continued to approach her, carrying an intimidating aura, and the inherent sense of oppression made Marcia Mason more and more at a loss.

"Stop! Stop it, or I'll scream indecent assault!" In desperation, Marcia Mason yelled.

The man really stopped and looked at her leisurely, as if he heard some funny joke, "Indecent assault? I yelled indecent assault before I even did anything, so what do you call visual rape when you secretly filmed her for so long?"

Visually strong~violent? !

This man's choice of words is really...

"I really don't know what you're talking about." Marcia Mason still played dumb.

She wants to pretend to be stupid with him to the end?

She thought she could escape unscathed by pretending to be ignorant in front of him? Too naive.

She has a slender body, wearing a sweater over a long white skirt. She looks frail, but there is an inexplicable stubbornness on her pure face.

Stubborn...not handing over the photos.

"If you don't hand over the photos, I will let you know that this is the worst decision in your life."

Chapter 2A day of plunder (2)

The man's cold voice was filled with arrogance.

Is he threatening her?

What is the worst decision? This is not the first time she has been threatened as a paparazzi reporter.

"What photo?" Marcia Mason asked innocently, deciding not to admit it. She picked up the photographic equipment in her hand and said, "I'm here to take pictures of the scenery."

She must find a way to escape from here. These photos are exclusive, and she cannot let them go.

His eyes were turning rapidly, and he saw the lake on the right and the barbed wire fence on the left.

Marcia Mason backed away step by step, thinking about how high her chances of escaping would be if she turned around and ran away...

"Hand it over!" The man lost his patience, suddenly pulled her hand forward, and reached out to her body with one hand.

The heat in her fingertips made Marcia Mason nervous.

Is he really planning to search for him? ! This man is crazy!

Without thinkin


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