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Who's the Legal Wife?

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Warning Matured Scenes Rated +18 "Because it has been two years since you and Mr. Leo separated, your admirers and fans are wondering whether you have moved on and if you are seeking another life partner." The interviewer asked. "For the time being, I'm not searching for a new relationship considering Leo and I haven't officially divorced. I did not attempt an annulment of my marriage. I also have no intention of filing for divorce." I will not divorce him because I do not want him to be happy with his mistress. I won’t let them be happy. They will suffer in the same way that I did. No one is going to have a happy-ever-after ending. Leopold Fontaine, my billionaire husband, who had an affair with someone else. I'm quite informed that he didn't marry me because we were in love with each other, and that the marriage was solely for the sake of our respective businesses. Nevertheless, I agreed to the marriage because I adored him and because I was still his wife on paper—I am not going to allow anybody else to live in my home without my permission. He has done me wrong, and I am Blossom Belmont Fontaine, his wife, who will make way for him to suffer, and they will pay the price for what they have done.

Chapter 1 No divorce

I'm now dressed in a Maxi Red Dress with Long Puffy Sleeve Tulle Backless Vestido, which is often worn at formal gatherings, in order to seem as a villain in the film, similar to what I watch on television. I also paired it with a pair of black stilettos that will surely make a splash on the floor.

I now have two security guards with me for the scenes that I will be doing today.

They opened the front door. It seems as if my husband has not yet arrived at the house and is still working to support his mistress.

As soon as they opened the door, I was greeted by his mistress, who was seated on the couch, laughing at the lady I had assumed to be her friend. She was simply wearing a white clothes, which reminded me of my husband's clothing in several ways.

"As they say, when you dump garbage in your kingdom, your castle will eventually become trash." I drew my arms over my chest and stared at her from head to toe.

She released the juice she was holding, so her friend was surprised while she was obviously terrified.

“Oh my. Why? What is it about you that makes you look stupid like that? Don't you think it's reasonable to expect the legal wife to return to her own home?"

"What are you doing here—"

“No. What are you doing here? Isn't this my house? Take a look at how filthy you've made my place. Even the floor you walk on has been defiled by your uncleanliness."

When she didn't answer, I didn't move my attention away from her but asked the two guards beside me. "Take all of my stuff and put them in my husband's room, and throw away any women's apparel you come across that you think belongs to this woman."

“Wait! What are you talking about?! You're not allowed to do that!"

"And what makes you believe that?"

“That is mine and Leo’s room! You can’t touch it.”

It seemed as if my ears were rapidly throbbing as a result of what she had spoken to me. I saw another glass of juice on the table, which I believe to have been used by her buddy.

When I got that, I stepped in front of her. I slowly poured the juice over her head. "There, a refreshing glass of juice to help you wake up and get out of your nightmare."

My hand reached out to take her hand and gave the glass when the juice was gone. "I'm assuming you've also used this glass, since it's dirty. Now, take it home with you because I do not want to get infected with your sickness."

I moved away from her, but she didn't seem to be really considering losing. "Leo is going to find out what you did to me!"

“Go ahead, tell him. Would you want me to accompany you?" I looked at her with an arched brow.

"Uggghhh!" In between raising and lowering her chest, she flung the glass I had given her on the floor.

I turned away from her with a grin on my face. As I was ready to take the first step up the stairwell, I turned to face her. "Take care of your mess. Given the fact that you've been my guest for two years, my maids were still the one who cleaned your dirt. And, more importantly, where will you live if you are forcibly removed from here?"

She looked at me with a piercing gaze as her companion ceased speaking. "Don't worry, I won't cause any problems. I would just give you the couch, bed, and other objects that you have already touched so that you may put them to use yourself. In addition, it is filthy; thus, it is no longer usable."

When I reached the top, I saw that the guards had removed all of her belongings. When I heard the sound of Leo's car approaching, I went inside the room and I hastily peeked out the window to check whether they were still there.

As soon as I peered, my husband quickly looked up at me as he wrapped his arms around the sobbing Erin Madison and he could kill me with his stares. My tolerance had finally run out, so I shut the window.

I'm not likely to acknowledge it. It aches, and my eyes seem to be on fire. I can't bear the pain I'm experiencing.

When I heard the vehicle again, I knew he had already driven his lover to a location of her choosing. Because of my frailty, I was forced to sit up in bed. Nothing seemed to have changed after two years, despite the passage of time. I'm still here, stuck. My heart is still in this home, and I'm finding issues dealing with the two of them.


When I heard the thunderous slamming of the door, I turned to face it and saw my husband, who had locked his blazing eyes on me. What else should I be prepared for?

I thought he went out with her.

He yanked my arm so hard that I was able to stand up.

"What were you thinking when you did that to Erin?!?"

Erin is back in the picture. I took my arm away from his and fixed him with a searing glare. "Then, what should I do?"

"You should have waited until I returned! You shouldn't have wounded her in the first place! Why did you come back ?!”

His final phrase triggered the bomb that was already exploding inside of me.

I gave him a loud slap.

"Is it normal to expect me to sit here and wait for your arrival while the one causing our marriage to implode is here? And what wounds are you talking about? You cannot blame me if your mistress is a stupid, considering I did not even touch that woman's finger!"

I feigned a laugh while looking at him with a cold expression. “Why did I come back? What do you think?"

I walked to him and intentionally bumped his arm. "Try to bring that woman back here and I'll put you both in jail."


"Blossom, come back here!"

"F*ck you!" I raised my middle finger and showed it to him.

Let's see who will be left with the two of us after everything is said and done. There will be no separation or divorce.

Chapter 2 Let them be happy

Blossom’s Point of view

“Asshooleee! ~” I banged my head on the bar counter, slammed my glass, and after that, I screamed. There will be no one here to picture me when I'm drowning in liquor, I'm certain of that.

It is also tough to be a model since, in the eyes of many, we are frequently a product of the media. After all, it's an exclusive bar. I'm sure my identity is secure because I'm not the only one who's notable here. There are too many corporate leaders, celebrities, and other well-known figures.

I took the bottle to check whether it was still half, but I didn't notice that it was starting to run out of wine. I took a peek around because the amount of talk among the guests was steadily becoming stronger and more numerous.

I am still hopeful that Leo followed me.

I know. I know in my heart that I don't have to hold out much hope anymore, yet... I can't help but believe that our relationship will continu


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