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Who killed my wife?

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A powerful CEO falls in love with the wrong woman. No matter how many times he drops the moon on her, she will be hopelessly in love with another man. The love triangle will drive the powerful CEO to the brink of insanity, ruin, and even become the prime suspect in the sudden disappearance of his disloyal wife. It will be detective Castillo's job to find out who is to blame for Serena Blas' disappearance, but he will soon realize that he is trapped in a world of secrets, in which no one is what he appears to be. This will become a puzzle that seems to have no solution.

Chapter 1 Jack Patterson


"Jack... It's not what it sounds like.... I can explain.

"How could you do it?

"Just put that gun away, Jack. We can talk like civilized people.

"Jack, buddy....

"Don't call me friend!" he shouted angrily" you're with my wife, in my bed, and in my house.

"Don't do something crazy, Jack. Take a good look at me, I'm your wife.

"That's precisely the big problem, Serena? How could you?

"Don't act surprised, Jack. You knew perfectly well that I never loved you. You've only bought my affection and companionship all these years, but Albert is really the love of my life.

"You bastards!" he exclaimed tearfully, "I can make you pay for your treachery, just by pulling this trigger.

"Then do it!" he stood up" you know you don't have the balls to do it.


"Easy, Albert, I know what I'm doing. I know you very well, Jack. I know you won't hurt me. This is all a cheap show you're putting on to pretend you're a respected man, but you're nothing. You're just a coward. You hide behind that gun, like all these years you hid behind a fortune to keep me by your side.... That's over.

"You're a ....

"What are you going to do? You're going to kill us and then hide the bodies? Put that gun down already! .... You coward!

"I gave you all my fortune..." said Jack lowering the gun finally.

"And that makes me yours?

"Look at you... You don't even have a tear in your eye, Serena.

"I'm tired, Jack! I'm tired of pretending to love you, I'm tired of living with a d*mn fake smile on my face. The truth is, I always felt disgust every time you made love to me. Every time I thought of him, of Albert, the true love of my life.

"You're lying!

"I'm lying?

"We had a deal. I would put my entire fortune in your name, and you would be mine.

"That's right. I was yours for many years. We were married, and I lived with you in this hovel for almost a year. That's a long time, longer than I can bear to have you beside me. As far as I'm concerned, that deal has already been settled.

"You wretch!

"Now, you have five minutes to leave my house, or I'll call the police. Monday morning I want the divorce signed on my lawyer's desk, and I don't want to see you again for the rest of my life.

"You're going to regret it!

"Close the door on your way out!

"Are you crazy? How can you talk to her like that?

"He's already gone. We must get on with our business, my love.

Serena got up from the floor to go pour a couple of drinks.

"He's your husband! Don't you feel any remorse?

"Remorse? It was those stupid feelings that kept me tied to that filthy pig for ten years in the first place. But that's over now.

"And what makes you think he'll give you his fortune so easily?

A sarcastic laugh let itself be heard coming out of Serena's mouth.

"That fortune is already mine. The jerk put it all in my name, with the only condition that I marry him, but I couldn't use the money until after three years of marriage.

"Exactly, Serena. Three years, it's only been one. You're in breach of the deal.

Serena placed her finger on her lover's lips, and delivered a glass of champagne into his hands.

"It's all in my name, I'm done holding in the urge to puke, I don't want to fake love in my life anymore..... It's over, I won, And you know what my biggest prize is?

"Which one?" he steeped his glass.

"You, silly!

"And fifty million dollars!

"Fifty million dollars that I will use to make our lives perfect.

Serena hugged Albert sweetly as she stroked his blond hair.

"You'll be my new husband once that cretin Jack signs off on the divorce. I'll make you my sole heir. I don't care what anyone else says, I don't care that you're ten years younger than me.... You are the love of my life, Albert, and you deserve the best.

"Then sign it right now.

"Excuse me?" asked Serena pleasantly astonished after choking slightly on her champagne.

"Let's sign a deed where you assure me that your entire fortune will go to me. That would be a very original way to show me how much you love me.

"You're crazy!" she exclaimed laughing.

"Today has been a really crazy day. I slept with my best friend's wife in his own house, he pulled a gun on us, and now I find out I'm going to be the husband of a multi-millionaire woman? None of this makes any sense!

"You are right. We should live every day of our love, as if it were our last.

"Cheers to that!

"Let's sign that document right now.

That night they drafted a deed using the wisdom in law that Albert had gained throughout his life studying law, and he had to be a very good lawyer. Not for nothing had he been Jack's personal lawyer for so many years.

Loud knocking on the door made Jack go straight to see who it was.

"Jack Patterson?

"Yes? ...

"I'm Detective Castillo.

"Who are all these people?

"They are people who hate you, Mr. Patterson.

"They hate me? Why?

"You are the prime suspect in the disappearance of your wife, Mrs. Serena Blas.

"I'm what?

"You are under arrest!

Mr. Jack Patterson was taken out of his house in handcuffs, and under the booing of dozens of people who gathered in the vicinity of his home. Some even threw rotten tomatoes at him.

"Was your wife well liked by the community?" asked the detective once in the patrol car.

"She was a very famous model among the townspeople.

"Take it easy. We're here to keep anyone from getting hurt.

Many blows, buckets of ice water, and threats directly into the ear was the manner in which Mr. Patterson was greeted at city hall.

"Sit down.

"I thought no one would get hurt.

"I lied a little. All right, I'll make this nice and simple so we can both get out of everything quickly..... Where's your wife, Mr. Patterson?

Chapter 2 I can hear it!

"I love you!" said Serena gently caressing Jack's face as bright sunlight streamed through the window.

"I love you too!

That perfect dream was interrupted when Jack Patterson's head was plunged into very cold water.

Back to the interrogation chair.

"Once again, Mr. Patterson, where is your wife?

"I told you I don't know.

"My colleagues examined your entire house.

"And they found her there?

"No, Mr. Patterson. Serena wasn't there.

"Then what am I doing here?

"As I told you, you're the prime suspect. I've never seen a case like yours before. There are thousands of clues that point directly to you. I have a lot of questions to ask you before I let you go.

"Ask your damn questions at once.

"Watch your language.

"I'm sorry. It's just that I just got beaten up by two gorillas, and nearly drowned in a freezing


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