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White Lies

White Lies

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At the age of seventeen Venice was forced to leave the mansion where she lived. To escape the cruel fate that befell her family from his uncle Dolfo; the wife of her Auntie Celeste. Her mother died in a car accident and his father was killed by Dolfo. Just because he wanted to usurp the wealth and the entire company that her parents had worked so hard to grow. While fleeing from Dolfo, she was stranded on a Cargo ship carrying various cargoes to the other side of the town. She had the opportunity to escape from danger and hide for a while. She boarded the cargo ship without permission. She thought that she was in the safe place but when she entered the ship she

Chapter 1 Escape


Rain and tears mingled on my whole face. The road was muddy, I could feel the weight of my bathrobe as I walked through the lush forest.

"That girl must not have gone far yet!"

I quickly hid in a big tree when I heard Dolfo's shout.

My body was shaking violently. I covered my mouth and closed my eyes tightly.

"Boss, it looks like she's off the highway!" It was the voice of the man I was sure was Dolfo's one bodyguard.

"Damn! Go anywhere to find her and we'll catch her for sure! Go ahead and search the whole forest. Put guards on the city limits!" he shouted angrily.

I bit my lower lip hard when I heard that from Dolfo. My fears were heightened by the last thing he said.

"I want you to bring Venice here dead or alive!"

Gradually my knees shook in fear. I pressed even harder on the palm that covered my mouth. I held my breath several times so that it wouldn't make a noise.

The sky thundered and the rain poured down heavily. So are the footsteps in the distance that deafen me. I can't stay here much longer, they will definitely find me if I stay here.

I filled my chest with air before running to the dark forest. The more I tried to run faster, the more my body began to slow down, I was confused, and fear was eating away at my whole system. If I don't run well they might catch me.

I have mastered the jungle, I often play here. But it is difficult for me to see the road at this moment because of the heavy rain and the fog. I stopped and quickly took off the bathrobe I was wearing. The only thing left with me now is the night dress that I layered. My movement is lighter now but I still can't get my skin to touch the sharp branches and leaves.

I let out a deep moan when I stumbled upon the large root of a tree.

"No..." I whimpered.

I was horrified when I saw a deep wound on my leg and arm. Blood was shedding all over my legs, and the cut there was too big and made of protruding wood.

"No, please! Let me out of here!" I moaned.

I sat up and tried to calm myself. There's no need to fear, Venice. You can't give up now.

I violently wiped away my tears and without saying a word, I tore the hem of my nightdress and tied it to my bleeding wound.

"Agh! Damn!" I stopped moaning.

I quickly went back into fear when I heard footsteps from afar.

"Dad, please guide me," I whispered in a hoarse voice.

I tried to stand up and was forced to walk with the injured leg. I close my eyes because of the pain that was biting there. I'm afraid I won't be able to go...


I was so close to the big tree when I heard the voice of Dolfo.

"I know you're just around the corner because I can hear that intense fear in your heart!" His devilish voice made my whole body tremble wildly.

"Come on, sweetie. Nothing bad will happen to you if you come out of your hiding place!" The strident tone in his voice revealed his anger.

"No..." I whispered shakily.

"Venice! I'm running out of patience with you kid!" His full voice thundered.

I bit my inner lip harder than I could. I was even more interested in hiding in the tree.

"Come on, little sweetie! I'm not going to hurt you!" He added an evil laugh lingered in the air. One by one my body hair rose because of his loud laughter.

"Boss, we saw this bathrobe of hers near the grasses!" A heavy step from one of his bodyguards approached him.

"All right, keep searching!" Dolfo ordered his men.

I started running again until I reached the road. My breathing got a little easier. I could have asked for help from passing vehicles here but I didn’t.

As I heard, Dolfo guarded the city limits. They can also block every passing vehicle just to catch me.

I need to think of a way to get out of here. I will not let Daddy's death be meaningless. Those who made this to my father had to pay. I will surely drag them all to hell. Not now, but I promise I will charge them one by one for what they did.

As I hid in a lush plant I was startled by the loud roar of the ship from not far.

I quickly got up from hiding. Right! The seashore was a few feet away from here. I just had to cross the road and go straight into the forest before I could reach the coast.

I don't think twice anymore. As the rain began to fall, I crossed the road and entered the woods. I did not stop walking even though my left leg was numb from the wound.

Until I see the Port where one of the cargo ships are starting to load the products to be taken to Manila.

“I need to get on that ship,” I said with my heavy breathing.

I rolled my eyes around. Crowded, noisy, and all busy loading products onto the ship.

I saw a man with a pushcart. He carried some boxes that I was not sure of the contents of.

I looked back at the opening of the ship. The guards were very strict, with some guarding the door itself and some others on the bridge. The only way to get in is by smuggling some cargo.

I watched for a while, they were loading the products directly into a part of the ship where there was no need to inspect the contents further. If I could get into one of the boxes that the man was carrying, I would have a good chance of getting on the ship and escaping my pursuers.

I was so bitten on the lower lip when the whistle of the ship rang again. It will surely set sail at any moment.

I brace myself and filled my lungs with glassy air. I also filled my chest with courage for the step to be taken.

Again I saw the man back in a truck. From here I could see them lifting the boxes coming from a close van truck.

"Bro, got to pee," The man said to the one who pushed the cart earlier. He walked towards some rocks there.

"All right, me too..." the man said who immediately followed and hid in the rock. There I got a chance to get into one of the boxes that were there.

"Oh, shit?!" I blurt.

I quickly covered my mouth almost in disgust because of the contents of the box that was there.

Different kinds of fish are filled with the styrofoam itself in the box. I backed away because my stomach seemed to turn upside down at the fishy smell. There is no way I would soak myself in this stinky container. No way, Venice!

I closed my eyes tightly and bit my lip hard. You have to do this Venice. Dolfo's men are definitely coming here to catch you.

I don't really have a choice. Dolfo was very influential. I'm sure they will only return me to their custody in case I ask for help from the people here.

I no longer hesitated. I rode to one of the boxes that were there. With my eyes closed and my nose covered, I accepted the smell of the fish to fit myself in the box.

Moments later I heard the footsteps of two men approaching me.

I closed my eyes emphatically and prayed that they would not catch me.

"Oh, put those in, the ship is about to leave!" The voice said to the two men.

"Yes, boss!"

After a fleeting moment, I felt the pushed cart on which I was riding move.

"All right, get in!" The voice commands from the outside.

I held my breath for a second when I felt them attempt to lift off the box.

"Oh! Why is this one so heavy?!" The voice said from the outside.

I almost bleed my lip with the intensity of the nervousness I was feeling.

"Maybe you're hungry, it's better we could just help to finish this one!" Another voice answered him.

After that, I felt like they lifting the box inwards. I waited for the footsteps to disappear before I peeked out.

When I noticed there were no more people around I decided to go out. I quickly fled and hid in one of the cargoes that were there.

"Damn!" I couldn’t help but sneer at the tang of my smell. Add to that my wound soaked in cold ice. If I don't wash it it will definitely be infected. I had to get right inside the ship.

I peeked again to see if there was a guard, and I was lucky there was non. Everyone was still busy guarding the cargo, so I took that opportunity to get inside.

I went up to the upper deck where there were some rooms. Good thing I didn’t see anyone in either aisle.

One by one I tried to open a few doors but they were locked. My heart jumped in my throat when I heard footsteps coming from behind so, I ran fast.

The last door I touched was not locked so that’s where I chose to enter.

My breath evaporated from my chest when I finally got in. I closed my eyes firmly first as I felt the whole surroundings.

After a few seconds, I open my eyes. My lovely lips drop open. This room is huge and elegant. I feel like I'm on a cruise ship based on the beauty and quality of the equipment here.

There was a chaise lounge at the center in front of the 50 "inch flat screen TV and home theater speakers beside it. The paintings are everywhere, even some porcelain plates and glass are set elegantly in the cabinet.

I'm not ignorant of such things, but it's just fun to see a room like this on a cargo ship.

"Hello?" I whispered, before starting to step on my feet.

My wet clothes left a stain on the carpeted floor of the entire room. So I simply walked towards the certain kitchen.

I immediately felt hungry to visit the contents of the center island where the fruit basket was. I also quickly opened the fridge and my stomach churn because of the amount of food.

An uneasy sensation brought me by surprise. My lips quivered, I had a sudden craving for food at this very moment.

I swallow hurriedly from seeing the contents of the fridge. Chocolates, cakes, fresh milk, and Juices were the first to steal my mind. There is also some ready-to-eat food placed in A Microwaveable Tupperware. My fresh eggs also and some processed foods are in the freezer.

I no longer had second thoughts. I took the cake and chocolate from there as well as the juice. I didn't hesitate to eat them because I was so hungry.

I have been avoiding eating such kind of food before because I was body conscious at the age of seventeen. But the food was really great, I am no longer thinking about my figure now because I need energy now for the next day.

Because of my busy eating, I never heard the door open softly.

"Who the hell are you?!" A low, rumbling voice said behind my back.

I quickly dropped the food and immediately faced the man in front of me. My breathing became uneven as I looked up at the man.

He must be over six feet tall. Dressed in a black T-shirt, black pants and also black shoes. Pair all with his perfect set of jaw, jet-black hair, muscular arms, and broad shoulders.

I again spit down my throat and leaned on the table. His eyes drill me right where I stand. He almost pulled out a gun and fired at me without hesitation.

I opened my mouth to speak but I felt my throat drying up.

With just a few movements he was right in front of me. He puts his hand around my neck and squeezed it a bit.

"Answer me!"

My pulse is currently going wild and I find it difficult to breathe in. Not because of his words but how close his face was to mine.

"You're trespassing on my property." He accused.

I was even more unable to speak. His warm breath directly touches my skin. I could hardly move, I was just frozen in fear.

"I'll call the police if you don't speak. Or I'll throw you out of this ship, to feed you to the sharks. That's a great idea, right?" A silly smirk appeared on his face.

"No! Please... don't do that!" I quickly said as I grabbed his arm tightly.

He slowly lowered his head to stare at my candle fingers. A small smile played on his mouth when he turn to look at me in the eyes.

Panic flashed across my eyes and looked away immediately.

"You trespassed and illegally lay your hands on my personal things." A low, masculine voice came from his mouth.

"I was just starving..." My cheeks are reddening at my own words.

He chuckled, lowering his hand, before I even realized what he had done he was already holding both my wrists. He continued to look unwavering at my face without a hint of humor.

"I don't believe you, little girl," he whispered under his breath.

His hot breath seemed to stick to my nose. My tension formed up from my chest and I felt dizzy.

After a fleeting moment, I noticed his forehead frown at me.

"I smell something bad. Is that you?" he asks.

I bit down my bottom lip. Great! At this very moment, I want the ground to crackly open and eat me whole.

Chapter 2 Venice Zuares

"Who are you? How did you get in here?" he asked while still gripping my neck tightly.

"I'm not a bad person! I need help, please help me..." I begged. Tears welled up in the corner of my eye.

"I don't believe you!" His eyes are already glued to me.

"No, please... Don't give me to them!" I bravely grabbed one of his arms.

He looked down at the arm I was holding.

"Please..." I utter shakily. My tears kept falling.

He paused for a moment and watched how I silently crying.

I swallowed hard as I heard a series of knocks on the door. I clung to his arm tighter as I couldn't stop crying.

I saw his jaw start working and looked at me darkly.

"Who is that?!" His voice thundered making my whole body flinch.

"Sir, there's police downstairs. They want to ask you something," said the voice outside.

My whole body trembled. They are defini


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