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When love kiss unexpectedly

When love kiss unexpectedly

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She is Nasha Atlas, the first of her name; optimistic laced with beauty and brains. Getting admission into the University of Cambridge, to study her dream course, was her greatest desire; it came cos whatever she desires, she gets. But how did she feel when her boyfriend who she wants to share in her joy, betrays her by sleeping with another woman? Would she breathe fresh air when she became a prime suspect in the murder of her new neighbor? Would George Powers: a strict officer et billionaire be able to find out who the culprit is when he fell in love with the suspect and make love to her at a supposed investigatory dinner night? And amid the many deaths, would his prowess as a detective be proven? What happens when Nasha's ex-billionaire lover keeps coming back when she already has a new love life? Would she revenge or accept him back?

Tense and Hope.

Nasha had had trepidation since the last night, about the delay of the admission letter that she had been expecting from the University of Cambridge Postgraduate School.

And throughout the night, she was restless as she rolled from one edge of the bed to the other, trying to place her thoughts on what could be the cause of the delay.

This admission letter means a lot to her, as it would be the beginning of getting to the peak of her dreams: becoming an engineer.

Then, of course, she was a brilliant child but the delay of the admission letter was beginning to make her feel like a daft.

Nasha hissed severally, as her heart welled up and it flow through her eyes, then she muttered a little prayer with her shaking lips and later, she caught sleep in the early morning hours.

And around 10 am, she jumped out of bed like a nursing mother whose baby had awakened before her, crying to have a suck of her breast.

Nasha hastily moved to the nightstand, where she had left her laptop in the night.

She placed one of her fingers on the power button, then pressed it firmly as if she had problems operating the laptop.

And after a few minutes, the laptop got switched on, then she used the mouse to click on the mailbox.

Her blue eyes became brighter than the sun as she was in a hurry to scan through the mailbox.

Nasha, first, scanned the spam inbox, then dragged the cursor to the primary inbox and when she clicked on it, what she saw in the primary inbox, left her dumbstruck for a few minutes.

Her jaw dropped in awe and her knees became numb. Then the next minute, she jumped up in excitement and screamed at the top of her lungs such that her voice echoes across the neighborhood.

Her facial expression at that moment looks like one having a pseudobulbar effect.

And when regained control of her emotions, she peeked through the laptop once more.

And there, she saw her name boldly written in the letter:

Dear Nasha Atlas,

we are glad to inform you that your application has been accepted and you are hereby, admitted into the Department of Engineering.


Having been convinced that her admission into the postgraduate school: the University of Cambridge, has been confirmed, she hurriedly ran to her wardrobe and picked up a red velvet gown.

She tried it on as she posed in the mirror to confirm the fitting of the dress. However, she discovered that she has outgrown the dress, and her hips have grown bigger than the dress's former measured length.

Then she became very disappointed but she reassured herself that the admission letter that she received from the University of Cambridge was enough reason to retain her joy.

Nasha quickly tried another black dress and it fitted very perfectly. Then her face beamed with smiles as she applied some make-up on her face.

And on the next minute, she dashed off to meet with her best friend, Annabel, to share the good news with her.

“Hey man, take me to the next bus station,”

Nasha said to the bolt driver.

The driver smiled and replied,

“ Hop in, my lady”.

Nasha returned the smile and entered the car immediately.

And after fifteen minutes drive, Nasha alighted from the cab as she proceeded to meet with Annabel who had been waiting for her arrival in the bush bar.

When the two ladies sighted each other, they ran and embraced themselves.

“Nasha, my girl, you look gorgeous. Look at you!”

Annabel exclaimed as she meticulously glanced at Nasha.

Then Nasha excitedly replied,

“You look beautiful as well. Come on girl, let’s go have some drink cos I’ve got lots of things to speak to you about.”

“Oh yeah, I can’t wait, darling.” Annabel snapped.

Nasha and Annabel walked hand in hand until they got to the center of the bar, then they sat gently as they called on the waiter to attend to them.

The waiter stood before them smilingly and proceeded to enquire what their orders were.

“My ladies, what can I bring to your table?”

Nasha and Annabel briefly communicated with their eyes, then said to him, “Please, get us two glasses of cocktails”

The waiter nodded as he left to get the drinks. While Nasha and Annabel started engaging in girls' talk.

“So Nasha, tell me what this excitement is all about? Do you get a new lover? Or you bought a new pet?

Annabel teased.

And as Nasha was about to reply to Annabel's questions, the waiter interrupted them with the drinks that they ordered.

“Have your drinks, my ladies”.

The waiter smilingly said.

Nasha and Annabel smiled and appreciated him as they took the glasses from him and proceeded to take a sip of the cocktails.

And just a few minutes after the waiter left their presence, Annabel reminded Nasha about her questions.

“Nasha, come on, talk to me and I’m getting impatient”.

"Oh my darling, forgive me. You see, I’m just overwhelmed about this. Ok… Fine… I’ve been accepted into the Engineering department here at the University of Cambridge” Nasha said excitedly.

Annabel unconsciously let out a scream, and other people who came to have a drink in the bar thought that she had gone crazy.

“Yeah! Yeap… I am happy for you my girl! I’m freaking elated!”

Annabel exclaimed joyfully as she stood up from her seat to embrace her.

It was such an emotional moment as they remained in each other's arms and sob profusely for a few seconds.

Annabel has been a very good friend to Nasha and she has stuck more than a sister thus, whatsoever Nasha feels, she feels the same as well.

Annabel hastily called on the waiter again to get them two plates of pastrami sandwiches and he attended to them immediately.

“Nasha dear, look at how your dreams are unfolding,” Annabel said smilingly.

“oh mine, you know that I’m glad to have you in my life. All these won’t come through if not because of a great support system like you.” Nasha replied.

“Come on girl, you have been by my side as well. And you know what? we are sisters forever.” Annabel snapped.

Then Nasha screamed “Yesses” as she raised a glass of cocktail and gently made a toast to Annabel.

“To life, to good things, cheers!” The two ladies echo together.

Love hurts too

After lunch, the ladies departed to their different abodes as they cheerfully bid themselves goodbye.

Shortly, Nasha arrived at her apartment as she elatedly wanted to share the good news with Richardson, her lover.

But when she got to the apartment, she discovered that Richardson hasn’t returned from work, then she thought it wise to make dinner for him before he returns.

She quickly undressed and changed to kitchen attire then proceeded to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

When she got there, she switched on the kitchen light, then walked straight to the center of the kitchen to open the cupboard.

Nasha brought out five pieces of Irish potatoes and began to peel them. After she finished peeling the potatoes, she meticulously washed them and then began to cut them into circle sizes.

Then in the next minute, she placed a frying pan on the lighted gas, and when it was heated, she added a good amount of o


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