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Wealthy Household Maid

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Jenna escapes her brothers' torment, seeking revenge advice from friend Linda. She craftily orchestrates a psychological battle, engaging in a witty and dramatic emotional contest with the two brothers. Jenna's exceptional intelligence shines, elevating the story. With escalating suspense and abundant humor, readers are drawn into an unexpected emotional whirlwind. Jenna's schemes and clever moves become the story's highlight, injecting more surprises and tension. Readers can't resist, immersed in this creative and challenging emotional game.

Chapter 1

Jenna looked coldly at the two men rummaging through the boxes and said in a bored voice, "Didn't you just take all the money a few days ago? I don't have any money left at home.

One of the men cursed as he rummaged through the boxes, "You're a money loser! Raising you to such a big age, you don't know how to earn some money for me to spend, if you keep nagging me, I'll beat you to death". Jenna closed her eyes, these two men, one was her father and the other was Quan Quan, both were drug addicts. They both became drug addicts when she was twelve years old, it's been eight whole years since the family went from being a happy family to what it is now, her mum left home because of this, leaving her with her grandmother. That's why she hates the two demons that tore the family apart so much.

Jenna's grandmother is hiding in the corner, crying in a low voice, "Don't turn it over, there's really no money left. "Crying, crying just know how to cry, no money don't know how to ask for food. "Brother, I found it, the old woman hid $200 here, we can make do with that today.

Jenna said angrily, "Don't take it, it's our living expenses for this month! Grandma sobbed uncontrollably. The father said, "Go away, don't bother us," and pushed the old man away.

Jenna rushed over to help Grandma, "Grandma, let's get out of here, someplace where they can't find us.

The old man wiped away his tears, "I can't leave them alone! After all, they are my flesh, who else will take care of them if I don't?"

"But they have no humanity left, are you going to stand by and let them sell me?"

Jenna said excitedly.

The old man looked at her granddaughter with pain, her granddaughter has grown up, the two sons have lost their humanity, maybe they will really sell Jenna, she can't hurt Jenna for the rest of her life!

Jenna, let's get out of here!"

The old man s*ck*d in his breath, "I really can't control them anymore, from now on it's just the two of us! I'll take good care of you.

"I'll take good care of you, grandma!"

Jenna cried, hugging her grandmother.

"Linda, it's Jenna, can you come out for a minute? I need to ask you something.

Linda is Jenna's best friend, her family is well off, both her parents work in collapsed country companies, but she doesn't have the arrogance of a young lady at all, she's a very good friend, and she's the only person Jenna can trust in this town.

"Jenna so anxious to find me, what ah? Linda gasped and drank a lot of water.

Jenna said, "Linda lend me some money, can it, Jenna said hurriedly.

Jenna said urgently. "Of course, but what happened to you? Linda said worriedly.

"I'm leaving town and you're the only one who can help me.

Jenna's eyes reddened.

"Where are you going? How much money do you need?"

Linda knew she had reasons she didn't want to talk about.

"I don't know, I just want to get away quickly. I'll pay you back slowly.

"Let's even talk about that, but let me know where you are going, daw ah."

"Thank you, you are so kind to me! ,

Jenna said gratefully.

That afternoon, Jenna took her grandmother out of the house she had lived in for twenty years.

It had been a week since she had arrived in X City, Jenna had been hanging around the employment office, with little education she had never found a suitable job. Just as she was about to leave, a man stood behind her.

As she was about to leave, a man shouted at her from behind, "Miss....

...wait... Miss, wait!

Jenna turned and looked at the man behind her in surprise, "Sir, are you calling me?"

The man gasped, "Yes Miss.

"But I don't know you!"

Jenna said as she looked at the strange man in front of her.

The man pushed up his glasses and smiled, "Don't worry, I'm not a bad person. This is my card."

Jenna took the card and read, "Ethan Wan, Assistant General Manager of XY Group" Ethan was still smiling and said, "Miss, are you looking for a job?"

"Yes, but there is nothing suitable."

Jenna frowned and said "I have a job here, I wonder if Miss is interested?

"What kind of job is it?

Jenna's eyes twinkled.

"I'm not going to lie, I'm here to help my boss find a housekeeper, I wonder if Miss would like that?

In fact, since his boss fired the last housekeeper he has been looking for a new one, no patience has not been able to find the right one, today to the employment agency to take a chance, who knew that let him meet Jenna. almost Jenna once he came to notice her, this girl is not fashionable nor very pretty, but there is a difficult to say the temperament of the rose, like a small wild rose, is not very dazzling but is very resistant to look at. Her whole body radiates the message that no one should come near her, but he can't bear to come near her. No wonder the boss says he likes to pull out the hair on the tiger's mouth.

Jenna was a little disappointed to hear that she was going to be a housekeeper, which is like being a maid.

Ethan saw her disappointed look and quickly said, "You don't have to worry, the job is actually very easy, the boss is usually at home very little time, you are only responsible for cleaning up, the salary is 20,000 yuan per month, including food and accommodation.

Jenna heard the salary of 20,000 yuan suddenly eyes wide open, the heart and produced a doubt a maid salary is so high? But this man does not look like a liar, if she can not find a job, then she will have to sleep on the street with her grandmother. She was too embarrassed to ask Linda for more money.

Jenna said awkwardly, "Can you pay me half a month's wages first?

"Sure, but can you tell me your name first?

I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself, my name is Jenna Chou and I'm twenty years old," Jenna smiled and held out her hand.

Ethan held out his hand as well and shook hers, "Nice to meet you, Miss Jenna. Jenna.

"Just call me Jenna, I hope to take care of you in the future.

Where, I'll take you to my boss now, why don't you get used to the surroundings and start work tomorrow.

"The three-storey garden-style villa is by the lake, the surroundings are very beautiful, I think her late boss loved peace and quiet.Ethan took out the key and opened the door, "Come in. "Jenna cautiously

Jenna carefully collapsed in the house, the house furnishings are continental style is not very splendid, but fully show the owner's style.

"Jenna forgot to tell you that my boss has two, they are two brothers, brother named Andrew brother named Shawn, they usually do not spend much time at home, but very important personal privacy, usually you just clean up the health on the line, you're so smart, I believe that you will be able to adapt to the.

"Okay, thank you.

Jenna was eternally grateful to Ethan, now that she had a job she could take good care of her grandmother.

"It's nothing, I hope I can help you.

I hope you can help me too," Ethan said in his mind.

Chapter 2

Jenna didn't live in the villa but rented a small room of 10 square metres with her grandmother, still the grandchildren are very happy, Jenna has been working in the villa for almost a month now and hasn't seen the two brothers, it seems they are very busy, Jenna thought that was good, in the first place she is not very good with people, so this work is really great!

This morning Jenna went to the villa as usual to go to work, she bought a bicycle, a Rolls Royce on the street and she brushed past, she guessed that it was probably her two masters of the car, and now she realised that her boss is so rich, they are the only ones in the surrounding area for several miles!

Taking out the key and opening the door, Jenna began her day's work, first tidying the living room, then going upstairs to tidy the two brothers' rooms, humming as she cleaned the windows, Jenna had a good singing voice, plus she was in a good mood today, and her singing voice was very


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