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Vinca's life had turned into a nightmare. She was in utter pain, not remembering where she was or what had happened to her as her mind was blank and shrouded in darkness. Instincts told her she needed to fight for her life. To survive and remember was her immediate goal. With time she came to the realization that somebody wanted her dead and forgotten. Frost also known as the Ice King is as cold and aloof as his name suggests. An unrelenting man in his 30's, his life changes completely when he rescues a damsel in distress who slowly thaws his heart, turning him into a possessive lover on the road to seek revenge for his Sweet Pink. Love, mistrust and bittersweet revenge is intertwined in this romantic story of two broken hearts that are destined to stand the test of time as they wrap themselves in a healing process but will they have their happily ever after ending?


She woke up in a dark and stuffy room. Coughing, she tried hard to breathe in the stale air that was suffocating her as she struggled to get her head around the recent happenings but just couldn't fathom what she had encountered. Images kept flashing in her mind and going back into the dark before she could make any meaning of them.

She tried standing up on her feet but was too weak to do so. She then opted to lean her back against the wall but felt a sharp wound on her left side. Reaching her hand to the pain, she touched a wet sticky substance. She had no idea what it was and she couldn't see a thing in the dark.

"Breath gal, breath," she told herself, starting to feel overwhelmed with anxiety rise.

"Hello, can anyone hear me?"


"Hello, please I need help. Anyone please" she cried out.


"Oh God, where am I, and what happened to me? Why can't I remember anything"? She was now in panic mode, her heart pounding.

As he walked his dog, he had a faint sound of somebody crying for help. Bruno came on alert mode, with his body rigid and his tail up. Frost knew his dog had also heard the screaming so they went towards the sound only to meet with an old wooden shed.

Bruno started barking when he got to the door of the shed and Frost had no choice but to come towards the shed. He saw a new padlock on the door which was odd cause the shed was really old. It was a huge contrast that could not be missed at all.

"Hello, anybody there? He called out.

Hearing shuffling noises, he banged on the door, "Is anybody in there? he shouted.

"Help me, help" she cried out in a weak voice.

Bruno with his sharp ears heard it and started scratching on the door. Frost motioned for his dog to step aside and he kicked the door hard. It didn't give way so bracing himself for impact, he rammed his right shoulder into the door, disregarding the pain as it gave way with a loud bang.

He took out his phone and shone his torch inside the shed. The place was dark and filthy and a young woman was lying on the floor. She seemed to be in pain and her left side was bloodied.

She tried sitting up, not sure if this was help come her way or the one who put her in misery.

"I won't hurt you, I'm here to help" he assured her when he read her expression. Moving forward Bruno went to her and started sniffing. He seemed to like her cause he began to lick her face. It was a wonder to Frost because he knew his dog wasn't good at socializing.

"What's your name and how did you get here?"

The lady looked at him with teary, terrified eyes.

Can you talk?"

She shook her head, trying to clear the muddle that was in her mind. She just couldn't focus and was afraid of losing it so she shut her eyes tight and concentrated on breathing.

Frost, feeling pity for her, took out a bottle of water from his backpack and opening the cap, gave it to her. Helping her to sit up, he gently pressed the bottle on her lips and made her take a sip.

It was so hard swallowing the water that she cringed and coughed, tears coming out of her eyes. Ordering his dog to stay by her side, he went out of the shed to make a quick phone call cause he had left her in the dark. He then went back and carefully picked up the lady, he carried her out of the shed and waited for help to arrive.


A week had gone by since Frost went back home from his vacation. Sitting in his office, his mind went back to a week ago when he found her in the shed.

She still hadn't spoken a word to the doctor and Frost had no idea who she was or what had happened to her. She seemed to be lost most of the time and spent her nights crying. Frost could hear her from her room cause his was right opposite hers.

Looking at his wristwatch, he saw that it was already time for him to get going. He picked up his phone and made a call to his assistant who was with him day and night. With the nature of his work, he needed a full-time assistant and Leonard was just the right person for this job.

He had been working for Frost for many years now since Frost started his business from scratch. One could say that Frost was his idol cause he overcame so much to be where he is now. Seeing his boss calling, he picked up the documents needed for the meeting and headed out of his office.

"Ready Boss"? He asked with a smile on his face. Frost pushed his spectacles up his nose and glowered at his assistant. He knew Leo was the one person who never feared him maybe because he was with him when he was at his lowest so he knew everything about him. Ignoring his boss's facial expression, Leo took Frost's phone and headed towards the elevator.

The meeting today was with a top-notch investor and they needed to get this right so that their company could be awarded a government contract that would get them at the top of the business chain.

Getting off the elevator, the two of them headed to the Bentley parked at the front of the building.

The driver saw Mr. Reginald appearing from the building and he opened the rear door of the car while Leo got into the front seat with the driver. They had exactly half an hour to get to the hotel before the meeting and since there was less traffic, the driver breezed passed the few cars to the hotel.


After alighting to open the door for Frost, Leo took a step towards the hotel before hearing his boss calling out.

"Did you remember to take care of the emendations in the contract? asked Frost. Leo gave a nod and they proceeded to the reception area.

Even before inquiring, the receptionist, in a light red blazer and matching pleated skirt went forward and with a slight bow asked if they were there to see Mr. Vanross. Leo affirmed and the receptionist led them towards the special elevator that will take them up to the rooftop where Mr. Vanross, popularly known as Mr. V was waiting for them.

Once inside the elevator, the receptionist pressed the top floor button. When it stopped, the pretty lady stepped aside and let the visitors out of the elevator. She then led them to a spacious area with a very good ambiance, very soothing music, and a sweet aroma of delicacy that would make one's stomach growl without warning.

Of course, Stam saw none of these because his main concern was the business at hand. Unfortunately for Leo who was yet to have lunch, his hunger pangs acted up immediately. As if Frost knew what was on Leo's mind, he gave him a sharp no-nonsense look that stilled the hunger immediately. Leo knew that when it came to business, his boss never tolerated mediocrity of any kind.

"Mr. Vanross, your visitors please." She said motioning to Frost and Leo to take their seats. At the same time, Mr. Vanross signaled a waiter that was hovering nearby and asked him to serve sparkling water to his visitors.

He then thanked the receptionist and excused her to go back to her desk. With a slight bow, she left towards the elevator while Leo took the opportunity to take a large sip of the water served before him.

"Mr. Reginald, it's a pleasure to meet you," said Mr. Vanross.

The pleasure is mine" replied Frost, his voice smooth, very unlike the aura that surrounded him.


"This is my assistant Mr. Leonard Smith, Frost said.

"Please call me Mr. V" the host said.

Leo handed over the file he had brought to Frost so that the meeting could commence. He didn't know how long he was going to last with all that tantalizing and mouth watering scent drifting up his nose and he just hoped that this was going to be a very short meeting.

"Mr.V, as we had talked over the phone, I am going after the Ganex project and I need a partner for this cause it's a huge investment that cannot be handled by just one company".

"As you know, the government requires that the company taking this project gives a 80% capital upfront so that they can get the 20% from the government.

"My company has 50% that it can invest and I'm hoping that we can collaborate in this project. This means that if you are willing then you can give the 30% remaining so we can start working as soon as possible."



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