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Unbreakable Contract

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Meet Emerald Wilson, a young beautiful graduate who left the university with no job. In attempt of seeking for one to liberate her sick mother's situation and also pay the apartment rent that was due, Emerald had to accept a classic job with tempting offer. Babysitting the only daughter of a hot multi-billionaire whose wife is a total workaholic. Emerald has to face the accusation from his wife, arrogant attitude from his child and also his snobbish character. Will Emerald be able to find peace working in the family where both couple are always fighting over flimsy interest? What happens when the both couple decide to quit because of the man's attraction towards Emerald? Will the arrogant baby accept Emerald as her mother?

Chapter 1: Tell Me a Sad Story

Emerald rushed into the hospital with sweat rolling from her face into other hideous part of her body, she pant heavily trying to control her breathe.

"Calm down Miss, are you alright?" a fair nurse approached her asking curiously.

"My moth -- my mother" her breathe wouldn't let her speak as some doctors entered into the hospital pulling the rolling bed in high pace, her mother was lying lifeless on the bed.

"Don't worry, calm yourself down. The doctors will take it up from here" the nurse encouraged her in a calm tone and she exhaled deeply.

"Please let my mother live" with her hands clasped, she pleaded pitifully as the nurse run to catch up with the others.

It's one year since the death of her father and soon after, her mother started suffering from insomnia and sleep walking. She wakes up and find her mother banging her head on the exit door or on her bedroom door.

This has happened for quite sometime, she disregarded it hoping it will go off soon but something bigger happened.

Her mother sleep walked during the early evening and was almost crushed by a vehicle in high speed. Luckily, she was able to stop the bleeding before the ambulance got to their location, yet she wasn't satisfied that her mother is okay.

I mean, she saw her mother bleeding heavily and also the dreadful injuries on her bodies; she was scared.

Emerald pace around the waiting rejoin for hours until the emergency room was opened, a hot handsome doctor who's wearing medicated lense approached her.

"Are you Miss. Emerald?" He questioned.

"Yes. Yes" she said impatiently.

"Your mother needs to undergo surgery immediately. Go to the counter and make payments so we can proceed" the doctor said and turned to leave.

"Sir, deposit? Do I have that amount to deposit? Why not attend to her health first and then payment comes later" she suggested sadly and the doctor shook his head.

"It's not done that way. Give my assistant the receipt after you have made payment" he said in a stern yet polite voice and left.

Emerald was down casted and thoughtless. She doesn't know who to run to, after her graduation things became harder and rough. She has no savings or job, her joblessness is a stigma in the family.

At this point, even if she gets a job no one will accept to pay her the salary in advance. While she was still battling with her thoughts, her best friend - Deborah Feldman arrived.

"Em" Deborah called softly.

"Debby" they embrace each other tightly in silence.

"What happened? Your neighbors told me what happened, how is mum?" Deborah showed her concern and anxiety.

"Mu-- mum needs to undergo surgery but the bill, I think it's expensive" she explained sadly to her friend and Deborah smirked.

"Is there anything I can't do for you?" Deborah winked mischievously and she got anxious.

And immediately, a nurse approached Emerald wearing a smile.

"Miss. Emerald?" the called out as soon as she got closer to Emerald.

"Yes?" she answered cryptically giving the nurse and Deborah a weird stare.

"They can now proceed with your mum's surgery. The bill is settled" the nurse informed her courteously and she turned to Deborah.

"Babe!!" she screamed as tears of joy stream down her face from her eyes.

"This is what friends do. My parents also supported me with few" she informed slyly.

Emerald was so happy that her mother's bill was settled with little or no much stress but she is the type that doesn't accept favors without paying back, she will definitely pay her best friend back.

She went back home but without her mother because she needs to be watched by the doctors. Emerald went back home to think and also relax herself since she has been crying and running about in the hospital.

She opened the door to enter into the apartment when a familiar voice called her to a stop. It was Mr. Ken, their landlord.

"Good evening, sir" she greeted politely trying to avoid his sharp devious gaze.

"I guess you know the reason why I'm here" Mr. Ken said rhetorically.

"Sir ---, you see my mother is ill and I'm still struggling to save up money for the rent" stuttering frantically, Emerald explained sadly.

"Emerald darling, I told you there are other ways to pay for your rent" he made charge towards her sounding flirtatious and obnoxious.

"Sir --" she struggled to move but Mr. Ken wrapped her waist strongly, her struggle was in vain.

"A little pleasure with you won't cost much" he made way to caress her cheek but unsure of where the courage came from, she grabbed his hand and he wince in pain letting go of her waist.

"I don't have money doesn't mean you can use me!" she squealed angrily at his face and he laughed scornfully.

"If you don't pay up your rent in the next two days, I'm throwing you and your ill fated mother out from my house! Idiot!" He cursed as he left the hallway, his facial expression was deadly, and she couldn't help but laugh.

"I really need to find a job" she reminded herself sadly. That was the true fact, she had no one to rely on.

The next day, Emerald made way to the city hospital. She was dazzling with beauty, having sharp yellow eyes, pointed nose and fair skinned, she is tall and sassy at times, she has small lips and nice arched eyebrows. She was the definition of beauty.

Aside from poverty, every man would want to have her for lifetime and also get attracted to her at first sight.

Emerald visited her mother with light meal and fruits, after discussing a few with her mother she went in search of job.

She hasn't dropped any application yet and she has no ideal position. She is good with computer graphics, illustration and also some computer engineering activities. She was also good at fashion designer, accountant and any minimal jobs. She was a business tycoon and also hardworking.

After bearing with the burning hot weather, Emerald entered into a huge prestigious company and absentmindedly she didn't check the logo.

The hall was filled with people wearing business suits and beautiful dresses as if they were waiting for an interview, she didn't realize that the company she was, was recruiting.

Suddenly, a beautiful baby with golden curly hair started crying looking all provoked, she cried in a high pitched voice that everyone isolated from her. The baby didn't react as she continued crying.

"What is her problem?" Emerald wondered in confusion as she approached the little child.

Everyone stare at her in astonishment.

Chapter 2: Goodness in Disguise

With her size, the child could be seen as two years old or older.

Emerald strolled to the child and bent closer to her,  the child was holding a furious gaze filled with disdain. Emerald couldn't tell what the problem of the child was, she cleared her throat softly.

"Hey baby, are you feeling alright?" Emerald questioned politely.

But the child gave her an obnoxious stare and kept silence. Her attitude pissed Emerald off but she made a come back, this child didn't stop crying. Isn't she annoying?

"Baby, where are your parents?" Emerald asked.

Getting no response but loud cries for the second time, Emerald carried the child in her arms and started stroking her back tenderly.

After few whimpering sound, the child went silence. Immediately, everyone in the hall gaze at her in astonishment.

They were not expecting the rude child to fall asleep on a stranger's arm.

Soon, a tall masculine figure entere


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