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Trapped in the Arms of the Billionaire

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Agatha Gonzales grew up seeking the love and care of a father because even though she had never experienced that with her father, the only thing she always saw was her mother’s suffering at its hands. Ethan Hernandez comes from a wealthy family and he is an heir. He lives like a prince and is full of his father's love but is no longer with his mother because she has died. He gets everything in life. In an unexpected turn of events, the paths of the two meet. Is there hope for the two of them? What is Agatha willing to do just to be forgiven by the man she loves? Will they have a happy ending or a tragic one?



Ethan POV

I just focused my attention on driving. I had been in the company and my afternoon was ruined when my ex-girlfriend went there and it didn't seem clear to her that we were already done. I caught them in their house with my brother kissing and doing something.

After everything I did for her in our almost 3 years of being in a relationship she would just waste it because of her stupidity. I am not a fool to waste my precious time with a cheater like her.

I was still deep in thought when my phone rang and I saw Agatha's name, I wondered why she was calling. She is the daughter of my daddy's new fiance now because my mom has been dead for a long time. I still can't call her a step sister because our parents are not married yet.

And knowing that she wouldn’t stop bothering me when I didn’t answer her call so I was forced to answer it. "What now? What do you need?" I asked her, this is how I really talk to her and she knows it.

"Ethan, please help me, help us! Go home now."

"Why? What's going on?" I ask.

"Kuya Luke wants to kill us."

I would have asked her more but suddenly the call ended. I don't know what's going on so it's necessary to get home right away. What is my brother doing again? I tried to drive as fast as I could.

After 10 minutes I got there quickly. I immediately got out of the car and ran into the house.

I don’t know why I feel nervous with every step I take. When I went inside I caught up with all of them in the living room and saw Dad was holding his chest.

"What happened here?" I asked them.

My brother looked at me. "Oh the good son is here." he said.

"Stop being a b*st*rd Luke." I shouted at him and approached Dad who was having difficulty breathing.

"Stay where you are Ethan if you don't want the mess to get worse." Luke spoke strongly to me.

I immediately stopped walking because of what my brother said.

"What are you planning to do Luke?" I shouted at him and looked at Agatha who was just crammed to the side. "Agatha? Can you tell me what's happening here?" I asked her.

"I saw Kuya Luke, he put something in Uncle's drink." Agatha said.

"Stop lying Agatha!" Luke shouted angrily at her.

"Calm down Luke. I'll take Dad to the hospital." I said calmly.

"No one will come out of this house until I said so Ethan, don't try me because you already know what I can do!" My brother threatened me.

"D*mn you Luke, are you crazy already? I don't know what went through your mind and you want to kill our own father!" I said angrily.

"He should just die so that there is no obstacle to all of my plans! I've been holding back my anger at him for a long time and then he really brought Agatha and her mom here!"

"Can you just be happy for Dad? Mommy has been dead for a long time, Daddy has the right to be happy again!" I said.

"Shut the f*ck up Ethan! Don't act as a hero here because no matter what you say you can’t change my mind, I'm not kind like you. Now you choose Dad will drive those two away or you'll die now in front of us?" He turned his gaze to our father.

Dad shook his head. "You're not the one to follow Luke because you're just my son, your Aunt and Agatha won't live in this house and that’s final!" Daddy's tough promise.

"You don’t want to have a good conversation and you're too stubborn! If you don’t want to choose then you will lose your son and your life." Luke's promise.

"D*mn you Luke! Stop being a child! Let me take Dad to the hospital! If something bad happens to him I won't forgive you!" I was angry because I could see that our father was having a hard time already.

"You think I'm scared little brother? I don't have anything to fear now, maybe you forgot what I did to you and also to your woman." he said smiling.

"F*ck you!" I shout at him.

Seeing Dad was coughing as he chased after his breath. I was too scared of what could happen to him, while Aunt stayed by his side. I don't know what to do to stop Luke and let Dad be taken to the hospital because it might cause his life to be in danger if he stays here longer.

Agatha POV

I realized early on the fact that not all children have a complete and happy family and that I was one of those children. My parents got separated because my father no longer loved my mother. At first I thought they would still get along but not a day goes by that he doesn't hurt my mother because she doesn't want to ruin our family. I can’t believe that a married couple can lose their love for each other.

And now my mother will be married again and I have no problem with it as long as my mother is happy then I’ll support her. I also want her happiness because she has devoted her whole life to me and she has raised me well. So when she told me about her plan I was even happier because someone had accepted my mother even though she had a child already.

When Mama first told me about the man she loves now I was hesitant because I found out that he was rich and well -known in the field of business. I could not believe that he would have a relationship with my mother because there are many women there who deserve a rich man like him. I was also worried about my mom because she might get hurt in the end, but my mom explained to me that they had known each other for a long time because they had become friends and she also knew the first wife of the man who died a long time ago because of a disease.

"Hey! Until now, aren't you still done with that?`` My best friend was irritated.

"Can you just wait a minute? You are so noisy there. " I complained, we are currently in the mall because we bought something for our project.

"Gosh! You are too slow. We've been around here for almost how many hours but you still don't know what you're really going to buy."

I just didn't listen to what my friend was saying because I was used to her chatter, I just hurried to find what I was going to buy and then I paid for it.

When we finished buying the things we needed, we decided to eat first because it was already noon time. We didn't stay long either and I also had to go home because my mom and I were leaving.

I was going to co -commute but my best friend insisted and she just wanted to take me home so that I wouldn't have to travel longer. She also knows about my mom and her boyfriend and she is also very supportive.

When we arrived in front of the apartment we were renting, Zey immediately said goodbye because she still had important things to do. Sometimes I really don't understand my friend either, she’s also crazy like me.

Before I entered the apartment I wondered why there was a car parked in front, it was impossible for our neighbor to own it because I'm sure no one can afford such an expensive car here with us.

I just ignored it and entered the apartment, I caught my mom sitting in the living room while talking to a man. He looks rich based on his clothes. Couldn’t he be the owner of the car outside? But who is this man and why is he here in our apartment?

Mama noticed that I was standing so she immediately smiled at me. "You're already here my daughter, your uncle and I have been waiting for you to get home." mom's promise.

I frowned at what she said. "Uncle? We still have relatives Ma?" I wondered.

"You are so funny dear! I already told you about him last time, did you forget about it?" My mom said,

I was stunned for a moment and wondered what she meant. My eyes immediately widened as I realized who the man in front of me was. "Is that the man you're telling me? Your long time friend and now your boyfriend or fiance?"

I saw Mama nod so I confirmed the truth. The man got up from his seat and approached me. "Hi, I'm Mr. Hernandez. I'm glad I finally met you too. Your mom told me so much about you." he said with a smile.

"Hello, good afternoon. I'm sorry for my behavior earlier, because I don't know that my Mom is referring to you." I apologize.

"It's okay dear, we just met so you don't have to apologize."

"Agatha, change your clothes first and go back here because I have something important to tell you." Mama commanded me and I went upstairs.

I hastened to change my clothes and immediately went downstairs. I didn't want to make them wait long because it was embarrassing for our guests.

When I got down I saw them talking happily so I sneezed to get their attention. They looked at me at the same time so I approached them.

"What are you going to tell me Ma? That seems important." I said.

Mama made me sit next to her. "Daughter, you know that your Uncle proposed to me, didn't you? We talked about getting married next month so what he wanted was for us to live there with him and his children." Mama explained to me.

"Can I just stay here?" I asked.

"Why Agatha? You don’t want to be with us?" Uncle asked while looking at me.

"It's not like that Uncle but it's too embarrassing for me to live in your house. It's okay for me if my mom will go with you because I know that you will take care of her and love her." I promise.

"It's not that easy dear, I won't let you stay here because I know your mom will worry about you." Uncle said.

"Isn't it embarrassing for your children? They might get angry when we live there." I honestly said.

"My children are kind and I know that they will be happy too if they see that I am happy. They also know your mom so there will be no problem if you stay at home. Next month your mom and I will get married. We will be a family. " he said with a smile.

I looked at my mother and saw that she was also waiting for my answer. And because I don't want her to worry anymore when I'm left to slash here, I just nodded remembering that I already agree with what they want to happen.

“Mama hugged me quickly, I knew she was happy and she deserved that thing.

"When are we leaving?" I ask.

"Actually your Uncle is here because he picked us up."

I was surprised by what Mom said. "Now? Eh, I haven't fixed my things yet Mama." I said while pouting.

"Don't think about it because I've already fixed your other belongings, the rest will just be sent to Hernandez's house tomorrow."

We didn't stay long in the apartment and left so that we wouldn't spend the night on the road. The truth is I was nervous to live in Hernandez's home. And another is I was thinking of Uncle’s children because I heard one of them was snobbish and arrogant so I couldn’t believe what Uncle said that was okay with his children.

We also traveled for about an hour before we reached their house, the guard opened the door for us and went straight inside.

I no longer wonder why their house looks like a mansion because I know that they are rich and their family is well known in this area and in the field of business.


Agatha POV

The next day we woke up almost at the same time so we are here at the table to eat. The amount of food prepared by Uncle and others is different and everything is very delicious.

"How's your favorite food, Agatha? Your Uncle bought it when he found out it's your favorite." mama asked.

"It's so much tastier than what I’m always buying Ma. Thank you Uncle." I smiled.

We ate together with my mom, uncle and his oldest son except for his youngest son who didn't eat with us, in fact last night I noticed his sharp stares at me and I knew immediately that he didn't like me.

"Good to hear that Agatha, how’s your sleep? Do you want to change something in your room? You can tell me." Kuya Luke asked, he is the oldest son of Hernandez.

I smiled at him. "I sleep well and in my room I won't change anything because everything is almost perfect." I answered him.

"It's good then, let me go with you next time to buy the decorations you want to add


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