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In a city ruled by crime and corruption, two powerful families join forces through a contract marriage. A cold and ruthless billionaire, driven by anger and a thirst for power, is betrothed to a skilled fighter with a hidden past. As their reluctant partnership deepens into an unexpected love, they find themselves embroiled in a dangerous game of loyalty and betrayal. Can love truly conquer the darkest of secrets?

Chapter 1

A Ruthless Beginning

The rain poured down over the streets of Naples in heavy sheets, soaking everything in its path. Alessio Bianchi paid it no mind as he strode purposefully through the alleyways. Though night had long fallen, activity still buzzed throughout the lawless city. Deals were negotiated in shadowy corners, and threats were exchanged between rival factions.

Alessio was heir to the Bianchi family, one of the four that ruled Naples with an iron grip. Through intimidation and violence, they controlled the lucrative criminal enterprises that funded their extravagant lifestyles. As the eldest son, it was Alessio's birthright to one day sit at the head of the table. But with great power came great responsibility.

Alessio was a billionaire, a man of immense wealth and power. His riches knew no bounds, and he was a formidable figure in the business world. Yet, what truly set him apart was his demeanor – he was ice-cold, distant, and shrouded in mystery. He rarely spoke, preferring to observe the world around him with an intensity that left people curious and intrigued.

He didn't indulge in the extravagant parties that were so common among the city's elite. Instead, he chose to stay in the shadows, always calculating, and always one step ahead of the game. Alessio lived in a luxurious penthouse that overlooked the sprawling city below. It was a palace of glass and steel, offering breathtaking views that matched his opulent lifestyle.

But beneath the veneer of wealth and success lay a darkness that clung to Alessio like a shadow. He was driven by anger and an insatiable thirst for power. Weakness was something he couldn't tolerate, and failure was unacceptable. His ruthlessness was legendary, and his smile was a rare sight, saved only for the most exceptional occasions. They said he never laughed.

It all started the night Marco failed to return from a debt collection. Alessio's closest friend since childhood, he had begged to accompany Alessio on his rounds, insisting he was ready for the grittier side of the business. But the rivals had come prepared, laying an ambush. By the time Alessio arrived at the scene, Marco was gone without a trace. Rage and grief consumed him, twisting him into the brutal weapon his family had long groomed him to become.

Three years had passed since he lost his dearest friend, Marco, to the clutches of a vile of the rival gang. His cries for help still echoed in his nightmares. He had failed him, and that failure had festered into a rage that consumed him, every time he thinks about it he finds himself guilty, even though he is not.

Sometimes he sees his ghost, and he has taken therapy, but all to no avail, all he wants is to avenge his friend, regardless of any shortcomings.

He had barely come of age when his talents for coercion and brutality were noted by his father. Within a year, Alessio had proven himself the most ruthless enforcer in their organization. No job was too dirty, no enemy too bold to cross him. But underneath the cold exterior lay lingering traces of a softer soul, memories of a life before violence had consumed him.

As the moon cast an eerie glow over the city, Alessio Bianchi made a silent vow to himself. He would use his family's vast resources and his dark skills to eradicate the filth that preyed on the innocent, No matter what it takes, his mood right there shows how determined he is. No more second chances. No more smiles. Only justice, cold as the night.

Chapter 2

The alliance of power

Before the rise of the city, Naples stood as a city divided, a refuge for outlaws. Amid this chaos, four families emerged as the architects of fate, manipulating, the threads that would decide, the city’s destiny. These families are the Morreti, Romano, Martino, and Bianchi.

For five centuries, these four clans had reigned supreme, forging alliances that allowed them to dominate the city. It was a hierarchy of power, each family contributing its unique strengths to the fragile equilibrium that ruled Naples.

The Martinez clan, with their immense wealth, was the undisputed powerhouse. Their influence extended far beyond the city limits, and they had their hands in everything from legitimate businesses to the shadiest dealings. At the helm of the Martinez family was Don Francesco Martino, a cunning and ruthless patriarch.

The Romano family, known for their charisma and political acumen, were the diplomats of the underworld.


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