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Toxic Encounter

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Jarmacus Robinson has it all...his own business, financial stability and the girl of his dreams but one day things go awry and all his hard work is ruined within seconds. He soon discovers that his problem is linked to someone... someone who hates him....someone who detests him....someone who wishes him harm Or do they really? Or could hatred just be another extreme form of love? He doesn't know and his journey to discover the source of his problems leads him to the most unexpected places. A place that he never imagined in his life that he would go. Can he face the demons of his past? Or will his enemies prevail over him

Chapter 1


I sat behind my office table and overlooked it, on it were several awards strewn on in no particular order.

'Ceo of the year…Most industrious business owner….Enterprise of the cen…'

As I watched the awards I felt a small surge of pride course through me. It had not always been like this, I had to claw his way up to the top from the ground.

It really had not been easy, getting to where I am that is. My family by no means rich but we were able to make ends meet. From an early age I had been taught the very essence of money and how who so ever that was able to harness the power it held basically controlled the world. 

In highschool, I had made it my personal goal to succeed. I had to try my best from making sure that my C.GPA did not fluctuate from the 4.0 mark to making sure that my name was always on the honour roll.

I had made sure to partake in every single sporting event and was captain of various sports not because I liked the activity but because I could add it to my highschool application essay.

Thankfully my efforts had paid off because I was awarded a scholarship to further my education at one of the most prestigious universities in the country but my journey definitely did not stop there because all though I had my tuition payed for, my living expenses had to.come out of my own pocket. 

While other college students were out drinking, partying or getting wasted out of their minds, I would have my nose either buried in a book or working. Day after day between several classes I would have to work,scrimp and save just to have enough to eat but despite all that I was able to graduate at the top of my class and was named best graduating student.

I had thought that once I had overcomed the university, the world of business would be an easy feat but it wasn't so. I had to toil day and night just to get it started from the ground up. From running around to get the capital to finding people who were willing enough to invest in my dream.

Several people had laughed at me, mocked me even but I had persevered and now I was finally able stands amongst the same people with my head help high

A knock on the door interrupts me from my reverie and I turn my head to face the door. In walks my personal assistant of five years, Luke. Luke has been with me from the very get go, at the time I had been short-staffedI know that I attribute a lot of my success to him.

He walks in quietly and walks over to my table where he drops a stack of files right on to it. 

He raises his hand to push back his glasses back up the bridge of his nose before straightening up to look at me in the eyes.

"Good morning Mr Robinson." He says to me.

"Good morning Luke. How was your family trip? Did your daughter try to make you a part of her sand castle all over again?" 

He gives me a small smile but does not say anything which I take as my answer.

"So…what is the schedule for today?"

"Sir, you are supposed to meet Mr Benedict at five pm this evening and I-"

I raise my hand to interrupt him "Five pm? No that will not do. I already have  an appointment due this afternoon so I'm afraid that I will have to cancel. Please tell him that I am very sorry."

"B-but sir. We can't possibly cancel the meeting with Mr Benedict. We've been trying to book this meeting for months. If it does not happen today then we would have to reschedule for another six months and who knows by then your opposition, the Robertsons could…" My assistant says before trailing off.

"What about the Robertsons? Out with it?"

"Oh it's nothing sir, I just think that your rescheduling this meeting could prove to be advantageous for out competitors that's all."

"Listen here Luke. I don't need you to offer me your opinions…that isn't exactly what I pay you for now is it?"So if you don't mind, please keep your thoughts to yourself." I say before grabbing one of the files that he had previously placed on my desk to study."

"Y-yes sir.

"Now I need you to get the statement of accounts from Lisa the new head of departments and I also need you to-"

I pause midway in my sentence when I hear voices being exchanged from my receptionist and secretary right outside my door. I keep silent and try to make out what was being said  

"Ma'am. i am going to ask you to leave this instant." A voice which I recognize as my secretary says

"And what if I refuse to leave?" The voice asked with an under lying sneer.

" Then I will have no choice but to call the security.

"Security….hmmmph. Listen to me you soft p*rn reading, Betty boop cosplaying airheaded mouse laden blonde! I wish to see the CEO of this company this instant and I am going to do so with or without your help. So you better let me meet him or so help me God I will not accept responsibility for my following actions." The other voice says and grows silent.

Nothing is said for a few moments and I had concluded that the voice was just bluffing."

When I hear my receptionist call out 'ma'am' repeatedly and all of a sudden my door is swung wide open.

I raise my eyes to the offender, a scathing reply already on my tongue as I  am understandably annoyed with who so ever that could have made the ruckus when my eyes are met with the grayest pair of eyes that I have ever seen and just like that…I am rendered utterly speechless.

Chapter 2


My eyes meet the grayest pair of eyes I have ever seen and instantly whatever reply I had wanted to say had disappeared almost instantly. 

They were the oddest shade that was for sure and in the clear bright lighting of my office it seemed silver… almost metallic even and in them bore plain undisguised fury as she stared at me.

At that moment in walks my receptionist running in all face flushed and scattered looking. She looks between me and the woman and her face turns an even darker shade of red.

She bends over and tries to put her head in between her knees in a bid to stabilize her breathing. When she finally comes to she turns to face the lady that had just walked in. "Ma'am please, I told you that you are not supposed to be here!" She says with each word punctuated with her panting as she gasps for air. My guess is that she must have chased the woman at the door all the way from her desk.

She turns her attention to


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