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Torn Between Brothers (She's Mine)

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At 15, Valeria Startam finds herself in the midst of two handsome and wealthy sons of a billionaire. . Ergon Mickelson is the youngest of two brothers, who Valeria fell in love with. Noah Mickelson is the elder brother of Ergon who hate Valerie's guts for no good reason. Things got ugly when Valeria is to work as the assistant maid in the home of her boyfriend, Ergon. Valeria, though was a maid did not get the treatment deserving of a maid all because of Ergon. This further aggravated Noah's hate for Valeria. He went as far as humiliating her in public and calling her a gold digger. But one night, something strange happened in her bed in the house of the Mickelsons. Ever since that night, it became a regular routine until the day doom knocked on her door in the form of an unwanted pregnancy. Valeria faced the worse part of life when she is rejected by her very own boyfriend who denied ever having s*x with her. Would Valeria be able to face the trauma and birth an unwanted child whose father she knows nothing about?



Review after the novel completion

The initial description of the brothers is plesently augmented throughout the story. They both take on new characteristics which makes you love / hate them more. Hot sex, surprising plot changes. Cute kid. Lots of changes to fit in a novella style format. Looking forward to other stories from the author and happy with how this one ended . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

February 9, 2024

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