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Torn Between Brothers (She's Mine)

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At 15, Valeria Startam finds herself in the midst of two handsome and wealthy sons of a billionaire. . Ergon Mickelson is the youngest of two brothers, who Valeria fell in love with. Noah Mickelson is the elder brother of Ergon who hate Valerie's guts for no good reason. Things got ugly when Valeria is to work as the assistant maid in the home of her boyfriend, Ergon. Valeria, though was a maid did not get the treatment deserving of a maid all because of Ergon. This further aggravated Noah's hate for Valeria. He went as far as humiliating her in public and calling her a gold digger. But one night, something strange happened in her bed in the house of the Mickelsons. Ever since that night, it became a regular routine until the day doom knocked on her door in the form of an unwanted pregnancy. Valeria faced the worse part of life when she is rejected by her very own boyfriend who denied ever having s*x with her. Would Valeria be able to face the trauma and birth an unwanted child whose father she knows nothing about?

Chapter 1 prologue

In a pretty dark room, a young lady laid flat on her bed was already asleep, but not in a deep sleep. The door to her room slowly crept open, and someone walked in.

The sound of her door being opened caused her to wake up.

"Who's there?" She asked as she sat up quickly, but she got no response.

Her hand made to switch on the light beside her bed, but someone held her hand. She was about to scream when the same person who held her hand covered her mouth, preventing her from screaming.

Her heart was beating fast with fear.

"Shh." The person whispered.

And before she knew what was happening, he captured her lips in a hot kiss. She tried to push him off, but he wouldn't budge. Instead, he kept on kissing her hungrily, his hands made their way under her nightie, and he messaged her thigh.

She had thought this was her lover, and so, she tried to say his name, but the moment she tried to speak, he took that as an opportunity to deepen the kiss. She wasn't much of a good kisser, but she tried to keep up with him. Their tongues went into a battle for dominance, but she had lost that battle.

He slowly took off her nightie, leaving her completely naked, then he gently laid her down on the bed, and hastily took off his clothes.

She suddenly felt shy to be so exposed to her lover.

"Ergon." She called out, but he didn't reply.

She had thought he would wait until she was finally of age for this, but she had guessed he couldn't control his sexual desires any longer, and that must be the reason he wanted to do this now, and because she loves him so much, she was willing to give herself to him tonight.

He got on top of her, then he began to kiss her again, and this time, she wasted no time in giving him access, but this kiss was different from the one they had shared. He kissed her hungrily and with so much impatience, instead of the loving kiss they used to share.

One of his hands gave a little pinch to her n*ppl*s, causing her to moan in both pain and pleasure. She felt pleasant cold shivers run down her spine as he massaged her breast.

And instinctively, she began grinding herself against his erection.

He left her lips and began trailing warm kisses down her neck, and for every part he kissed only set her body on fire, he kissed her neck, down her stomach, till he got to her clean shaved p*ssy.

"You smell so heavenly Amica mea." He grunted, but she was so far gone into cloud 9 to register the voice or the words he said.

He got between her legs, he kissed her wet p*ssy lightly, then he used his tongue to lick her p*ssy lavishly .

She tried to prevent the moan that threatened to escape her, but she couldn't hold it back any longer. Her hands moved to his hair and grabbed it. His hair was soft and silky, she pushed his face closer to her p*ssy, enjoying what he was doing to her, and she wanted more of it.

"Ergon." She kept on moaning the name of her lover.

After kissing and licking her vagina, he used both hands to spread her vagina lips, then he teased her cl*t with his tongue.

"Ahh." She moaned loudly as her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

Her legs shook vigorously and her breathing increased as she felt something liquid drip down her p*ssy. His mouth covered her p*ssy as he took in all her juices.

She had thought that'd be all and he was done with her, but no, this was just the beginning. He stood up, then he positioned his huge d*ck at the entrance of her p*ssy, and without a warning, he pushed himself deep inside her.

An ear-splitting scream escaped her lips as she felt an immense pain course through her, but he was quick to close her mouth.

Her hands gripped the sheets tightly as hot tears rolled down her cheek, her screams turned into silent whimpers.

He waited a while for the pain to subside and for her to adjust to his size before moving. At first, he moved at a slow pace, then he increased his speed. At this point, his hand had already left her mouth to wrap her legs behind his waist, and the pain she felt slowly turned into pleasure.

He kept on pounding her p*ssy mercilessly, he loved how her tight p*ssy clenched his d*ck with every thrust he made.

"F*ck!, you're so tight Amica mea." He moaned as he thrust in faster.

"Ergon." She moaned in pleasure.

Their moans and the sound of their skin clapping against each other filled the entire room, their bodies dripping with sweat.

His huge d*ck filled her completely, and her moans could only increase as he kept on hitting her g spot, her legs shook vigorously as they both climaxed, she felt his hot seed spill inside of her as he released inside her.

He pulled himself out of her, then he laid beside her.

"I love you Ergon." She whispered, but he heard her clearly.

They were now completely bound to each other, and this thought caused her to smile. Although it hurt, the pain was worth it. She now belongs to her lover completely, body and soul.

She snuggled closer to him, her eyelids grew heavy as she felt sleep overtake her, and without trying to fight it, she gave in to nature.

He waited till she fell asleep, then he slowly got down from her bed, he picked up his clothes and wore them, and just as he had come quietly, he left her room quietly, without even sparing her a glance.

Chapter 2 Sex Maniac

Valeria woke up with a slight pain in her lower abdomen. She guessed it might have been the result of yesterday's work. She'd actually been assisting her mum.

She winced and she slowly stood up from her bed.

"Darn it!" She cussed.

She went outside and she was welcomed by a sweet aroma coming out of the dining room.

"Mum is the best." She smiled, just what she needed.

She tiptoed to the dining room, she made to tickle her mum, but instead she was caught.

"I know you're here already, Valeria, don't you dare tickle me." Rita warned, and Valeria burst into hilarious laughter.

Her mum is already used to her shenanigans.

"Sit down, it's late already, I'm supposed to be in my store by now," Rita said.

Valeria sat down and she took a bite of the burger her mum made.

"Yummy!." She exclaimed and she licked her lips, which caused Rita to smile.

"Have this." Rita pushed most of the food at her.

"Aren't you eating? are you f


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