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To My Ex-Husband

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This is a Come To Age love story. Troubled by her failed love experience, Renee lost hope in finding love again. Her pursuit to be an independent lady hardened her heart to feelings. This worked well for her until her she came across her first love again. That too at the worst time of her life! The man she hated with her gut feelings. His sight made her angry and his voice made her teeth grind. She couldn’t let herself fall for him anymore. She couldn’t risk her first break replaying itself and Benson Hollow ripping her heart apart the second time. But we cannot control fate. Benson might be given a second chance. But not just any second chance. It’s a deadly second chance. Her need for revenge will surpasses any feelings he has for her. She was ready to make him burn and make his life hell if a tear drops from her eyes again because of him.



The prologue and the first five chapters of this novel has been revised and made more engaging and interesting for you to follow. The rest is still the same. The main story of the novel still remains. The need for Revenge or Redemption. So if you‘ve read the beginning before and thought it was confusing, this one is more explanatory. Do not hesitate to tell me if you have any questions or concerns,



Renee placed her expensive bag on a glass table and closed the door behind her. Her makeup remained intact, despite the beads of sweat that threatened to ruin it. Her phone buzzed incessantly with messages from her concerned colleagues who assumed she wasn't feeling well. She could hardly focus on her work, her anxiety skyrocketing ever since she witnessed Davis falling on one knee to propose to her. This wasn't something she had expected or even hoped for. She remembered being utterly speechless and unsure of how to respond. Feeling helpless, she walked out on the proposal, leaving Davis looking foolish. Since then, her phone had been bombarded with messages, including those from her mother. However, she wasn't in the right frame of mind to discuss the matter.

Now, in her study room, she sat in front of her desk and pulled out a piece of paper from her notepad. She took out her pen, intending to write down her feelings as her therapist had instructed her. However, to her surprise, she ended up writing a letter. A letter to the last person she ever wanted to hear from – her ex-husband.

"It's been seven years, and I still can't forget what you did to me. The thought of you still makes my skin crawl, highlighting the disgust I feel. Despite all of this, I can't forget you. I don't think I ever will until I exact the revenge I crave. I want to hurt you as deeply as you hurt me. I want you to feel the pain you caused me, the pain you caused our..."

She stopped writing and dropped the pen, struggling to contain her anger. Normally, in such a moment, her heart would break, and she would cry. But she couldn't cry anymore. Instead, she felt anger and a strong sense of injustice. Davis's proposal meant nothing to her until she achieved the satisfaction she desired: the satisfaction of revenge.

"Don't think you've escaped from me," she continued writing with a scowl. Her pen pressed hard against the paper, nearly tearing it. "Don't think I've forgotten the tragedy you caused. Benson Hollow, you will pay. You will pay with your life."

She stopped writing and put down her pen, feeling a sense of relief. She folded the paper and placed it in an envelope, ready to be sent to Denver, her hometown. Just then, there was a loud knock on the door. Initially ignoring it, she finally opened the door and was taken aback by what she saw.

"Do you remember me?" a familiar voice inquired.

Her hands trembled as her memory gradually recalled the past, a moment she considered one of the worst in her life. Why was an experience she had 12 years ago flooding back in so fast?

"I've missed you, Renee."



This is a love story and could be relatable to some, due to its description of infatuation, one-sided love, and deep connections that make no sense. To My Ex-Husband is a novel here to entertain. It’s a novel here to make you understand the intensity of love turns hatred. It’s a beautiful revenge or redemption story.

Chapter 1

"True love is the compass that guides two souls through the labyrinth of life, lighting their way with unwavering devotion and boundless authenticity."

Renee sought refuge in an empty science classroom and concealed herself behind a bookshelf. Her heart raced as she nervously bit her nails, unable to understand why the bullies were chasing her. She tried to appease them, giving them what they wanted, even sharing her lunch money. Yet, their relentless pursuit continued. She heard one of them forcefully push open the wooden door and enter, accompanied by the other three, all looking frustrated. They searched the room, but their disappointment was evident when they couldn't find her.

"Where did she go?" Remold, their leader, asked impatiently.

"Should we check the other classroom?" his close friend suggested.

Reluctantly, he nodded and turned to leave. Renee had never felt such relief. As they abandoned their


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