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Tides Of Love: Flash Marriage

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She was in it, to escape a forced marriage. He was in it, because of her. Lana Lang, is the golden daughter of the Lang empire. Or so the world thought. She wanted nothing more than her parent's love and attention but all that was given to her little brother. Sometimes she'd wonder if she was truly a daughter of her parents or she just couldn't meet their expectations. Forced to marry a good for nothing man, by her ever so controlling parents. She rebelled and took it to herself to choose a Man way better than her parent's choice. In a night, she acquired a husband and became his legally married wife. ***** "Sir, your wife is about to get married to someone else." With an evil smile, a certain Man replied, "Set up a press conference immediately, it's time to announce to the world. Who my wife is."

Chapter 1

Streaks of lights penetrate the curtains, illuminating the dim room as the alarm came off.

Still dazed from sleep, She stretched out her hand to put it off. She couldn't move, something warm, soft and yet so strong was wrapped around her waist.

Annoyed, she slap at it but it wouldn't budge. Too tired to play with what ever that was, her heavy lids start closing for a second nap.

When she felt something wet on her neck as a warm breath hit her ear, her eyes flutter open in alarm as she took in the face so close to hers.

"Good morning, wife"

A scream fell from her lips, when she found an unclothed man on her bed. "Who the hell are you? and what are you doing in my room?"

Her n*ppl*s harden as chills from the cool air hit her sensitive skin, with a shiver, she looked down to see herself in nothing but a thin shirt that was big enough to cover her small body, reaching down to her thighs. Something that was obviously not hers.

Oh! no, why am I wearing nothing inside? D-did we? But I can't feel anything down there.

As if he could tell what was going through her mind,

"Don't worry, I didn't do anything to you last night,"

he paused, searching her face. He Lean towards her ears, "b'cos if I did you wouldn't get off this bed for weeks."

Looking at the little Lady in his arms, an amused curve forms on his lips as he watched different expressions display on her face.

A soft gasp left her lips when he bend to carry her. Scurrying away from his side, Daniel watch her fall off the bed landing on her bum much to her dismay.

Lana stood quite embarrassed as she rubbed her aching butt with dissatisfaction, clearly shown on her face.

Winkling a brow in amusement, he let out a throaty laugh, When she ran into the bathroom with a red face.


Turning the shower off, she step out wrapping her blue towel around her body. She was Choosing a nice top and shorts to put on, when a call came through her phone.

"Hello grandma,"

"Young lady,why have you not been picking your calls? Anyway come down stairs, I'm outside your door."

" Wait, grandma you didn't..." She was interrupted with a bip sound.

She went downstairs, towards the entrance door totally forgetting the man in the house.

"Good morning grandma,"  Lana gushed with a Chicky smile as she ushered the old lady in.

"Lana, did you know how worried I was when Old Wang called me, saying you left after the argument you had with your father. I did call your number several times,"

"I'm sorry grandma, my phone was on silent, I won't miss your call next time," she responded with a pout while hugging the old lady to make her happy.

What's that aroma, Mrs. Song went to the dining area,her eyes falling on the two plates full of food. Already salivating, "i didn't know you had a visitor" she threw Lana a quizzical look.

"Grandma, I..." She try to say but her words came hanging when the strange Man walked out of the kitchen in just trousers. 'Oh! No, what should I do now,' she thought in panic.

"Lana Lang," her grandmother called her full name, waiting for explanation. "I never took you for a woman who would do something like this just because of your parent's pressure. Now tell me,who this Man is to you and what he is doing in your house."

Before she could come up with an answer, she was pulled into an embrace,

"Good morning, grandma, I'm Daniel Li. Your granddaughter's husband, nice to meet you,"

he says, eyes challenging her to say otherwise. But she couldn't, this was her plan, anyway, when they were alone she will explain certain things to him.

Yes that's it, she thought smiling but why did she feel like she's fallen in a trap.

Wrinkling her brows, She glared at him.


"Grandma, I'm so sorry. I thought you'll not accept our relationship. I wanted to tell you over dinner with everyone a...after we married."

Letting out a sigh, Madame Song pulled her closer, "Lana, you know I am not like your parents. I trust the girl I raised and I'll always support you no matter what. So, tell me do you love him? does he take care of you?" Madame Song asked with a small smile.

She was silent for a while, "Yes, yes Grandma I'm very much in love with him and he treats me like no other. He is a good Man Ma. And I am sure you'll like him too." Lana said shyly.

Looking at her red face, Madame Song relaxed smiling happily. "then that is great, but if he treats you bad....." she turns her face to Daniel who arrived just then after putting his clothes on, giving him a threatening look as if to say, 'I'll kill you if anything happens to my precious.'

"Haha.. Grandma, I will never hurt her. I never plan to make her sad or cry when I decided to marry her. I have waited long enough to make her mine and I'll cherish her as my life because she is." He said looking at Lana lovingly.

Wait why will he say that? We barely even know each other. For one, he is a great actor, I'll give him that; Lana thought giggling silently. She raised her head to look at him but caught a flash in his eyes which was hidden as soon as it came.

"If that is so, I will be on my way." Pausing slightly, Madame Song gave Lana a peck on her right cheek before whispering to her; "don't you forget to come visit me and with your husband too."

Lana walked Madame Song out, as she watched her get into the car. Turning to Daniel beside her, she grabbed his hand dragging him inside the house. "come on we have a lot to talk about."



"Your Grandmother caught you with a man?!!!" Rai screamed. "Way to go girl!"

"Is he handsome? How was it? Is he good in bed?" Diane questioned teasingly as they both high fived.

"Uh really? Are you guys my friends? I can't believe this." Lana said squinting her eyes at her friends. "And for your information, we didn't do tha...that last night."

Ria and Diane both looked at each other before taking a sip of their tea.

"What? Why are you both looking at me like that?" Lana said lifting her hand in frustration.

"Uhmm nothing actually, but wait, is the guy handsome? And s*xy?" Ria paused raising a brow at Lana. Seeing her nod, she continued, "And you mean nothing, nothing happened between you guys?"

Lana looked at her friend laughing her head off. she turned to Diane for help but was dumbfounded when she asked, "you are not a lesbian, are you?"

"wait what? You two are surely crazy." She said letting out a sigh, partly annoyed at her stupid friends and the fact that she was tricked.

Diane giggled but stopped when she took in her expression, with a serious face she asked her, "Then what happened, Lana? Did he do anything to you?" she voiced worriedly.

"Oh! my Goodness Diane, he didn't do anything to me." Well except tricking me that is, she mumbled in her mind. "I am married," she said quietly looking at her friends as she dropped the bomb.

Looking at her silent friends, she began to worry. 'did I shock them too much?'

"Oh! My Goodness, way to go girlfriend!" Ria said with a chuckle. "But how? It was only yesterday that we talked about this you know? How did you make him agree to the terms on the contract?"

"Well, that's the problem, there is no contract whatsoever. I'm legally married and that to a stranger I don't even know." Lana said annoyed.

Chapter 2


Country M, Metropolitan city.


"I'm not marrying him, Father. That man is a playboy, a cheat and a scum of a man. Marrying him is the last thing I would do," Lana strongly protested, knowing fully well her Father's anger, as he never liked his authority questioned.

Joseph Lang frowned, keeping aside the documents he was reading; "you're marrying him and that is final, you know better than to question my authority, young Lady," he informed her sternly.

"why me, Dad? Why can't you be like every normal and caring parent out there?..."

"We're doing what's good for you, darling," Sophie Lang responded gently, as she approached her husband with a cup of coffee.

"what's good for me you say? Mom, just ask around about Josh Mel and anybody will tell you he is a playboy, that guy uses women and changes them like the clothes he puts on.


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