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The Young Master Returns

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Once, a prestigious and noble family faced an unforeseen tragedy, prompting Shu Chen to depart with his three loyal followers. Over the course of fifteen years, he traveled the vast lands of China, imparting wisdom and earning the title of the Young Master. Driven by gratitude for past favors, Shu Chen, undeterred, assumed a new identity to marry into the Chen family. Little did he know, he would be treated like a mere dog. Disregarded and scorned, Shu Chen silently endured the humiliation. However, when their gazes regarded him as nothing more than a lowly dog, he decided it was time to reclaim his position. It was time for him to return and revive the glory of the Young Master. In a world where he was looked down upon, Shu Chen was determined to overcome the challenges. His journey, filled with twists and turns, led him to rediscover his identity and purpose. From the highs of guiding the people to the lows of being treated as less than human, Shu Chen's resilience and determination became the driving force behind his return. As he decided to reclaim his rightful place, the story unfolds with Shu Chen triumphantly returning to the family that once underestimated him. The narrative weaves through the complexities of family, loyalty, and the pursuit of honor. The Young Master's journey is not just a tale of revenge but a saga of self-discovery, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of justice. In a world where prejudice and injustice prevail, Shu Chen's return signifies the resurgence of the Young Master's glory, promising a captivating tale of redemption, revenge, and the enduring spirit of a man determined to rewrite his destiny.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Return of the Young Master

"Auntie, I've grown weary of exerting myself."

Before the Kaiyue Grand Hotel, Shu Chen's gaze, profound and dim, disseminated this message en masse.

Buzz! The moment the message was transmitted, the phone incessantly flashed, inundating the inbox with a cascade of messages.

The Mourning Auntie of the Business Empire responded, "Young Master, you've finally come to a realization! Henceforth, the nine diamond mines and ten pearl seas under the Canghai Group will be transferred into your name. Simultaneously, you will hold a hundred percent stake in the conglomerate, becoming the world's wealthiest, a fortune rivaling nations!"

The Dark Assassin Auntie, Muruoying, chimed in, "Young Master, welcome to embrace the dark world. From this moment forth, you shall be the sovereign of the Candle Dragon Hall, and the denizens of darkness extend their greetings to you!"

The Iron-Blooded Military Minister, Kong Auntie, proclaimed, "Submerge like a hidden dragon, sweep across the eight desolations, radiating a dazzling brilliance! The Iron-Blooded Legion has been waiting for the Young Master; welcome home!"


Messages flickered like a blizzard, flooding his phone with a cascade of significance. Each text, each name, was potent enough to shake the world. Yet, in this moment, Shu Chen remained as calm as still water, his eyes revealing a mixture of nostalgia and sorrow.

At the age of twelve, the family underwent a tragic upheaval, his mother met with an accident, and he, accompanied by his mother's three loyal subordinates - Wangge, Muying, and Changkong, left the family to find a way out. Fifteen years of traversing the vast land of China, offering guidance to the people.

Simultaneously, he nurtured the three aunties into kings in their respective domains!

Not only that, countless financial magnates relied on Shu Chen's influence!

When they, under the gaze of the world, collectively uttered the Young Master's name, 'Shu Chen' became the most revered name in the Great Xia!

The name of the Young Master resounded through the heavens and the earth, echoing across China!

And at the peak of his existence, Shu Chen, in gratitude, chose to marry into the Chen family. He intended to live an ordinary life, incognito. Little did he know it would be met with endless ridicule and scorn. Even his wife treated him with disdain, oblivious to the fact that this Shu Chen was the one everyone admired.

Now, after two years of enduring humiliation, he decided to return and reclaim the glory of the Young Master! To make China tremble and the world quiver!

"Chen Xinyu, I've repaid my debt to you."

"Today, I offer you a final chance."

"Either soar to new heights or sever ties completely!"

With calm words, Shu Chen glanced at the hotel ablaze with lights and colors, stepping in.


Kaiyue Hotel private room.

The lights glittered, and the crowd flowed as an engagement banquet unfolded. Among the guests were alumni of Jiang University, now mostly successful individuals. Dressed elegantly, they exchanged toasts.

In this lively atmosphere, Chen Xinyu alone sat in a corner, filled with envy and regret.

Two years ago, she was the goddess of Jiang University, enjoying the adoration of noble suitors and basking in endless glory. But since marrying Shu Chen, her fortunes took a nosedive. The once shining star of Jiang City became a laughingstock, mocked by countless friends and classmates. If not for her family's business facing financial difficulties, she wouldn't have lowered herself to this humiliation.

Amid the lively banquet, the protagonist of the event, Hu Beibei, adorned in a splendid gown, accepted gifts from the guests. Chanel necklace, LV handbag, Patek Philippe jade watch... Each gift held considerable value, attesting to the high status of the attendees.

Beibei smiled enchantingly, reveling in the attention like the moon surrounded by stars.

Soon, she noticed Chen Xinyu in the corner, and with a subtle grin, she walked over.

"Xinyu, why are you sitting here? I almost didn't notice you."

"Back in the day, you were the campus belle at Jiang University. Did you prepare any precious gifts for me?"


Chen Xinyu looked flustered, her beautiful eyes flickering uncertainly.

Beibei exaggeratedly exclaimed, "Did you forget to bring me a gift and came here to freeload?"

People cast knowing glances, and Chen Xinyu turned pale. She explained, "Beibei, I'm sorry, I rushed and forgot..."

"Forget? I think you simply didn't prepare anything."

Beibei sneered, feigning sympathy.

"Xinyu, why did you marry such a useless husband? Look at the clothes you're wearing, probably cheap goods. You've really embarrassed yourself. Well, let's not dwell on it for the sake of our many years as classmates."

"Who made you a penniless person now? Haha..."

The piercing mockery caused an uproar, with female classmates gloating over Chen Xinyu's misfortune. In university, Chen Xinyu outshone them all. Now, witnessing her miserable state, they reveled in schadenfreude.

Only Chen Xinyu sat there in silence, trembling with humiliation.

After a long time, she managed to force a smile, almost pleading.

"Beibei, the reason I came this time is that my company's capital chain has broken. Can you... lend me two million for turnover?"

"Borrow money? Are you really asking me for a loan? I didn't hear it wrong, did I?"

Beibei pretended to be shocked, mocking her.

"Xinyu, it's not good to beg for money when you're poor. I'll let it slide because we were classmates for many years."

"Who made you a pauper now? Haha..."

Endless mockery filled the room, and Chen Xinyu became the target of ridicule.

She clenched her palms, full of sorrow.

Deep within her eyes, hatred surged!

She didn't hate her classmates for their mockery; she hated Yichen.

If it weren't for this burden dragging her down, how could she be mocked and ridiculed like this?

Loud laughter echoed.

Just as Chen Xinyu was about to burst into tears.


The door of the private room was kicked open.

Shu Chen's face was frosty, his eyes cold and piercing.

Indifferently glancing at the crowd, he walked step by step towards Chen Xinyu, exuding gentleness.

"Attending an event and not telling me? What if you get bullied?"

The whole hall fell silent, everyone looking at each other.

Beibei's eyes flickered, and she said casually, holding her red wine, "Are you the useless husband Xinyu married? Indeed, a country bumpkin."

"I heard you've been freeloading off the Chen family for two years and bankrupted them."

"Xinyu had to sell her car and jewelry..."

"Unlike me, my fiancé just gave me a million-dollar ring."

As she spoke, she casually

raised her hand, and the diamond ring sparkled, catching everyone's attention.

People gasped, praising her.

Chen Xinyu's eyes dimmed with envy.

Only Shu Chen remained calm, his tone indifferent.

"Is a million-dollar ring expensive? If Xinyu wants it, I can have the Mourning Auntie of the Canghai Group bring hundreds or thousands of them to you!"

The room fell silent.

People looked at each other, then burst into laughter.

"Oh, I'm dying of laughter."

"Does this guy really think anyone believes him?"

"Still mentioning Mourning Auntie, calling her so intimately? She's the richest woman in the Great Xia. Why would she send you gifts? Do you really think of yourself as the Young Master, responsible for seven or eight of the world's wealthy merchants?"

Endless ridicule followed, even dragging Chen Xinyu into it.

She clenched her palms, surrounded by mocking voices.

This made her hate Shu Chen to the extreme, her eyes full of disgust.

"Have you had enough?" Chen Xinyu roared, her face twisted, staring at Shu Chen.

"Shu, I've had enough of you. Aren't you ashamed?"

"Get out! I don't want to see you for the rest of my life!"

Chen Xinyu was hysterical, her words filled with hatred.

Shu Chen's face remained calm, but a trace of darkness flashed in his eyes.

Two years of marriage, akin to being strangers.

The so-called marriage contract was nothing more than a useless piece of paper!

Despite his status, he could easily annul the marriage and leave.

But recalling the events of his mother's accident, the pursuit by enemies while he carried her and her companions away from the family, gravely injured, saved by a young girl who sheltered him for a night, offering him a bowl of hot porridge and saving his life.

The favor of saving his life was unforgettable.

For years, he tirelessly pursued her whereabouts.

Finally, at the peak of his glory two years ago, he learned she was in Jiang City.

So, in gratitude, he gave up everything, marrying into the Chen family after many twists and turns.

The motivation that sustained him for these two years.

It was the bowl of hot porridge and the radiant smile of the girl.

No matter how excessive Chen Xinyu was, he had to give her one last chance!

After a long silence, he looked at Chen Xinyu indifferently.

"I already know about the company's situation; I can help you."

"You help me?"

Chen Xinyu laughed in frustration, as if hearing a huge joke.

Staring at Shu Chen, full of hatred, she said, "Shu, I'm fed up with you. Aren't you ashamed?"

"Get out! I never want to see you again in my life!"

Chen Xinyu was hysterical, her words full of resentment.

Shu Chen remained silent for a long time, then looked at Chen Xinyu indifferently.

Shu Chen maintained a serene countenance, yet within the depths of his pupils, a hint of obscurity flickered.

Married for two years, but akin to strangers.

The so-called marriage contract was nothing more than a worthless piece of paper!

Today, he had endured far too many hurtful words from Chen Xinyu. Given his status, he could easily annul the marriage and depart in grandeur.

Yet, reflecting on the incident involving his mother and their escape from the family pursued by enemies, he was severely wounded and on the verge of death. Rescued by a young girl, sheltered for a night, and offered a bowl of warm porridge, he narrowly escaped demise. The debt of saving his life remained unforgettable throughout his existence. Over the years, he diligently sought clues about her whereabouts. Finally, at the peak of his glory two years ago, he learned she was in Jiang City. In gratitude, he relinquished everything and married into the Chen family to repay the favor. The driving force that sustained him for these two years was that bowl of warm porridge and the radiant smile of the young girl. Regardless of how excessive Chen Xinyu behaved, he was determined to give her one last chance. After a prolonged silence, he cast a nonchalant glance at Chen Xinyu.

"I'm aware of the company's situation; I can assist you."

"Assist me?"

Chen Xinyu scoffed in exasperation, as if hearing a colossal joke.

Staring at Shu Chen, her eyes filled with resentment.

"You are just a useless, good-for-nothing! Apart from freeloading at home, what else can you do?"

"Conceal that hypocritical facade; it disgusts me."

"The greatest regret of my life is marrying you!"

With each vehement outcry, Chen Xinyu's eyes reddened, venting years of grievances and resentment.

In the past, she was the goddess adored by many. Easily marrying into a wealthy family, she reveled in prosperity and nobility. Little did she know, the old master, for some unknown reason, insisted on her marrying Shu Chen, claiming it was for her own good! Two years later, the truth became apparent. Shortly after their marriage, the old master departed. Two years elapsed, and nothing had changed. The old master's words had become a mockery. Chen Xinyu's heart twisted with regret. At this moment, a graceful and aristocratic young man emerged. Glancing at Chen Xinyu, his eyes filled with greed.

"Are you Shu Chen? I've clarified the situation; you are the pariah everyone despises."

"Since the Chen family has long wanted to kick you out, why not make a deal? I'll give you two million, and you let Chen Xinyu accompany me for a night. What do you think?"

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Divorce!

Arrogant utterances, rebellious demeanor,

The youth exuded an air of disdain.

"Don't hesitate; this is two million! A sum you won't earn in a lifetime."

"I think the cuckold's hat suits you quite well!"


The youth laughed audaciously, casually tossing a black and gold bank card at Shu Chen's feet.

The onlookers reveled in schadenfreude, and Hu Beibei sneered repeatedly. She particularly enjoyed humiliating Chen Xinyu, that wretched woman.

After all, Ye Lei's identity at the scene was the most distinguished.

Even publicly bedding this seductive fox was beyond his control.

Chen Xinyu bit her lip, her gaze flickering.

She had long grown weary of Shu Chen.

Ye Lei, wealthy and young, earning two million in a single night seemed reasonable.

As she was about to speak, Shu Chen coldly smiled and sneered, "Two million, quite a


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