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The Woman Within Me

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After fleeing a forced marriage, Isabela sets out on an exhilarating and enigmatic journey, one that carries unforeseen consequences. A peculiar gift from that tumultuous night prompts her to question her very existence and to tap into her inner reservoir of strength. Resolute, the young woman takes control of her life, determined to gain a fresh perspective. In an unexpected twist of fate, Isabella finds herself working as an assistant to a charismatic CEO who is grappling with amnesia following a grave accident. As they spend time together, their individual stories become intricately entwined, fostering a connection far deeper than either could have anticipated. Amidst a backdrop of suspense, blossoming romance, and heart-stopping action, Isabela and the CEO embark on a journey of discovery—not just of the secrets cloaking their pasts but also of the transformative power of true love. In this tale of personal growth and passion, the protagonists confront daunting challenges and make pivotal decisions that will irrevocably alter the course of their lives. Will Isabela seize her longed-for freedom and carve out her own destiny, or will external pressures dictate her path? This riveting narrative promises to hold readers in suspense until the very last page.


Everyone thinks that being an heiress to a millionaire family makes you happy. In their minds they create a wonderful fantasy life for us that in my case is very far from reality. Despite being the only heiress of one of the most powerful families in my country, I am not only the heir of my parents, but also of my billionaire mafia member and feared grandfather Santiago Sardino. However, I am the most miserable person I can imagine for as long as I can remember.

In the various novels that I have read, rich children like me always do everything they want without caring about anything. They face their parents without fear. I assure you that that is not my case, I am the complete opposite of them, my mother made sure that I was, that is why I am now stuck in this miserable life that they have imposed on me.

  It's been more than six months since I've been living the farce of an imposed marriage. I have no complaints so far. Luis doesn't stop at home. I am immersed in my studies. I visit my grandparents every day after I leave school. For the I took off less to my mother above, I feel happy in my own way, I am free. I just have to last as long as necessary and I will be completely. 

 I will travel, to study what I really like far from everyone, because when this farce ends, my inheritance will be given to me, and I will be able to do whatever I want, at least that's what my father said. And although we don't get along well, he barely talks to me. Many times he stares at me lost in his thoughts and I think I see great sadness in his eyes. 

 Today I had more fun than I usually do in the library doing some work that they sent. I want to get some good grades to see if dad is happy. Plus, if I achieve it, I won't have to study on the weekend and I'll be able to go fishing with my grandparents. I return to my house, it is after nine at night. I'm amazed, when I park the car I see all the lights on. I enter the house, I see Luis who is in the company of the blonde from the plane.

" Good night." I greet without really liking the image, but I don't say anything waiting to see what happens.

" You finally arrived Bella! " Luis stands up when he sees me and approaches me. "Come, meet Vivian, the love of my life."

 I can't believe it, it's one thing for me to have it on the outside, and quite another thing is for me to bring it home. However, since we are a marriage of lies, I breathe heavily and try to smile, as I see her advancing towards me. The blonde looks at me, with a mocking smile, as she extends her hand to me.

" Hello Isabella " she greets with a horrible falsetto voice, and continues speaking with an expression of triumph that does not escape me, and when she finishes speaking I understand the reason. “ I hope that we will be very good friends, now that we are going to live together.”

"What?!" I exclaim, really surprised, I turn to Luis who smiles happily, as if everything was resolved and that makes me angry.

"Yes, Bella, I can't be paying another rent, having this big house," he says cynically, still smiling now, putting an arm around Vivian's shoulders. "You continue living on the first floor, we will occupy the second.”

"Luis, that wasn't in the deal! " Annoying vociferous, this is too much.

"Isabella, don't make me angry! If I tell you we will live together, we will! " He shouts walking towards me threateningly, but I face him.

"I don't agree with this, I have nothing against your relationship, but she won't live here! She won't do it, period! " I shout back firmly.

"Bella, you are seriously bothering me! " He shouts very close to my face, red with fury, as if he wanted to scare me.

"Don't think I'm afraid of you Luis, if you touch me, the deal is over! " I yell back at him in the same way.

 For a moment he stares at me as if he couldn't believe it, that I, the stupid Isabella, am confronting him and contradicting him.

"Are you threatening me, Isabella? " he asks, resuming his threatening attitude.

"Honey, don't act like that. She is just shocked by the news. I told you that you had to discuss it with her first. " Says the blonde with a fake voice. I look at her with a glare.

"Vivian, don't get involved, go up to our room, while I finish talking with Bella.”

 "She's not going to stay here Luis!”


I remain in a state of shock from the recent events, watching Luis ascend the stairs with a triumphant air. He glances back at me once or twice, a smug smile playing on his lips, as if certain I will adhere strictly to his commands. But he is gravely mistaken; I refuse to endure any more from this relationship. I tolerated it only because it didn't clash with my ambitions, but that ends now.

The naive Isabella, who complied with everyone's demands, has ceased to exist at this moment. I should never have consented to marry such a heartless man. I'm sorry, Dad, I truly wanted to assist you, but I will not allow myself to become a victim of abuse. The years of maltreatment at my mother's hands are over. Today marks the end of the line. I am Isabella Sardino, heir not only to my father but also to my formidable grandfather. So, if you wish to disinherit me, so be it. Right now, nothing else matters.

Rising to my feet, I snatch up my bag and dash out. I jump into the car and


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