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The White Moonlight of the Overbearing CEO

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"You saved me, and in gratitude, I've decided to offer myself to you!" Anran simply did a good deed without much thought, but now found herself entangled with this black-bellied iceberg of a man. "No... no need, I'm still young," Anran's heart was racing, waving her hands repeatedly. However, the man was dead serious: "I'll wait for you to grow up." But, isn't your tantrum-throwing behavior a bit too much to handle? We agreed on the cold-faced Yama, the aloof and ascetic demeanor, with an aura as icy as an 8,000-meter iceberg, didn't we? Some brothers wiped away their bitter tears, what's with the tantrums? Prioritizing romance over friendship, betraying friends for favor, and always ready to be fed dog food, they just want to ask, can you return such a brother?

Chapter 1:The opportunity to stay and not regret it is gone once you leave

"Sister, I and he truly love each other. Please, grant us your blessings."

"Anran, listen to me, I love you. I have no feelings for Sijia. We've been together for so long, don't you believe in our relationship?"

"Anran, you need to understand me. I've respected you in our two years together, but I am also a man."

"Woman, do you know the consequences of staying? Once you stay, there's no chance for you to regret it..."


Anran suddenly opened her eyes, sitting up with cold sweat already on her forehead.

It had been a week since it happened, yet she dreamt of that scene again.

The betrayal of her boyfriend Yesheng and her sister Sijia.

And that person...

If you asked her if she regretted it?

She didn't. She didn't regret it at all.

Two years of genuine love with Yesheng, two years of sincere devotion, and in the end...

And Sijia was her sister. Even though they had no blood relation, she treated her like family.

Was this the consequence of her genuine feelings?

"I don't regret it. I don't regret it..."

Anran murmured softly, as if this was the only way to calm her emotions.

*Knock, knock, knock...*

The door was knocked, then pushed open in the next moment.

Sijia stood at the bedroom door in the latest trendy dress, seeing Anran's state, a hint of mockery showed on her face.

"My dear sister, are you really sick?"

Sijia tapped her chin with her small hand, "It seems like it was said that heartbreak is also a kind of sickness, but you really don't have to do this. Yesheng likes me, even if you cry or beg, it's useless. It's better to let go happily. It can also save yourself some dignity. By the way, isn't it said that the best way to end one relationship is to start a new one? Perfect timing, Mom arranged a marriage for you. Mom and Dad are waiting for you in the living room, asked me to come and get you."


Anran raised her head in surprise.

She had just received her college acceptance letter last week, and it was the medical school she had longed for.

After this summer, she would be going to college, so where did this marriage come from?

"Yes, I have to congratulate my sister in advance. Mom has found a good marriage for you."

Sijia finished with a smile and turned to leave.

Anran frowned slightly, got up, and left the bedroom.

In the living room, Father An Youcai had a deep expression, quite different from Mother Sun Xuehui's.

"Why are you crying? I'm doing this for your own good. She's just an adopted daughter. I've raised her till she's eighteen. If it wasn't for me, she'd still be in some remote village, maybe married and having children by now. Where would she find such a good marriage?"

"But Anran got into a prestigious university, and she's going to study medicine. Anran's education brings honor to our family, doesn't it?"

An Youcai tried to persuade his wife.

"I think you're being silly, An Youcai. What good is studying medicine? Do you really think she can bring people back from the dead just because she studies medicine? She's already too late even if she goes to study now. Your mother was killed by her, I'm telling you, she's just a jinx. It was a mistake to bring her back with you. Now I'm correcting that mistake by arranging this good marriage for her. It's a good ending."

Chapter 2: So What?

Anran approached, hearing Sun Xuehui's words, her hands involuntarily clenched into fists.

Her grandmother's death had been because of her, and the pain of it had always been a burden in her heart.

Sun Xuehui's words undeniably reopened the wound in her heart.

"Dad, Mom," Anran walked up to them.

An Youcai, noticing her slightly pale complexion, asked with concern, "Anran, are you feeling unwell? You don't look too good."

Sun Xuehui also scrutinized her with a hint of disdain in her eyes.

"At such a young age, what could possibly be wrong with her? Sit down, we're just discussing matters concerning you," she said, straightening her posture, assuming the demeanor of the head of the household.

"Your father was just discussing the situation of the company. You're also a member of this family now, and you're old enough to know about the family's situation," she continued.

An Youcai cleared his throat, about to speak, but was stopped by a g


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