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The Unwanted Bride's Revenge

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Despite her poor background, Elaine Smith believes she is good enough to become the bride of Alexander Rogers, the CEO of the fastest growing health company in New York. Their court wedding is done and all that is left is the white wedding. Everyone seems to be in support of their marriage..... Everyone except Alexander's proud mother who believes Elaine is a terrible choice for her son, never failing to hurt and frustrate her any chance she gets. And not just her, there's also his ex-girlfriend who believes she is a better replacement as Alexander's bride. Elaine remains by Alexander's side despite everything, determined to endure everything and show how much she loves him..... But after a dangerous threat targeting the life of her struggling parents and her friend, Elaine fearfully decides to divorce Alexander, leaving him completely heartbroken and confused. Years pass by, life throws a twisted fate and they meet again.... Alexander's mother finds herself in a critical position and ONLY Elaine can give her the solution she desperately needs. What happens when two lovers meet again after a painful separation? Will Elaine choose revenge over love? What will the return of the 'new' Elaine bring?

Chapter 1 - Wrong Expectation

Elaine Smith sneezed feverishly, her slightly weak body aching by the force. She pulled the large, thick blanket around her waist closer, shivering as her temperature rose higher.

Resting her back against the soft, huge bed, she stared at the white ceiling above, sighing in frustration at what her life had turned into.

"Do not marry a man if his mother hates you! You will be so frustrated. I don't want that type of life for you, Elaine."

Elaine closed her eyes in slight regret as the words of her mother echoed in her mind. Just eight months ago, her mother, Beatrice Smith, had held her hands tightly, pleading with her to dissolve her engagement to her fiance, Alexander Rogers…..

But she had gone ahead with her own plan, trying to prove to Alexander's mother, Margaret Rogers, that she was good enough for her son.

Truth be told, Alexander had been so good to her, never giving her a reason to worry about anything. He was charming, he was sweet and he was kind.

But his mother was adamant on frustrating her. She had a 'better' wife for him and couldn't wait for her to get out of the way.

Even after their court wedding six months ago, she was still indifferent to their union, refusing to accept her as a member of the Rogers bloodline. Elaine sighed, her lips curving in a sad smile. Truly, she was a miserable bride.

Less than two months into their marriage, Margaret Rogers never failed to show her how much she hated her presence in their home, their massive villa. Elaine couldn't imagine going through this for the rest of her marriage t—

"Elaine!! Elaine!!!...."

Elaine paused, snapping out instantly at the sound of her name echoing outside her bedroom door. The voice got louder with every second that passed which was proof that the owner of that voice was getting closer to her bedroom.

That voice….

Elaine threw the blanket aside and jumped to her feet instantly, almost falling over as her weak body couldn't take such a violent force. She held tightly to a table and gasped for a few seconds to steady her fast heartbeat.

Turning around, she gathered the little strength she had and walked quickly across the room.

Opening her bedroom door and stepping out, she came face to face with the angry glare of her mother-in-law who was ready to pounce on her at any moment. Elaine straightened her back and lifted her head, staring down at Margaret Rogers with an unreadable expression.

Elaine sighed inwardly, preparing for war…..

Margaret Rogers might be the wife to the biggest billionaire in New York when compared to her, the random daughter of her poor parents, but that was not enough reason for her to allow her mother-in-law bully her every single time.

Sometimes, she had to forget the differences in their financial background and speak up for herself.

"Good evening, Mrs Margaret. How may I help you? What brings you here?" Elaine mumbled stiffly.

Margaret scoffed, still glaring at her. "Are you saying I can't go anywhere I want? In my own villa? Do I have to alert you before I come over to my son's chamber?"

Elaine inhaled slowly. "You are twisting my words, Mrs Margaret. That is not what I mean. You hardly come over here when Alexander is at work"

Margaret tapped the end of her shoe on the tiled floor, getting impatient. "I told the Head maid, Priscilla to call you over thirty minutes ago. Why didn't you show up?"

Elaine looked away, remaining silent. What type of answer where you supposed to give when your mother-in-law expected you to join the maids in scrubbing the floors and doing the dishes?

There was nothing wrong in doing those chores, she had done them in the past countless times. She was not looking down on the maids, they were 'normal' human beings too. Elaine knew her mother-in-law was trying to pass across a nasty message to her, proving that she was only worthy to be a maid and not the wife of her son.

"I am talking to you, you peasant! Don't you dare disrespect me!"

Elaine thinned her lips, flinching inwardly at the sound of the word 'peasant'. She had no right to call her that.

"I beg your pardon…." Elaine muttered, the side of her lips set firmly as she felt her anger rise. "....don't ever call me that again. If you do, I'll have no choice but to believe you are insulting and demeaning my parents and I will not take that from you"

"Save your breath!" Margaret yelled, her nostrils flaring up in rage. "Who exactly do you think you are to threaten me?"

Her voice echoed across the empty hallway causing the young maids cleaning down the hall to scurry away in fear of being her next target. The head maid, Priscilla walked down the hall hastily till she reached Mrs Margaret's side.

"Is there a problem, ma?" She asked softly, trying her best to ease the tension in the hallway. "Mr Alexander and your husband will soon be back from the company. It won't be good if they come back to a chaotic ho—"

"Oh, just shut your mouth Priscilla! Are you trying to say I am causing chaos?" Margaret yelled causing the head maid to move away, settling a few steps behind.

Elaine rolled her eyes as those words echoed across the empty hallway. Why did she always think everyone was trying to attack her? She didn't want Alexander to meet her fighting with his mother….

"If there is nothing left to say, I'll take my leave now. I have to rest before my husband returns from wo—" Elaine mumbled with a low voice.

"Your husband?" Margaret burst into a loud laugh, the sound of it irritating Elaine's ears.

What exactly was funny? Elaine wondered, frowning at her mother-in-law.

"I don't care how many days or weeks you've been married to my son, Elaine! Even the sound of your name disgusts me!" Margaret huffed in anger as she rested her plump hands on her rounded hips….

"You will never be welcome into this family. Never! Nobody here really wants you. Alexander is simply blinded by your seductive charm but I will see to it that he gets rid of you. You are way below him and you will always be!"

Elaine exhaled softly, leaning against the wall behind her as her tired body could no longer stand straight.

"Alexander loves me regardless of what you think about me. His father, Mr Frederick is pleased with me. I need nothing more." Elaine whispered as she held Margaret's gaze.

She watched as her mother-in-law's nose flared in rage. "You think you can seduce my son and take over this household, right? You are nothing but a disgusting peasant! A gold digger! Your peasant parents are probably waiting…."

Elaine's head jerked up instantly and her voice moved a decibel lower "Watch what you say, Mrs Margaret! Don't ever talk about my parents that way again unless—"

".....unless what?" Margaret retorted, daring her. "Your peasant parents are probably waiting for you to return with a truckload of riches after seducing my son and stealing his money but that will never happen. Your white wedding will never take place! Go back to your wretched life."

This was the limit. Elaine moved away from the wall, stood straight and glared at the woman in front her…..

"You're absolutely right, Mrs Margaret. But as a gold digger, we are not really different. You were also a wretched peasant before you seduced and married Alexander's father, Mr Frederick Rogers."

Chapter 2 - Into The Darkness

Elaine stared at the face of the woman standing in front of her and she loved what she saw.She watched as the maid, Priscilla covered her mouth in disbelief as those words tumbled out of her lips before focusing her gaze on her mother-in-law once again…Margaret's eyes widened in raw shock and her lips were slightly open. Elaine could tell that she had hit the right spot and she was pleased with her little moment of victory.She had put up with this harsh and terrible woman for a long time just because she was the mother of the man she loved but not anymore. At least, not at this moment!Before Elaine could blink, Margaret rushed forward and grabbed the front of her dress, holding it tightly, her other hand clenched in a fist."How d–dare you? You fool!" Maid Priscilla ran forward immediately "Mrs Margaret, please restrain yourself. It wouldn't be good if Mr Alexander comes home to see this a—&quo


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