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The Tycoon's Lost Child

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Grace Moon, while working on a cruise ship, the black Venus. Meets the handsome billionaire Nickolas Meyer, who immediately sweeps her off her feet. Together they are inseparable until circumstances forces Grace to vanish into the darkness of the night. Feeling devastated and angry Nickolas moves on with his life only for Grace to turn up six months later at his family mansion with a baby bump. When Grace learns about Nickolas engagement she disappears for the second time. Will Nickolas Meyer go after her and her unborn child or will he keep his promise to his Fiancee and put the past behind him?

Chapter 1 The Black Venus

On a cold night in Hamburg, Germany. A cruise ship could be seen making its way into the port of Hamburg. they watched it make a steady approach, she was the Black Venus. She was on a world cruise around the world.

The waves were tossing and beating against her and no one could be seen on deck, just the massive ship swaying from side to side amid the brewing storm. but More than the raging waves outside were the raging emotions of one of the black Venus occupants. Grace was one of the assistants that went everywhere the ship cruised. She was one of the most efficient and trusted employees the ship had.

Mr. Morgan. The owner and a captain of the ship had personally asked for her to be left at the Hamburg harbor, to take care of his private affairs on the ground and would arrange for her to board the next ship coming home.

On any other day, Grace would have been excited at the news to go on land. to have some time to herself, do a bit of shopping, and most importantly walk on solid ground.

Whenever they spent this much time on the sea, She missed the everyday things in life she often took for granted, sitting on a bench at the park, watching people go by, which was her favorite pass time. But today the news came as a shock

she felt dizzy when Mr. Morgan laid out his plan to her. She had more to look forward to on the ship than on land.

After her meeting, she went back to her cabin and cried.

She only had enough time to throw some belongings in a bag before one of the crew members tapped gently at her door. The ship would not be landing at the harbor as per the captain's original plan. She was to jump into a small boat that would take her on land.

She could hardly see from the tears that were threatening to spill over as she followed the crew member to the boat. Her legs felt heavy on the carpeted floor, she kept on hoping only she could bump into Nicko. If only she could explain to him, but thinking about the captain's strict instructions, ‘no one was to know about this arrangement.’ not wanting to break the captain's trust she quietly followed the man in front of her.

As soon as they reached the boat, the man assigned to take land was already panicking, gesturing wildly in an unfamiliar language. Ignoring everything and everyone, settled down on the boat. the midnight air sifting through her clothing like razor blades.

The boat sped away towards the lights in a distance.

She looked back at the big ship behind her, tears running down her face. ‘what was he doing this very moment?’ ‘Was he thinking about her and their future together and would she ever see him again?’ The closer they got to the big lights the further away the Black Venus seemed to be. Already becoming a speck in her memory.

[Six months later]

Grace adjusted her coat one last time and took a deep breath before pressing the bell at No 5 on the hill.

For a while there was silence, then faintly she could hear footsteps in a distance growing closer as they approached the door. She felt a sudden edge to run.

The door swung open, and an elderly man stood looking at her.

“Good afternoon, Miss Moon,” Mr. Monrow smiled at her. “we have been expecting you.”

He reminded grace of her grandfather. He was a warm man with greying hair at the temples, and a round handsome face with permanent laughing lines. Instantly she felt at ease with him as he led her through a long passage.

The outdoors didn’t resemble the indoors. From the outside, the house was intimidating and cold. With a clean lines landscape, manicured lawns, and flawlessly trimmed trees. Everything inside this home was warm and welcoming, although still very big, the Meyer mansion was a family home, with antique pieces and family portraits scattered around, giving the place a traditional character.

Feeling like an intruder, she followed behind the elderly man, until at last, they reached a closed door. He tapped lightly on the door and a deep husky voice from the other side responded.

“Come in James.”

Mr. Monrow opened the door and stepped aside to let her in. she stepped inside a carpeted room. Feeling the sudden change from the marble floor she had been walking on. The last thing she needed was to lose her footing.

The room looked cozy, it was a library with walled books on each side, a blazing fireplace at the corner with a comfortable-looking couch in front. a tall window stood in the middle overlooking the garden. Next to it, there was a bar table laden with drinks and glasses.

Scanning the room she saw the person to whom the voice belonged. There he was. Nickolas Meyer, in the flesh. She let out the air she didn't know she was holding. He was sitting on the couch next to the fire.

He was wearing grey formal pants and a matching sweater, his long legs spread out in front of him, and his hand was playing with the glass he'd been holding, but his eyes never left her face. Those soul-searching eyes. She wanted to hide from his gaze.“Hello Nicko,” she said, suddenly feeling self-conscience but grateful for her oversized coat. “It's good to see you,” she added awkwardly, aware that she did not look the same as the last time he last saw her.


Nickolas hadn’t said a word since Grace stepped foot into the room. He just sat staring, Mesmerized by her, she looked more beautiful than he remembered. She was fuller, her skin was glowing, and even her hair was thicker and glossier.

the break-up hadn’t affected her as much as it had him. He got up from his chair, and stood in front of her, taking her hands in his, he was now towering over her, his face a mixture of confusion and sadness, fighting to keep his smile. He searched her eyes as if looking for answers to his unspoken 'why?' question. He stood so close that grace was afraid that if he took one more step, he would bump right into her.

“Hello Gracie,” he showed her to the couch. His throat was dry, his heart was racing. Grace had such an effect on him. And He hated himself for it. He went straight to the bar and prepared both of them drinks. He gulped down his before he even sat down.


Now that she was seated, she could have a proper look at the man she had been thinking about since she abandoned him on that fateful night.

This man wasn’t the same Nicko she remembered from the ship. This Nicko looked older, tired, and more serious, and drank more.

she felt unsure of why she came. 'You had to see him.' She was wrestling with the voice inside her head again.

he sat next to her on the couch holding her drink. She took it from him and put it on the table in front of her without tasting it.

'He remembered how to make your drink'. the voice was back again.

“We need to talk Nicko,” she said, taking his hand and putting it under her coat.

The blood seemed to drain from his face.

he got up and stepped to the window, tears swelling up inside him, and focused his eyes on the garden outside.

The size of the bump had told him everything he needed to know.

“Is that the reason you disappeared?” he asked miserably, there was a pain in his voice and he looked weary.

It was hard to believe that this was the same billionaire everyone went crazy over.

“No,” she said, “only found out about a month later.” She desperately wanted to explain herself further but his gaze silenced her.

He seemed to be taking in this new information.

He looked at her for some time without saying a word, he opened his mouth as if to say something but thought better of it. Instead, he walked towards the door, gave her one final look, opened the door, he paused.

“James will prepare your room for you downstairs." With that, he was out of the door.

Leaving her alone to take in what just happened.

‘Now that went well.’

" Oh just shut up already." She snapped out loud.

Chapter 2 The Pot of Tea

Grace didn’t know whether she should get up and leave or sit and wait. she couldn’t tell how the meeting with Nicko went. Grace had rehearsed so many conversations with herself for this moment. but now that she was here she was at loss for words. or maybe it was the fact that she did not get the desired response from Nicko? he didn't respond he just...left her. It was as if there was an invisible bridge between the two of them. one was standing on the other side of the bridge shouting to the one on the other side, but could not read the body language of the person on the one side of the bridge.

she knew for a fact that he got the message of what she had come here to convey, but that was about it. he didn't say or show any emotion about how he felt about the news. he didn't say anything at all. she couldn’t read him. He was a closed book.

How easier life had been on the ship. how easy was their communication? they could talk for hours on end, she longed for


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