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The Tycoon's Lost Child

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Grace Moon, while working on a cruise ship, the black Venus. Meets the handsome billionaire Nickolas Meyer, who immediately sweeps her off her feet. Together they are inseparable until circumstances forces Grace to vanish into the darkness of the night. Feeling devastated and angry Nickolas moves on with his life only for Grace to turn up six months later at his family mansion with a baby bump. When Grace learns about Nickolas engagement she disappears for the second time. Will Nickolas Meyer go after her and her unborn child or will he keep his promise to his Fiancee and put the past behind him?



Review after half of the novel

The story feels over complicated. There’s lots of back and forth between the couples. Too much of a dark past without getting to the point. I do hope everything becomes clear and comes to light that no one is left hurt. Some parts of it feel like it wants to be happy ending but life throws you obstacles and they need to overcome them. The writer gets you hooked but as I said lots of back and forth between them

April 30, 2024

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