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The Torn Contract

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Calle Le Granda is a city of bravery. Is a place where no one else dares to step into someone's territory. Is not a city for everybody; this is not a place for the main character in some movies; this is a place where the villains are normal to see. But what if someone got captured in the city? A heiress who is part of the strongest pack of La Mafia Elitia, the Costellano Family. Her fate is to find and protect her majesty, but she got captured in the mysterious city. She then tries to strike a deal with the man who uncovers her identity, but to do that, she must first agree to become his fake wife in exchange for her safety. It was just part of the deal; she was doing this game to be able to go back home to the Calle Le Granda. But in finding her way back home and making sure of her safety, she developed a feeling she shouldn't have. Because the man warned her for the first time, they struck a deal not to fall in love with him, but she did. While keeping her feelings to herself, a sudden war breaks out in the city. She then takes the war that breaks out as a chance to escape, and she finally gets back to the city. Five years passed, and she met him again inside the university wearing those devil smirks. "Escaping to the island doesn’t mean you are now free; remember you tied the knot with me." She got surprised upon seeing the contract she had torn into pieces before she escaped, unscathed. She then realizes she has been fooled by the devil wearing a princely suit.

Chapter 1


Divina Jaslene Prado Point Of View

My two brothers stood by my side as I clutched my fingers tightly. "Again," Travis grumbled. I primed the rifle again and pressed the trigger, holding my breath. My hands shook as I closed my eyes. "Again, Divina!" My face is flushed. Even though my hands ached to brush it away, I couldn't since my elder brothers were keeping a tight eye on me.

"Straighten your back! Your arms! You are pointing at the wrong angle! Again!" It was a hot summer's day. I should be on vacation somewhere else, yet here I am. I'm cramming for my forthcoming college entrance exam. Why should I practice shooting? It's because I'm attending a university for Mafialites, Mafia, and the Elite. Yes, just like that. It seemed unthinkable, but a university like this existed in Calle Le Granda. After all, everyone here is a member of the Mafia. I'm simply grateful I'm fortunate enough to have my family as the city's first priority.

"Again, Divina, your exam is approaching, but the grade you will receive is zero!" I bit my lip and nodded once more. When I failed again, I heard Saidon groan next to me. "Concentrate, Divina," he murmured. "I want to cry and hate, but I can't; they won't let me."

Divina, concentration, concentrate.

I was about to fire my second shot when I noticed Aiken; he winked at me, looked at the shooting target, nodded, and moved slightly behind me. Saidon's forehead is wrinkled like mine.

"What are you doing, Isquierdo?"

"You look tense," he said quietly in my ear.

"What the f*ck are you doing here, Isquierdo?"

Aiken's shrug is still on my back. "Sai just passed me by. What are you doing there?"

"Get out," Saidon said emphatically. Sirius was standing to the side, shaking his head and chuckling. When I saw my brother’s friends, I grimaced; they were nearly complete. "F*ck." I heard Saidon say. "What the f*ck are you doing here? Step back, Aiken," Saidon said solemnly.

"What?" exclaimed Aiken. "I am just teaching your sister most simply because you always make her suffer."

"Mind your own business," Saidon said. It nodded to me; I just heard Aiken moan as he was being taken away from me.

Aiken Henrique Isquierdos Point Of View

When I witnessed Saidon tormenting Divina, I shook my head. I know the admission exam is approaching, but if he just considers quality, his brother will be unable to attend the institution.

"You're putting too much pressure on him, Sai." I shook my head. "You know that's the only time he's holding a real gun." The fool gave me a strange look; he assumed I had a thing for his sister; he didn't know. That is correct. I grinned, but I also got a taste as Sirius looked at me with serious eyes. If I can pass Saidon in the blink of an eye, it'll be a different story when it's Sirius because I'll be struck by lightning.

"The entrance exam is not just an exam at all. My attention was drawn to Salguerro, who was always smoking a cigarette; I secretly took a picture of him in case Aunty asked me for evidence again, but my phone came alive; I was frozen in place when the screen of my iPhone phone cracked."

"D*mn, how many years have I saved him in these slippers?" I think.



"Not again, please!"

I grabbed the hem of Salguerro's dress before he could run. When I passed Sai, both of our eyes widened as I heard Zamorra's laugh. He who knew quickly sprang to mind—me, the one who wanted the pistol next to him. I was able to obtain the pistol because I moved rapidly. Divina had already gone inside, so I knew we were the only ones there. When I raised the rifle, I quickly directed it toward Salguerro, but my eyes expanded in the same way that Divina had.

I almost fired in horror, but Divina reacted fast. He instantly seized the revolver I was carrying and pointed it at him, and as I heard the grass fall to the floor, it was as if I had seen a ghost. The fools immediately collapsed, and I received a hard hit from the Arguillan brothers.

"Shut up, Aiken! You're just insulting me every day!" I shrugged and returned to my iPhone.

"Gone! My iPhone is gone!" I said angrily to Salguerro. "You piece of sh*t! Change it! I worked hard to save up, and then you just throw stones at me with your cheap slippers."

"You! This is not cheap! It's Lacoste!"

"I don't care if it's made of crocodile! Change it or I'll tell Tita!"

"This stupid piece of sh*t!"

But that crazy little incident happened at Divina's entrance exam, and even though she passed, we can't forget that someone dared to point a gun at her. That's not a mistake or coincidence; someone is plotting a dirty game here, and that's why we need to find out who it is—who dares to plot a dirty game on our young master cousins?

Third Person Point Of View

The majority of the professors had their gaze locked on Divina as she walked down the corridor. Divina was not shocked that they seemed to recognize him. He is aware that the administration is hunting for the individual who pointed the pistol at him since there are instructors on the premises who are familiar with his appearance.

He went to the faculty; the university only accepts students once a year. El Granda, unlike traditional schools, does not have grade levels. Yes, they still have a school year; they learn for a year before graduation. They do not have a grade level, but rather a rank. A rating that would show them where they fit in. It's as simple as that, yet the road they follow to achieve a given level is lethal.

"So, Miss Prado, am I right?"

"Yes, sir."

"Your surname is not familiar to me; did you just come here from Calle?"

"Yes, sir."

"I saw your record that you were adopted by the Arguillan family. You are lucky that a family that belongs to the elite adopted you, but well, congratulations on passing the entrance exam. Only you and the six students passed over the fifty students who took the entrance exam." Divina was aware of this because her older brother informed her of the results of the exam.

"Remember what I said, Jas." Divina nodded to Saidon. "Nobody should know that you have a connection to us, nor should V."

"Yes, Sai."

And, no matter what the professor says, she should remember what his brother Saidon stated. That no one knows who she is.

But the trouble is, they don't know anyone else who knows who she is.

Divina Jaslene Prado's Point Of View

"This is the parameter new students should be; you can't go roam around the main campus; you should succeed in your duty here before you go and be with them; you need to follow the rules and regulations; one mistake will take you to a stake; I am saying this for your own sake if you want to graduate and earn a diploma and rank from El Granda University."

At the same time, we both nodded to the professor. We can only travel a few meters; since we passed the admission exam, I expected us to enter right away. But it isn't; their style is distinct. They didn't inform me, dude; they took our electronics. They restrict us from using digital media and from having news outside of the campus. What occurs within the university stays within the university. They are quite close.

Even if there is no news outside, I am not afraid. Because my brother is here, they pledge to find a means to reach me.

"I didn't think this would be the outcome of entering the university. I am just eyeing the diplomas; the certificate is just a trophy for our family. If I succeed in graduating here, I can pay our debt and find a stable job. But if the rules are like this, it's like it's really hard to reach our dreams."

"You are just lucky enough to be aiming for success, whereas I am only here to get away from my family; it appears that the university is a hellish place, but it has now become a haven for me."

I simply listen to my buddies silently. I know that every one of us here has a reason for staying at Calle Le Granda out of so many other places and schools.

"You, Divina? What is your reason for being here?" they asked.

I averted my gaze and placed the luggage on my bed. Even though there were three males and four girls in our room, we shared it. Even yet, the professor insisted on our sharing only one room. The room is large enough to accommodate a family. We have all we need; everything is wonderful. We're merely the only ones here; we're not yet a part of El Granda. We still can't get into the main campus; there are seven of us here, and I've heard that just two will be let in.

"I have the same goal; I want to succeed." in every aspect of my mission. They nodded, but I had the impression they were still waiting for my word. What I desire is a straightforward mission: to discover my cousin's twin.

Don assigned me an assignment that even the underboss and my siblings were unaware of.

All they know is that I want to graduate from El Granda, which is correct. Aside from that, I came here to fulfill a mission. I am a member of the Costellano Family, the upper Mafia of Familia based on Calle Le Granda. The Don sent me to this more difficult and dangerous job not because he wanted me to be in danger, but because he had faith in me.

"Welcome to the El De Grande, a secret place inside the El Granda University. Only the administration and the La Mafia Elitia know about this place. As we select our new two students for the university, we have three stages here for you to be able to pass." We were both staring at the wall-mounted screen. Four men sit at the table, wearing masks and phony voice devices.

They are the ones who create the three phases; they are either members of the Mafia Elitia or the administration itself. But I hope these four men are members of La Mafia Elitia. I can't tell if my two brothers are among them because of the masks on their faces. But if it's one of them, I'm hoping they can find a method for me to succeed in all three levels.

I am confident in my abilities, however, the incident occurred during the admission exam. I don't believe in my adversary, the institution, and I shouldn't believe in my surroundings, either the La Mafia Elitia or the Administration. I should have faith in my one and only self.

"The three stages are simple as they are; we should test your capabilities in terms of dealing with a transaction."

My hair stood on end as I learned about the deal. I understand that such a transaction is not a big problem; after all, Calle Le Granda is a city of Mafia and wealthy families. Everyone who lives here is unusual. When I was born, I already had an acre of land and a stash of lethal weaponry. As the youngest and only female in the family, we inherit it generationally. I didn't get the chance to deal with a transaction.

I understand that doing business with the other Mafia De Familia inside Calle Le Granda is dangerous. Only the underboss, a few of his capos, troops, and allies are responsible for the task. They are now posing as bait because they want us to handle their transactions. My fists were clenched.

"The transaction will take place tonight; each of you will have a deal that needs to be closed, and those who fail to do so will automatically drop out," my companions exclaimed. "Good luck with your transaction; you have a big three-deal, three missions you need to pass to enter El Granda University."

We were speechless when the monitor died. I fixed my gaze on the dead monitor. They informed us via that small screen. My heartbeat was abnormal, and I despised it. This is something I am extremely familiar with.

I'm terrified of the three phases; if I fail, all will be for naught.

Third Person Point Of View

"It's confirmed, sir; the girl is already enrolled at university," I told Mr. Ling, my butler.

"Did she pass the test?"

"The test has not yet begun, sir," I said as I puffed on my cigarette.

"When will they start?"

"Tonight, sir."

I nodded and glanced at her face through the screen coldly. Continue to follow her; we'll get her where she belongs when the time comes."

"Yes, sir."

Machanidas Saidon Arguillan Point Of View

"What are you saying they aren't here?" I said, frowning. I would have grabbed Isquierdo by the collar if Trav hadn't intervened.

"I'm the one bringing the news to you, Sai! You still want to kill me; you're fine!"

"Shut up! Just to the point, why aren't they still here?" I approached him, and he simply shrugged.

"Yes! Here it is! It's as if you didn't grade—" he grumbled and scratched his head as I quickly drew the katana that Zamorra was holding, which Zamorra promptly drew back to me. "I just heard from those in the archery class that they don't have the news yet, which is why I'm asking if you have heard about them."

"The number is out of reach."

"F*ck it! Trace her now!"

"Huh? Is your sister in trouble, Sai?" Isquierdo looked at him.

"I can't reach her out; if the administration does something about her, I swear, I'll bomb this d*mn university!"

When Salguerro chuckled at me, I shot him a dirty look. "You can't, Sai. As if you forget who built this school."


"Maybe they are in El De Grande; you know that secret annex in the university." Mr. Trav.

"You mean that secret passage? We're not allowed there, Trav," I said to my elder brother, shaking my head. "V is still condemned at their house as per punishment; we can't move hastily now. We are still in the missions; we can't risk a move in the eye of the administration."

"But she's there," we murmured, both glancing at Isquierdo. When he gave us the peace sign, I shoved him and seized the GPS tracker from him. "You know, I still can't forget about the abduction that happened before; I planted a tracker on her phone, and even though her phone is powered off, I can still track her."

"Why the f*ck did you just tell me that now?"

"I just remembered now!" said the idiot. I'm not sure why his brain functions the way it does.

"You are a useful idiot," Salguerro said as Isquierdo raised his middle finger at him. Trav sighed as he examined the crimson mark.

"I hope this isn't an administration scheme," he replied solemnly.

I hope so, but if they don't, we're f*cking up now, and I'm at a loss on what to do.

Chapter 2


Divina Jaslene Prado's Point Of View

We've all gotten suited up. We had just been outside for two hours when it occurred to me that I should use this time to call Kuya using my spare phone. Yes, I do have an extra phone. But I'm afraid to use it within the campus since there's a chance that university officials would put a bug in our room. Or it might be anyplace; I couldn't take the chance.

"You have been teaming up with our different commanders per crew of the administration. But it doesn't mean it assures you to close a deal. Don't expect them to do work for you; you are the one who will do the work for them; it's the other way around. Remember to be here on time, in two hours. You only have two hours to succeed in closing a deal."

"That's not enough time for dealing with such a mafia family, damn!" I was also imprisoned for two hours; who knows what may ha


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