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“I’m a man of great restraint Kiera, but seeing you in this black little dress is fucking up every ounce of my self–control. So bad that I don’t mind pinning you against this wall right now and fucking you senseless.” Aiden Everton, an orphan and a poor nobody who was completely despised and disregarded by his wife and his in–laws, had never expected his life to take a drastic turnaround. But after he received a phone call saying he was to take over his late Grandfather’s position as the Head of the powerful Blue Diamond Society, he was no longer known as wretched Aiden Everton, but as Supreme Master Aiden, the Godfather and Guardian of the Society! And everyone wanted to relate with him, including rich heiresses of wealthy empires who fought so hard to become his wife! However, Aiden’s identity had to be kept a secret. But he was going to make sure he got revenge on all those who looked down on him and find out the killers who wiped out his family. Kiera Baldwin, had her life perfectly planned out to the most tinyest-weeniest detail and her agenda definitely didn’t consist of meeting New York’s newest most eligible, rich and handsome bachelor, Aiden Everton And, hold your breath—becoming his legally-wedded wife! How did two completely different people like Kiera and Aiden cross paths and end up reciting solemn matrimonial vows at the altar in the sham of an absurd, contract marriage? Little did Kiera know that she wasn’t getting married to an ordinary man, but to one who hid a big secret! And she wasn’t only signing a contract for marriage but also one of being in constant danger, lies and deceit and the unending wars between her and the rich heiresses. Can Kiera find sense in any of this?

Chapter 1 The Begining

“And make sure you don’t bring her back until her school fees is paid!” The Principal of Oakley Preparatory yelled at Aiden and Hope as they exited the school building.

“It’s okay, Hope. Daddy would find a way to pay up the money and you will go back to school soon and be with all your friends.” Aiden assured his daughter, Hope who was crying profusely seeing that she had been kicked out of school due to her father’s inability to pay up the fees.

Aiden Everton, a twenty–seven year old man who was a nobody and had absolutely no money. Regardless of his average status in the society and his lack of finance, he was still a handsome and very good-looking man. He spent some of his time at the gym, which made him to acquire a chiseled and toned body frame. He had ebony–black hair that was styled in a gelled side–swept hairstyle and had enigmatic aquamarine eyes to compliment them.

He grew up in an orphanage and was told his entire family was wiped out in a fire accident. He is now married to Riley Campbell, the granddaughter of the president of Campbell Enterprises, Lady Elizabeth Campbell. However, Riley wasn’t the mother of Hope. Hope, a seven year old child who’s mother was a lady Aiden had met at a club years ago in College and had a one night stand with her.

She ended up getting pregnant and dumped baby Hope with Aiden the moment she was born. She didn’t want to have anything to do with a poor nobody like Aiden and wasn’t interested in raising his child. And since then, Aiden has been the one responsible for Hope. Even though he didn’t have much, he still tried his best to cater for her needs. And it didn’t help matters that she was diagnosed of a hole in the heart the moment she was born and he has been struggling to meet up with constant medical treatments.

Riley and her family hated Aiden so much because he wasn’t wealthy, they disregarded and treated him like he was a piece of trash. And they extended their hatred to Hope, they disliked her because she wasn’t their own. Reasons why they refused to pay for her fees and her medical bills. Left to them, Riley shouldn’t have married wretched Aiden but because she had gotten pregnant for him while they were dating in college, their family prompted them to get married begrudgingly. That’s because they had a family principle that all babies must not be born out of wedlock.

However, the baby died few days after the marriage.


Hope and Aiden returned back home to the large Campbell family house. Aiden was a bit confused seeing that all the workers were busy with one thing or the other; they were preparing for the celebration that was going to take place at the ceremony tonight. It was Grandmother Lady Elizabeth Campbell’s 75th Birthday party celebration.

Riley was at the center of it all, dishing commands and instructions to the workers, harshly and arrogantly telling them what to do and then she spotted Aiden and Hope entering into the mansion and she walked up to him and the next thing that followed was she landing a resounding slap right across his face.

“Where have you been Aiden? You were supposed to be here an hour ago to mow the lawn, it’s overgrown and we’re having guests this evening!” Riley thundered angrily, scolding Aiden.

Aiden clutched his hurting cheek, “I went to get Hope from school. The principal sent her back home because she was unable to pay her—”

“Shut up, I don’t care.” Riley harshly interrupted. Aiden swallowed down the rest of his words, he was very careful about the words he said around Riley or any member of her family, he didn’t want to offend them. “Have you gotten the money for my twenty–fifth birthday bash? The yatch owners said I have to make my deposit now ahead of time for the rental.” Aiden sighed, Riley only cares about herself and no one else. Where did she expect him to raise 20,000$ just for her birthday celebration on a yatch? She knew he had no money, yet she tasked him with such huge amount of money.

“I don’t have it yet, Riley. I only have enough money to get you a small gift, maybe a necklace pendant.”

Riley’s face immediately went red with anger and a sour scowl fell on her face, “You poor peasant! What do you expect me to do with the filthy, cheap and fake pendant you could possibly get for me?”

“Riley you have to understand that I—”

WHAM! Riley landed another slap on his cheeks, “You’re so poor Aiden, it’s sickening. You can’t even afford the simplest of things? Why can’t you be like other men who would go the extra mile for their wives? You’re a wretched, poor nobody who doesn’t know how to treat a woman!”

Aiden couldn’t believe that Riley would say such to him. He loved her so much and he does know how to go the extra mile for her; just three years ago, Riley had been diagnosed of leukemia and at the time, her family’s business wasn’t making progress as it was now and they weren’t so wealthy. Aiden had singlehandedly taken it upon himself to pay for all the bills incurred from her treatment from the moment she was diagnosed till she recovered, he had borrowed money from friends and loan agencies just to be able to door the 15,000$. He even donated a bone marrow to her!

And now, she claims he doesn’t go the extra mile for her?

Aiden had so much to say to Riley but he quietened down, not wanting to anger her further. “I’m sorry Riley for not being man enough to take care of a beautiful girl like you.” Aiden bowed his head seeking forgiveness.

Riley scoffed, “Sorry for yourself. My rich boyfriend who knows my worth would take care of my birthday bills just as he has taken care of my grandmother’s birthday celebration that you were still unable to cater for.” Riley stated, shamelessly baring her infidelity and Aiden couldn’t protest. He knew Riley slept with other men but dared not oppose her. “And for your punishment, you are uninvited from my grandmother’s celebration. I don’t want to see you or this thing you call a daughter near this house when the celebration is going on.” Riley commanded, her voice soaring loudly.

Aiden drew Hope closer to himself, opening his mouth to defend his daughter, but he shut it back. Riley might decide to extend the punishment and not give her food tonight. Aiden’s hands rested on his daughter’s forehead, his brows creased as he touched her skin. She was having a high temperature.

“I’m so sorry Riley.” Aiden apologized again, however his ego as a man had been brutally bruised by Riley’s sharp tongue.

And in that moment, within a twinkle of an eye, Hope suddenly let go of her father’s hands and collapsed to the floor. Aiden was shocked and puzzled, immediately crouching down beside her unconscious body and began to shake her vigorously.

“Hope! Hope wake up!” He called out to her. “Hope dear, what’s going on?” He called out again and no answer, she had fainted and her body temperature had even increased more than it was a few moments ago when he felt her forehead.

Aiden was panicking, and fright took over him immediately. Something was wrong precious daughter.

“Riley, please help me. We need to take her to the hospital, her body is so hot. Please, Riley.” Aiden begged her fervently and Aiden was left dazed and even more shocked when Riley huffed, walking away from the scene without showing any human sympathy for the little girl who’s life was being threatened. Aiden wondered if she had any human sympathy at all?

Was that how much Riley hated Aiden and his daughter?

Chapter 2 The Resolve

Aiden had managed to carry Hope out of the Campbell mansion and flag down a cab to take her to the hospital. She was rushed in by the emergency unit and taken to a ward for immediate diagnosis. Aiden was asked to wait while the doctors were performing series of tests on her to know what had gone wrong.

Aiden was in the lobby waiting for the diagnosis tobe complete however, he couldn’t sit still. He was pacing to and fro about the room, he was worried and scared. What is something happens to Hope? How would he be able to cope without her?

About an hour later, a nurse entered into the lobby room and walked up to Aiden, “Mr. Aiden, the doctor would like to see you now.” She said and it immediately birthed a wave of anxiety surging within Aiden. This was the moment of truth; he knew deep down that what happened to Hope today was most likely a result of her lingering heart problem.

And he knew it was his fault, he didn’t have enough money to seek a permanent solution


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