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“I’m a man of great restraint Kiera, but seeing you in this black little dress is f*ck*ng up every ounce of my self–control. So bad that I don’t mind pinning you against this wall right now and f*ck*ng you senseless.” Aiden Everton, an orphan and a poor nobody who was completely despised and disregarded by his wife and his in–laws, had never expected his life to take a drastic turnaround. But after he received a phone call saying he was to take over his late Grandfather’s position as the Head of the powerful Blue Diamond Society, he was no longer known as wretched Aiden Everton, but as Supreme Master Aiden, the Godfather and Guardian of the Society! And everyone wanted to relate with him, including rich heiresses of wealthy empires who fought so hard to become his wife! However, Aiden’s identity had to be kept a secret. But he was going to make sure he got revenge on all those who looked down on him and find out the killers who wiped out his family. Kiera Baldwin, had her life perfectly planned out to the most tinyest-weeniest detail and her agenda definitely didn’t consist of meeting New York’s newest most eligible, rich and handsome bachelor, Aiden Everton And, hold your breath—becoming his legally-wedded wife! How did two completely different people like Kiera and Aiden cross paths and end up reciting solemn matrimonial vows at the altar in the sham of an absurd, contract marriage? Little did Kiera know that she wasn’t getting married to an ordinary man, but to one who hid a big secret! And she wasn’t only signing a contract for marriage but also one of being in constant danger, lies and deceit and the unending wars between her and the rich heiresses. Can Kiera find sense in any of this?


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