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The Secret CEO's Daughter

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Mrs. Francois scoffed, her tone laced with skepticism. "Seriously? You will look for the money? How? Is it from the fruit we sell? You can't get such money from it ten years from now!" Anne's eyes widened in disbelief at her mother's words. "And what do you want me to do, mother? Isabella is my child. Do you think I won't do anything just for her to be fine?" Mrs. Francois shook her head, her expression grave. "Stop lying to yourself, Anne. I think it's time to let Albert know about Isabella." Uncle Peter and Anne exchanged a glance, uncertainty flickering in their eyes. "What? You mean I should beg him for money? Never, mother! I won't do such a thing!" Anne spat, her voice trembling with anger. Mrs. Francois sighed heavily. "This is not about you again, Anne. It's about Isabella. Think about her. You can't hide Albert from her life forever because she deserves to know him." Anne narrowed her eyes in disbelief at her mother's words. "Have you forgotten how Albert and I met, mother? Have you? I will never beg him for money to take care of my child!" Uncle Peter attempted to diffuse the tension. "Anne, Ma'am Francois, please calm down," he urged gently. But Mrs. Francois was resolute. "That's it! You're selfish, Anne. Stop using your pain from Albert to stop Isabella from knowing her father. Think about Isabella too and do the right thing. Do it for her sake! Choose between your selfishness and Isabella sight." Will Anne Stick to her selfishness just like her mother said, or reach out to Albert for help? Because what happened between them, is a one night-stand. Dive into the tale of The Secret CEO's Daughter: Revealing many hidden secrets, and sweet revenge.

Chapter 1

"Mother! Please wake up!"

Anne's voice trembled with fear, echoing through the quiet neighborhood as concerned neighbors rushed outside. Amidst the chaos, Anne quickly dialed her Uncle Peter, pleading for him to return immediately.

Aunt Tesera darted into the street, desperately waving down a passing tricycle. As it screeched to a halt, she and Anne carefully lifted Mrs. Francois onto the backseat, Anne's hands trembling as she supported her mother's head.

"Be strong, Anne. We'll get her to the hospital quickly," Aunt Tesera reassured her, her voice a calming presence amidst the turmoil.

The tricycle sped off, wind whipping against their faces as Anne clutched her mother's hand, praying fervently for her to wake up and for the nightmare to end.

At the hospital, the flurry of activity was overwhelming. Doctors and nurses rushed around, their seriousness contrasting with Anne's trembling. They whisked Mrs. Francois away, promising to do everything they could.

Uncle Peter arrived soon after, his face etched with concern. "Anne, how is she?" he asked with worry in his voice.

Anne, her eyes red-rimmed and swollen, could barely speak above a whisper. "We don't know yet, Uncle Peter. They're still with her."

He reached out, offering a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "She's strong, Anne. She'll pull through. You'll see."

Hours passed like a blur, each minute fraught with worry. Finally, a weary-looking doctor emerged from the treatment room. Anne's heart pounded as she rushed forward.

"Is she okay? Please tell me she's going to be okay," Anne implored, desperation lacing her voice.

"Your mother has HIV," the doctor stated solemnly, his words heavy with tension. "Without treatment, it will worsen."

Tears welled up in Anne's eyes as sadness enveloped her. Uncle Peter offered a comforting hand on her shoulder as they absorbed the grim reality.

Just then, Aunt Teresa entered the room, her arms laden with small baskets of fruit. She paused, taking in the somber atmosphere, and gently inquired, "What happened?"

Uncle Peter recounted the diagnosis, and Aunt Teresa's expression softened with sympathy. Turning to Anne, she asked tenderly, "Are you okay?"

Anne shook her head slowly, unable to find the words to express her anguish.

"I don't know where to get the money for the hospital bills and medicine," Anne confessed, with worry.

Aunt Teresa reassured her, offering support. "Don't worry. I can help you find a job."

In the midst of their discussion, Mrs. Francois stirred awake. Anne rushed to her side, sitting beside her with concern etched on her face as her mother weakly called her name.

"Yes, mother?" Anne replied softly, clasping her mother's hand gently.

"Why didn't you tell me you have HIV?" Anne's voice was laced with sadness and confusion.

Tears welled in Mrs. Francois' eyes as she struggled to find the words. "I just didn't want you to worry. I'm sorry, Anne."

Anne's heart ached at her mother's admission. "Don't say that," she whispered, determination shining through her tears. "You will still recover. I will do everything for you."

Mrs. Francois reached out to comfort her daughter, her voice filled with resignation. "You might end up like me while doing everything."

Anne shook her head, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Are you afraid that I will sell myself, just like you did?"

Mrs. Francois met Anne's gaze with a mixture of sorrow and understanding. "You know what?" she said softly.

"All my life, I've regretted what I did. I've ruined a lot of families. I wasn't even able to introduce you to your father," Mrs. Francois confessed, her voice heavy with remorse and she begin to cough, Anne quickly call the doctor.

After some minutes, Aunt Teresa moved closer to Anne. "Hey, Anne."

Anne turned to her, her eyes reflecting her inner turmoil. "Aunt Teresa."

With a sense of seriousness, Aunt Teresa revealed, "I've talked to someone. She wants you to help her at her bar tonight, and she will pay you."

Anne's brows furrowed in confusion. "Bar?"

Aunt Teresa reassured her, "Yes, but you are just going to serve the customers drinks, that's all."

Considering her options, Anne glanced at her mother before agreeing. "Fine! I would do it."

Together, they left for the bar. Upon arrival, the music pulsed through the air, and the dance floor was alive with movement. Colorful lights flashed, adding to the excitement of the scene.

Aunt Teresa greeted the owner, Madam P, with familiarity. Introducing Anne as the girl she had spoken about, Aunt Teresa attempted to ease the tension.

Madam P eyed Anne skeptically, her demeanor wary. Anne, refusing to meet her gaze, remained silent.

Madam P issued a warning, "Make sure you don't give my customers headaches."

Aunt Teresa stepped in to vouch for Anne. "Come on, Madam P. Anne is my sister. She won't do that, trust me."

Madam P's expression softened slightly. "She better not."

The woman handed Anne a uniform to change into, gesturing towards a room where she could do so. Anne glanced at Aunt Teresa, who nodded encouragingly. Collecting the clothes, Anne disappeared into the designated room to change.

When Anne emerged, she found Madam P absent from her post. Adjusting her skirt uncomfortably, Observing Anne's discomfort, "hey Anne! What are you doing? Don't just stand there. Start your job. Act s*xy so you could sell better."

Anne voiced her concerns, "But these clothes are too tight."

Aunt Teresa remained firm. "Stop complaining. I thought you needed money for your mother? Go on, do your job!"

With a heavy heart, Anne reluctantly obeyed Aunt Teresa's instructions and stepped out from behind her.

Meanwhile, Albert Torillo, a billionaire from Manila, was present at the local bar with his best friend and business partner, Daniel Anthony. They had come to Cebu to sort out a business problem, but Albert's personal life was in turmoil after a heated argument with his wife, Marie Torillo, leading to their break up that night.

Daniel nudged Albert playfully. "What about those girls dancing? You can choose one. It's my treat."

Albert shook his head, bemused. "Seriously? No, thank you."

Just then, Madam P sauntered over to their table, greeting them with a flirtatious smile. "Hi handsomes, hope you're enjoying?"

The patrons responded enthusiastically, expressing their satisfaction. One man pointed towards Anne and declared, "I want that one."

Madam P acknowledged his request with a smirk. "Oh, no problem," she replied, before approaching Anne and beckoning her to move forward.

Daniel noticed the situation and intervened, "Hey, Madam P, let her serve us instead."

Madam P, sizing up Daniel and Albert's affluent appearance, smiled and pushed Anne towards Daniel's table. She instructed Anne, "Give them a good time. They're VIP here."

Turning to the other patrons who had initially requested Anne, she reassured them, "I will get you someone prettier than her."

Those patrons acquiesced, expressing their trust in Madam P.

Albert glanced at Anne, who turned to Madam P and reiterated, "This is not part of my job here."

Madam P, puzzled, asked, "What are you saying?"

Anne attempted to clarify, repeating, "I'm just here to serve the customers and get paid, that's what Aunt Teresa said I would be doing here."

Daniel, curious, inquired, "How much is your most expensive drink here?" Albert removed his glasses and looked at Anne waiting for her to respond to Daniel.

Chapter 2

Anne trembled as she gazed at Daniel, and before she could gather her thoughts, Madam P interjected with a brisk, "1000 bucks."

Daniel's decision to purchase the item came with a condition: Anne must be the one to serve them.

Albert, puzzled by Daniel's insistence, questioned his motives.

In a hushed tone, Daniel confided in Albert, "I'm just trying to help her."

Anne, resigned to her fate, accepted her role, "I'll do it because I'm a bartender here."

Madam P seized Anne's arm, insisting, "Why are you resisting? You want money, don't you? So stop this nonsense!"

Anne stood firm, declaring, "I won't do anything immoral, Madam P. I will only serve them drinks!"

Undeterred, Madam P dragged Anne back to her spot, demanding, "What is your problem?"

Anne reiterated her stance, "I'm not working again, so pay me!"

Madam P, frustrated, retorted, "You haven't done anything yet, so if you want payment, stay with them!"

Before Anne cou


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