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Selena the daughter of a wealthy aristocrat fell in love with a poor migrant boy Chris. However, it would be over her father's dead body would he allow such a relationship to go on. Selena falls pregnant and her father did not hesitate to do what he thought was best for his daughter, unfortunately, he lost more than he bargained for. Caleb Thompson was given up for adoption because his grandfather wouldn't accept a mixed-race grandchild into his family. He grew up not knowing who his mother was and spent his entire life at the home of his adoptive parents who barely had enough but gave up the little they had for him. Caleb enters into an arranged marriage with Sophie Fernandez the granddaughter of a wealthy family at a time he was accused of a crime he did not commit, they both needed each other help. Caleb's sudden inheritance gives him leverage but not after he was thrown into a world of revenge, romance, passion, a love triangle, and restoration.



Grandpa Gregory and Grandma Rosaline had gathered in the living room, the comfiest and grand room in their mansion which they built once they earned the status of a billionaire and started hosting high calibers of businessmen, socialites, foreign dignitaries, and politicians

It was their fiftieth wedding anniversary and the highly connected members of the society were invited to the astounding event from the sizzling and well-dressed hosts to their celebrity guests, and luxurious food. It was nothing but perfect according to Rosaline’s standard, and the compliments from her guest made the whole planning and execution worthwhile.

After the invited guest had left, the children and grandchildren together with their spouses were all waiting to present the couple with the gifts they had specially gotten for them to celebrate their anniversary. They all understood the importance the matriarch and patriarch of their family had for gifts and each family member tried to outdo the other with outrageously expensive gifts.

Caleb had joined them in the living room as they waited to present their gifts. He had only been married to Sophie for a month so he had not gotten any gift and was not even aware that they would be celebrating their anniversary. This was because his in-laws hated him and his low-income family background made it more difficult for them to accept him as a part of their family. His status was beneath theirs and compromising was not an option. Therefore, inviting him to the anniversary was not something they would be caught dead doing.

David the oldest child of the family and his wife spared no one. They dehumanized anyone who was not socially high as they were, especially if they hated your guts.

“What gift are you going to give dad and Mum?’ David laughed, intentionally mocking Caleb as he knew he was without a gift.

“You can’t even afford a decent meal talk more of getting someone a gift.” Ella his wife joined her husband and they both roared in laughter. Both couples were two peas in a pod.

Their daughter Kim grimaced; she had never supported her parent’s attitude toward others.

David and Kim were a perfect fit, mannerless and snobbish, both believe they were the IT couple, above everyone, and they made fun of people not minding how hurtful their words were.

Caleb had started to say something when their grandma chided him.

“You may be married to Sophie but to us, you have the status of a servant, you are lowly, so don’t feel you are our son-in-law or act like one. I am just tolerating you.” Rosaline sneered at Caleb her hatred for him visible in her facial features.

Caleb just stared on, short of words, he had never felt so embarrassed in his entire life, he had known he was not liked but the outright spewing of such derogatory words was unexpected.

“Grandma, please be nice.’ Sophie pleaded. Her marriage had become a form of entertainment and joke to her family. Degrading her husband had become a sport for her grandparents and her uncle, his wife Ella included.

“Do yourself a favor, and get rid of him as soon as possible, whatever you were thinking, accepting to marry such a man. Why did you marry such a man who is ill-fitted for you? he is beneath us and you know that.

Sophie, why are you walking in your father's footsteps? Anyway, what is there to expect from you when your father disobeyed me and married your mum, a low life like your husband.” Grandma Rosaline said irritated.

Caleb started walking away; nothing he did was ever pleasing to this family. He was poor but his self-esteem would not be trampled upon by anyone, especially not his stuck-up in-laws

“Caleb, wait,” Sophie his contract wife called but he didn’t stop, staying longer might make him say or do what he would regret later. They managed to always bring out the worst in him.

“Let him go, Sophie, he is not that important,” Ella said with contempt

Sophie was on the verge of saying her mind when her grandma shushed her, she knew better than to go against the one person that can turn her dreams into a nightmare. After all, her marriage to Caleb was faux even though her family was unaware of this.

When fools fall in love

When fools fall in love

Selena knew nothing about love until she met Chris, two hearts became one. However, roadblocks existed that threatened their love. Being a dreamer, she never relented and gave her whole being to the one she fell in love with.

“Your father would never approve of us Selena,” Chris repeated for the second time. He was skeptical and quite unwilling to dive into a relationship even though his heart was already captured by the endearing Selena with her luminous dark eyes and luscious lips.

“Why do you say that, father has never denied me anything,” she whined. “I am daddy’s little girl and he would never say no to me.” Selena smiled. She has always been mesmerized by Chris, to her, he was the most handsome and lovable man in the world. He was all she wanted, nothing else mattered to her, he was an embodiment of all she wanted in a man.

“Hmmm, are you sure about this?” Chris looked doubtful, he understood that humans sometime


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