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The Return Of The Billionaire's Dead Wife

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Chelsea Knights, once thought to be dead, returns to the city she once called home, her heart still bearing the scars of betrayal. With her mischievous son in tow, she seeks revenge against Liam and those who caused her untold suffering. However, she discovers a harrowing secret. On the other hand, Liam Knights, once the love of her life, grapples with the harrowing realization of his mistakes and resolves to win back Chelsea's trust and love at any cost. How will Liam react when he uncovers the brutal truth from five years ago? And will Chelsea ever find it in her heart to love Liam again?

Chapter 1

"Congratulations, Mrs. Knights. You're two months pregnant," the doctor handed the envelope to Chelsea, who was seated in his office.

Chelsea's blue eyes lit up with a bright smile. This was the best news she had ever heard, the news she had been waiting for all her life. Chelsea has been married to Liam Knights for over two years but hasn't been able to conceive a child. Thankfully, now this might save their marriage and make her husband finally love and cherish her.

She flipped strands of golden hair from her oblong face."Thank you so much, Doctor," her pink lips curved in a bright smile.

She picked up her handbag from the desk before exiting the hospital. Outside, her driver was already waiting for her, opening the car door. She got into the backseat, and they were on their way to the mansion. Chelsea relaxed against the seat, feeling butterflies in her belly as she placed her hand on her stomach, rubbing softly.

"I can't wait to have you, baby. You're like a lifesaver. You saved me, my child. You saved my marriage. I'll love and cherish you, both Daddy and I will shower you with so much love," she whispered affectionately to her stomach.

To Chelsea, this was the saving grace for her marriage. For the past two years, her marriage to Liam Knights has been rocky, barely surviving because Liam felt coerced into the marriage by her late uncle. She had apologized countless times on behalf of her uncle, and she hoped this would change his mind since he wanted an heir to the Knights dynasty.

Hopefully, she won't be sleeping in her bedroom tonight but in the master bedroom with her husband. Two weeks into their marriage, Liam had told her to move to the next room, and though heartbroken, she had complied. The only time she was allowed in the master bedroom was when Liam felt like being intimate, but she didn't mind; she would do anything for him.

They reached the mansion, and Chelsea wasted no time getting out of the car. It was evening, and Liam wouldn't be home until later at night. At 23 years, most married ladies preferred to be working or running their businesses, but Chelsea was content being a housewife, as that was what Liam wanted.

She entered the mansion, happily humming her favorite song "To Love". However, her humming trailed off, and a feeling of unease filled the air when she noticed the terrified expressions on the faces of her maids in the kitchen. Quickly, she placed the groceries she had bought and the pregnancy test result on the counter before fixing her gaze on the maids.

"Is something wrong? Why the long faces?" she wondered aloud, unable to bear the suspense. "Someone, say something!"

"It's the boss; we received information that he was rushed to the hospital immediately after he arrived at the company at noon," one of the maids explained hastily.

"Oh my goodness, how did that happen?"

Chelsea's eyes widened in horror, her heart pounding heavily in her chest. She was confused; her husband had been fine when he left for work.

"Why wasn't I informed?"

"You left your phone at home, Mrs. Knights," the maid replied.

"You should have called the driver instead. I'm going to the hospital right now."

She hurried out of the kitchen just in time to hear the sound of footsteps echoing loudly in the living room. The strong scent of feminine cologne assaulted her nostrils, making her curious. Her brow rose in surprise when she saw the all-too-familiar face of Jessica Smith, her husband's ex-girlfriend.

"Jessica," she arched a brow at her, amused and uneasy about her husband's old flame. "What are you doing here?"

Chelsea's eyes roamed Jessica's form from head to toe, and her lips tightened in amusement at the fact that Jessica hadn't changed a bit. She still dressed provocatively and carried herself like a proud peacock. Her lips were painted a dark shade of red, her round face caked with too much foundation, and her boobs in that mini-gown seemed like they were screaming for mercy from the push-up bra.

But why was Jessica here? She had left two years ago, heartbroken when Liam married Chelsea instead. It had broken Liam, but at that moment, he had no other choice but to go through with the wedding.

"It's been, what, two years since I last visited here. Well, what do you think, Chelsea? I'm back in my rightful place. I'm back home, and your evil plans have failed," Jessica snarled, her hazel eyes glistening with mockery as she eyed Chelsea from head to toe.

Chelsea was left dumbfounded, unable to process what Jessica had just uttered before one of her husband's men strode into the living room, carrying two boxes – pink and fashionable boxes that belonged to Jessica.

Ignoring her confused expression, Jessica chuckled darkly at her before making her way towards the couch to sit down. As if being woken up from her daze, Chelsea turned furious eyes to Jessica.

"What are you doing right now, Jessica? This is my house, and you're not welcome here. If you know what's good for you, you'd better take your things and leave this place. Besides, Liam is not here; he's at the hospital."

"Well, I'm here now."

Chelsea froze instantly, her heart thudding heavily in her chest. She knew that baritone voice all too well; it was the voice of her husband. Slowly, she turned, her eyes falling on his knotted tie before cautiously moving to his eyes, which were staring furiously at her.

"I'm here now," he repeated, his intense green eyes never leaving her blue ones. "Are you surprised to see me alive?"

"What do you mean, Liam? Of course, I'm happy to see you back and safe. I'm sorry I didn't come to…"

"Shut up, Chelsea. How dare you try to kill me? How dare you, Chelsea!" A low growl escaped his chest as his eyes smoldered like embers. "The doctor said the breakfast I ate was poisoned, the breakfast you made!"

His harsh words cut through her heart sharply, causing her legs to tremble and move back on their own. This was too much for her. How could he accuse her of such? She shook her head bitterly, trying to keep her tears at bay, but they fell on their own accord.

"What... What is the meaning of this, Liam? I'm your wife, and I love you. You know how much I do. I can't live without you. How can you accuse me of such!" Her voice was hoarse as she desperately tried to keep her emotions in check.

"Oh, for heaven's sake, Chelsea. Stop pretending. You're nothing but an evil person, and you'll pay dearly for everything!"

She desperately wanted to leave, to run away from this nightmare, this pain, but her heart clung tightly like a fool. She couldn't imagine living without Liam; she was sure of it. And she would not leave without clearing her name.

"Look, I'm..." she was about to say something, but Jessica interrupted, getting up from the couch.

"If indeed she's guilty, there must be some sort of evidence somewhere. Why don't we check her room or something," Jessica suggested to Liam.

"Yes, do that. I'm sure you'll see that I'm innocent. Please, Liam, please believe me. I would never do such a thing."

Liam agreed and instructed his guards to search his wife's room. They all arrived in Chelsea's room as the guards wasted no time, ransacking every nook and corner of the room.

Chelsea watched helplessly; her chest felt as though a knife had been plunged into it. How could her husband doubt her? How could he accuse her of trying to murder him?

"We found something, boss," one of the guards announced, raising a small black container.

Chelsea's eyes widened in horror, her head shaking on its own. She was left speechless and confused.

Liam took the container from the guard and inspected it closely. "It's 'venom,' the name of the poison that you used in my meal. The doctor confirmed it."

"No, no, Liam, I'm innocent…"

"Boss, look what we found again," the other guard handed a document to Liam.

Liam's face contorted in a deadly frown; his eyes darkened in fury. He was lost for words. How could Chelsea do this to him? He wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, but, this had broken the camel's back.

Jessica craned her head to catch a glimpse of the contents of the document. Her eyes widened in surprise and horror.

"Oh my, 'how to kill someone,' 'how to transfer the ownership of a company from husband to wife'…"

Chelsea was dumbfounded, and terrified; just like that, her whole life came crashing down, because of something she knew nothing about. How could she defend herself, come out of this? No one will believe her. Without a second thought, she slipped out of the room while Liam was still engrossed in the document and took to her heels.

When she arrived downstairs, the accusing stares of the maids greeted her; they saw her as the devil already, but she was sure someone had set her up. Just as she was about to step out of the mansion, she heard the harsh tone of her husband screaming.

"Get that murderer! Do not let her escape."

Chapter 2

"It's been a week already, and you want to tell me that you don't know where she is? I mean, she just vanished into thin air. Is that it?" Liam snapped at his men.

He was frustrated, finding it hard to believe that on that fateful day, Chelsea had disappeared without a trace. Chelsea had run out of the mansion on foot, so it was quite perplexing that when his men got outside, she was nowhere to be found.

"We're sorry, sir. We're doing everything possible to find her. We won't rest until we find her," Trey, his right-hand man, announced.

"Just go find her, Trey, even if it means turning the whole city of New York upside down. Find that woman and bring her to me."

He dismissed them, before collapsing onto the couch. For the past few days, he hadn't been able to sleep at night; he was restless, needing answers, and Chelsea was the only one who had them. He loosened his tie and threw it on the couch besi


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