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The president's house has a lovely wife

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From a young age, she had to live under the pressure of her stepmother, after her father died of an illness, her stepmother became even more domineering, now because she wants to help her beloved son pay off his debts, he forces her to marrying a man old enough to be his father, what a dream! Such a shameless request, Grainne would honestly rather die. But she did not expect, this time Joyce was really cruel, locking her up for two days and two nights without releasing her, nor giving her any food or drink. When she could escape, she wanted to meet her lover - Brian to run away together but discovered he had an affair, too bitter she spent the night out with a strange man and the unexpected. she was pregnant with that man again, the famous cold, dark president - Carwyn

Chapter 1:

The loud banging on the door, accompanied by Grainne's screams, echoed from upstairs. “Joyle, old lady, open the door, let me go!” Outside the door, her stepmother, Grainne, had an annoyed expression on her face, but still pretended to advise softly: "Grainne, your brother is now being forced to the point of being unable to return home, you can't go home. agree to help for once?" Grainne knew well the character of her stepmother, so she did not fall for the trick, and immediately replied indignantly: "Don't dream! Your son has become an irreparable b*st*rd, don't try to drag me along to die!"

"You b*st*rd, just like your shameless biological mother, just keep your mouth shut, if you don't agree, don't come out!" Joyle cursed for a while and then walked downstairs, ignoring the screams of the person locked inside. Grainne heard her stepmother's footsteps leaving, then angrily kicked on the door and then sat down on the ground, saying nothing more, the tears that had been suppressed for a long time were now pouring out. From a young age, she had to live under the pressure of her stepmother, after her father died of an illness, her stepmother became even more domineering, now because she wants to help her beloved son pay off his debts, he forces her to marrying a man old enough to be his father, what a dream! Such a shameless request, Grainne really would rather die than agree. But she did not expect, this time Joyle was really cruel, locking her up for two days and two nights without releasing her, nor giving her any food or drink. Grainne sat helplessly against the wall, her once plump lips were now dry and cracked, she looked up at the vent in her head, this was her only chance to escape, even if she fell to her death, she could not. so that the mother and daughter can be like that.

She had to run away, to find her childhood boyfriend Brian, never to return to this place called home again. It was also dark, the house was very quiet, perhaps the stepmother was already asleep. Clinging to the ten remaining coins in his pocket, Grainne climbed up the roof vent, tried to push open the rusted window, and found a few scraps of used cloth in the dusty room full of furniture. miscellaneous, tied together to form a rope and then used it to swing out the window, sneaking out the back door. The feeling of touching the ground with her feet made her breathe a sigh of relief, only then did she realize that her hands were in pain, she didn't know when her hands were torn by the iron bar and the window glass, and fresh blood dripped down. Each drop.

Grainne was in so much pain that she gritted her teeth, stretched out her hands, and, imitating the manner her brother in debt normally did to her, pointed his middle finger at the window of his stepmother's dimly lit room and cursed: Joyle, one day the lady will teach you a lesson!” After saying that, she didn't dare to stay long, ran out to Brian, waved to catch a taxi. Taxi fare cost her all the money in her pocket. But looking up to see the 20th floor window still lit, knowing Brian was still not asleep, Grainne felt full of hope and a sweetness of love. She was locked upstairs, her phone was also taken, Brian has not been able to contact her for a few days, so he must be so worried that he can't sleep. Thinking of this, Grainne hurriedly entered the elevator.

She wanted to tell Brian about what had happened the past two days. Tell him how much she loves him. Tell him, from now on, she will only have you... A tinkling sound sounded, reaching the 20th floor, Grainne walked to Brian's door, the door was unlocked, dim light emanating from inside the house. The door was only slightly closed, a slight push was opened, Grainne suddenly saw a pair of yellow high-heeled shoes near the door, startled in her heart, these… were not her shoes. Trying to convince herself not to overthink, Grainne slowly walked into the living room and then into the bedroom.

But a shady sound coming from the bedroom told her that what she feared had come true. “Brother Brian, you take it easy, um… um…” Excited cries hit Grainne's ears, breaking her heart even more. She stood motionless in front of the door, feeling her head buzzing, her empty stomach suddenly constricting, making her nauseous. “Ah… Brian is so ugly… ah, your childhood girlfriend still won't let you touch her?” “Um…” It was Brian's voice: “Honey, why mention her? She's too dry, she said she would only let me on the wedding night, not as attractive as you, ah..." That last sound did not know where to touch the other girl, but made her squeal in excitement.

That conversation was like a spark that ignited the dynamite in Grainne's heart, she angrily pushed open the door and stormed into the room. The scene of s*x in the room met her eyes, the two naked bodies entwined on the bed made Grainne's spirit agitated, making her heart broken, tears immediately flowed. The two people on the bed were startled by Grainne's sudden appearance, panicking in the blankets, covering their bodies.

“Grainne…, why did you come here? My mother said I went out with my classmates.” Brian hugged the blanket and looked at his girlfriend in surprise and panic. "When I go out, do you have fat cats at home?" Grainne choked, trying to hold back her tears, furious. Grainne clenched her fist, just wanted to rush to beat the other couple to death. Then she really did. Grainne took off her dirty running shoes, grabbed one, and threw it straight at Brian's head, right in the heart! “Hey da!” Brian was hit in the head, screaming in agony. “Hey, why did you hit him?” The girl curled up in the blanket immediately stepped out to protect Brian, already knowing the situation and deliberately patting his head. Grainne looked at the girl's messy blonde hair and smeared makeup, and became even more angry: "That red-hoofed chicken, I not only hit him, but I also hit you!" Finally, she took the remaining shoe and threw it at the other girl.

The throw didn't hit, but it was enough to make the girl jump up and shout at Grainne: "A fierce woman like you, who would want? Both rural and lowly, no wonder her man is looking for another girl!" With that, she glared at Grainne. Grainne got angry and rushed over to give her a few slaps, but was stopped by Brian: “Grainne! Don't fight anymore, just right, don't overdo it!" “Am I too much?” Grainne pushed Brian's hand away, the sight of them entwining together just now made her feel so disgusting, now she was scolded, making her extremely angry, she pointed at Brian's face:

"You sneaked me to have an affair. say I'm too much? Brian, do you still have any shame?" Brother…" "Enough!" Brian looked at Grainne, saw that she was a fierce woman who did not know why, how could she compare to the lovely and gentle mistress next to her? He annoyedly interrupted her: "We've known each other for many years, but you won't let me touch one of your fingers, saying it's for the wedding night, I'll tell you the truth, I'm still playing. It's not enough, I don't want to marry you at all, if you still want to be with me, you have to show some sincerity, dedicate yourself to me, wait a few more years, after I have had enough, it will be real. take her."

Grainne really couldn't believe the shameless words that came out of the mouth of the first love boyfriend she loved so deeply! Tears finally flowed out without being able to hold back, she froze for a moment and then stepped forward, slapping the man in the face. "Brian, I'm blind!" Grainne gritted her teeth and finished speaking, walking out barefoot, the cold floor not colder than her heart. How she left Brian's house, she didn't remember, how far she went, where she went, she didn't know.

Because she wanted to be with Brian, she gave up on going to college far away, even though her achievements were very good, she was still willing to stay at a third-class school, the purpose was because she wanted to go to college with him for four years, two who had promised to get married after graduation, but now after graduating, she… Now everything is so ridiculous, so stupid, so stupid! It suddenly rained, Grainne wanted to laugh, laughing at herself too stupid, but when her mouth was raised, tears flowed again. She just wandered about in the night, suddenly a force hit her, and Grainne couldn't stand, and fell to the ground.

"Are you blind..." Grainne was in pain, trying to get up to scold the person who hit her, but before she could finish her sentence, she suddenly saw something wrong with the person in front of her. It was a tall handsome man, wearing a pair of tailored black trousers that accentuated his long legs, and a white shirt that was only half buttoned up, revealing his toned chest. jacket was taken off and draped over his arm, his face contorted, red from drunkenness, looking very uncomfortable. Carwyn Levi was at a party, suddenly felt dizzy, so she wanted to go out for a walk, unexpectedly even more dizzy, temporarily unable to distinguish the direction, so the collision happened, and was about to say sorry. “Hey, bumping into someone without apologizing? Do you know politeness?"

Grainne's anger and resentment now had a place to vent. "Shut up." Carwyn Levi said indignantly that no one had ever dared to say this to him before. He raised his head to look at the brash man standing in front of him. But this strange feeling made him vague, not seeing the girl in front of him clearly, only seeing her lovely lips moving continuously, emitting a seductive voice. Grainne saw this man keep staring at her and angrily waved her hand in front of him, "I'm talking to you, can you hear me?" Waves of heat rose in Carwyn Levi's body, the sight before him made him more uncomfortable, his black eyes seemed to burn.

"You're too noisy." After saying that, Carwyn Levi did not hesitate, reached out and grabbed the chattering girl in front of him, hugged him tightly, savoring the sweetness of her lips. Um… Grainne didn't have time to react, an overwhelming force pressed against her face, clamping down on her lips. Her first kiss… At the VIP room on the rooftop of Hoa Dien Hotel, C city. The yellow light in the room is very soft and warm, on the circular bed in the middle of the room, there are two people entwined, using their bodies to write a love story. “Brian… Don't leave me… Don’t go…” “Brian, why are you doing this to me? I hate you!"

“Um… I love you, Brian.” The girl on the bed spoke vaguely from time to time, hugged the boy tightly, her body constantly moving. The boy's normal sense of reason and cold seriousness are gone, now he just wants to let himself into every corner of the flower garden deep inside the girl, enjoying the pleasure of each wave. surge. A night of debauchery. Blinding light filtered in through the window curtains, Grainne struggled to open her eyes to adjust to the light, rubbed her heavy head and looked at her surroundings, a large glass window covered with curtains. The color of coffee, the furniture in the room is simple but lavish, looks very much like a hotel room, like an apartment of a rich person. Where are you? Grainne struggled to sit up, feeling like she'd just come back from a fight, her whole body aching.

She carefully studied the unfamiliar scene before her, trying to remember what had happened yesterday. She remembers after escaping the house, she went to Brian's house, then saw… The scene of the affair was still touching before her eyes, thinking about it now made Grainne even more painful, if it was only a dream, that would be great! After she left Brian's house, the whole time Brian was confused, did not know where he was going, then seemed to have hit someone...

Not true, was hit by someone! Later… “Ah… My first kiss!” Grainne involuntarily brought her hand to her lips. Having encountered a pervert, suddenly being kissed, Grainne was stunned, her weak body was both hungry and tired, and she could not take it anymore, only seeing darkness in front of her eyes and then fainting. Then what after that? Grainne shook her head, wanting to remember what happened after that, but no matter how hard she tried, she was left unimpressed.

She angrily sat up, suddenly seeing a bright red stain on the pure white bed sheet, she was startled! That's when I realized something was wrong! Reason and consciousness both returned, clothes were scattered everywhere and the red bloodstain on the bed clearly recounted the events of last night. She felt as if the blood in her entire body had frozen solid. Grainne crawled to the ground beside the bed, bowed low, and then frantically hurried to pick up her clothes and put them on, as if to wipe away what had happened last night. “Regards!” She was just getting dressed and was about to leave when the doorbell rang.

Grainne panicked, what to do? Now I can't run anymore if I want to run. People at the door waited for a long time, but no one came to open the door, so they took out their cards and swiped. Grainne looked nervously at the person entering, who was dressed in a neat uniform, a hotel employee. "Ma'am, you're awake, this is left by the guest who came with you." The young waiter spoke very politely, but his eyes could not hide the sarcasm, and after saying that, he held out a yellow bank card. "What is this?"

Grainne was bewildered, not understanding at all. “He said this is your reward, for yesterday.” Remuneration? Remuneration? What does that d*mn b*st*rd see you as? "I don't need it, go away!" “But he said we absolutely had to deliver it to you.” "I told you no need, get out of here!" Grainne was furious and sent the employee away. "Stop!" But when the panicky employee was about to turn around and leave, Grainne called him back.

Grainne pulled everything out of her pocket, finding only one coin left over from yesterday's taxi ride. She gave the coin to the waiter and said: "Give this to that person too, say this is the remuneration I paid him yesterday." Then, despite the bewildered look on the employee's face, Grainne walked out of the room containing her bleak past. On the rooftop of JK Corporation located in the center of Y city, CEO Carwyn Levi is sitting at a beautiful brown desk looking at documents, his handsome and determined face is very leisurely, sometimes holding a pen. signed, seems very familiar with these things. Suddenly the door to the room opened and Simon entered.

Being disturbed suddenly like this, Carwyn Levi showed his discomfort, his eyes turned cold, his brows furrowed, but he didn't pay attention to the person who had just entered and continued to look at the documents. Simon saw that Carwyn Levi didn't care about him, and pretended to lament: "Oh, Emperor Moc is so busy, I have to wait!" After that, he sat down in the swivel chair opposite. Carwyn Levi remained emotionless, didn't raise her head to look up, having known each other for so many years, she didn't need to look to know what this little Simon was trying to do.

Carwyn Levi has always been famous as a cold-faced general, ordinary people are afraid of his extreme cold aura, only his best friend since childhood, Simon, dares to be casual in front of him. Because Simon's father is also a founding senator of the JK corporation, when he was young, he and Carwyn Levi's father took over this country, extremely loyal, made countless merits, is one of the few elders that Carwyn Levi respected. "What is up?"

Chapter 2: "Mommy"

Simon thought he had attracted the attention of the great young master Carwyn Levi, so he was a little proud. He pulled a yellow bank card and a coin from his pocket and placed it on the desk in front of Carwyn Levi. Carwyn Levi recognized the bank card, which was the same thing he had asked Simon this morning to give to the girl he had spent the night with, now why take it back? Simon noticed Carwyn Levi's questioning look and burst out laughing: "Interesting? They'll pay you back, hey, plus a dime for bed expenses."

As he spoke, he pointed to the silver coin that was shining brightly on the table. Carwyn Levi was startled, his cold face showing inexplicable anger mixed with a hint of amusing curiosity. Simon saw the rare expression on the young master Carwyn Levi's face and hurriedly revealed his many stories. "It's also strange, I've always been not close to beautiful women, why suddenly changed to want to enjoy it?"



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