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BLURB Rosalie's life has been a series of ups and downs. Being a girl with plenty of responsibilities to shoulder, she had dropped out of school and went into menial jobs to provide money for her selfish parents. Dylan is a young Billionaire, who hasn't gotten married because ladies were only after his wealth and not the kind of love he believed in. He falls in love with Rosalie at first sight and disguises himself as a pauper to see if she would love him back. He succeeded in winning her heart, but danger lurks at the corner, waiting for the perfect time to strike.

Chapter 1

Sitting on her vintage rocking chair on the balcony, she gazed at her beautiful garden filled with flowers and vegetables. She wondered why she had lost her only source of happiness, and how the wealth of her family had become a burden, instead of a blessing.

She longed to hear the cry and laughter of her grandkids echoing through the mansion, and also to be called “Nana” by her grandkids. Her son, Dylan, had rejected every match she had linked him up with, leaving her dream unfulfilled.

As she approached 70, she felt each day pass by at the breaking of dawn.

“I've introduced Dylan to women from all regions of the world, why won't he choose a wife?” She muttered.

Dylan, impeccably dressed, entered the room and interrupted her as she was mumbling to herself. “They're all after my fortune, Mom,” He explained, offering a reassuring pat on her shoulder.

“I'll find a genuine wife, and you'll have your grandkids,” Dylan said, his eyes laced with concern.

“You should also realize the gray hairs on my head are a symbol of old age, the rays of death can sting at any time…”

“Stop Mom! You are not going anywhere, would you prefer I get married to a woman who would shorten my lifespan, and destroy this empire we have labored for? I promise to get a wife Mom, but I will have to do it my way!” He walked out of the room with guilt glooming all over him.

Dylan got into his mattified black G-Wagon as he zoomed off to work, he was absent-minded and sad, he pondered about the words his mom said to him before he left the house.

“I have to grant my mom her wish before death snatches her away from me, I won’t be able to live with that guilt for the rest of my life.” He muttered to himself, speeding up his car to meet a meeting he was running late for.

He absentmindedly matched his accelerator without looking at the road, lost in his thoughts as he raced through the city of San Francisco with his double-exhaust engine, his mind was occupied with the words of his mom.

“I need to find a good wife.” He muttered to himself.

Trying to cross the road was Rosalie, she was a waitress who was rushing to meet her shift. Her heart was heavy with pressure from family, and how to bail out her younger brother, who got detained by the police. She didn’t notice the mattified G-wagon that was approaching her at speed.

Dylan slammed the brakes, forcing the car to halt, the noise from the screeching tires alerted other road users. Rosalie’s life flashed before her eyes, her pupils dilated in shock as she remained down.

“Are you okay, miss? I’m so sorry, hope you aren’t hurt?” He asked, his heart rate increased as he tried to help her up.

“Don’t worry sir, I’m perfectly okay, I’m sorry, I was a bit absent-minded.” She said, avoiding eye contact.

“Don’t apologize, young lady, I take full responsibility for my actions…” Before he could finish his sentence, Rosalie ran off without giving him a single glance.

“Hey! Let me take you to the hospital for a checkup!” He said loudly, his glance fixed on her, until he slowly lost sight of her.

“Hmm… It's very difficult to see a girl who isn’t interested in getting favors from a rich man in this city.” He muttered to himself as he went back into his car and zoomed off.

Rosalie quickened her pace, as she rushed down to work. Her heart raced fast as she realized she was already 20 minutes late. The Sound of her heels clicking against the pedestrian walkway and the noise from moving vehicles was the only noise she could hear.

As she approached her work building, her body was filled with anxiety, she knew she was in a big mess. The manager isn’t a fan of her and is constantly looking for a way to taunt and query her.

“I guess this is a perfect opportunity for her to do her worst”. She muttered to herself, hoping she wouldn’t be on duty.

She got into the office and the first person she saw was Miss Janet, her annoying manager. Fear and anxiety gripped her as she knew it wouldn’t end well.

“I need to see you in my office now!” The manager said to Rosalie as she walked to her office in anger and haste.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, I’m late again.” She said with her head bowed in guilt.

“What is your excuse this time around? Did your dog swallow a spoon, or did your brother get beaten up again? What is your excuse, Miss Rosalie?” She asked as she smirked in sarcasm.

“I’m sorry, Miss Janet, a car almost…”

“Oh, spare me those fairytales, Rosalie! I’m done with your flimsy excuses, your constant complaints and incompetence are affecting the restaurant.” She said, her voice laced with superiority.

“I understand, Miss Janet, and I apologize, I have been dealing with some issues at home and in life in general.” She said with tears already settled in her eyeballs.

“Well, that is why we are relieving you of your duties, so you can resolve your issues at home, without interfering with your work.” She said as she handed her the sack letter.

Rosalie was mute and didn’t know what to do, she collected her sack letter and headed home. She knew it was coming, but she wasn’t prepared for it.

Being the breadwinner of her family of three, the workload on her was too much, and she didn’t know how to reveal the news to her greedy mom and brother. Ever since she lost her dad, she began to take full responsibility for the house.

All they do is sit at home and wait for her to provide, they don’t support the house in any way.

After a long stroll from the office, she finally got home.

“Ohh, Rosalie! Have you brought the money so we can go arrange for a lawyer who would bail your brother?” Her mom asked.

“Let us go immediately! I don’t want my son to spend another day in that prison.” She uttered, ignoring the look on Rosalie’s face as she picked up her purse so they could head out.

“I lost my job, Mom!” She said in a low tune.

“You did what?” Her mom asked, she sat back on the couch in shock.

“What will happen to my son now? What would be his fate? Why were you careless? Why is it so difficult to maintain a job?” She kept blabbing without being sensitive.

“Have my feelings ever meant anything to you? All I do is provide for this household without any acknowledgment, now I have lost my job and the blame is still on me.” Rosalie said, her voice laced with emotions.

“You are gorgeous Rosalie, you have all the qualities any man would ever desire, yet you rejected a stripper job in the best club in the city….”

“Mom! I will never sell my body to feed you, folks. You can also go to the club and submit your CV.” Rosalie responded, her eyes welled up with tears.

“If my son spends another day in jail, I won’t forgive you. Go and do what your mates are doing to sustain their homes.” She yelled. Her eyes burned with greed and manipulation.

Rosalie ran to her room with tears welling up in her eyes, the sound of her mom's annoying voice echoed through the apartment, her mother’s desperation for wealth had made her lose her virtue as a mom. She didn’t care about her but cared about what she stood to gain.

Rosalie tried to fall asleep amidst the taunts from her mother, her mind drifted back to the near-death experience earlier that day, and the memory of the scene kept coming through her mind, leaving her heart pounding. As she struggled to catch her breath, she heard a loud knock on the door.

“Who could it be at this time of the day? And what do they want?” She muttered.

Chapter 2

The constant knock on the door troubled her, 

She reached out to the door and turned the knob, as the door swung open, she was startled when she saw the person standing behind the door.

“Kelvin?” Rosalie’s voice trembled at the sight of her brother.

“Who bailed you out of jail?” She asked with concerns written all over her face.

“What do you care? If you cared enough, you would have bailed me out as soon as possible.” Kelvin responded, his eyes laced with anger.

“You are so entitled! Can you recall how many times I have bailed you out of jail?” She said as tears welled up her eyeballs.

“My boss bailed me out.” He said, his gaze laced with bitterness as he walked through the door.

“Antonio, the drug lord?” Rosalie asked, her eyes filled with shock. “Why on earth do you still associate yourself with the dangerous Antonio?” Rosalie asked as tension suddenly grew in her.

“You should mind your business and not question…”

“Is that my b


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