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"You can't be my dad, I don't have one. My mom is both my parents." Lily chuckled at Jaden's revelation, her gaze cold. "No, Angel. I swear, you can ask your mom, I'm your father," Jaden insisted, his voice heavy with emotion. "Well, even if my mom agrees, it doesn't change the fact that I don't have a father. I don't need one anyway," Lily interjected, her sass evident in her tone. ************ Susan Eden's life took a tragic turn when her father, her first love and sole provider, passed away in a fatal accident. Before his untimely demise, he selflessly donated his heart to Jaden Clifford, the son of his employer, who was struggling for his life in the ICU. He pleaded that they take care of his only daughter, Susan, which they promised to do. Jaden's mother orchestrated Susan's marriage to her son, despite Jaden's heart beating for another, his college lover, Janet. The union led to a loveless union, characterized by Jaden's glaring infidelity and constant disrespect to Susan. Janet, tired of being a mistress, framed Susan for being promiscuous, which resulted in Jaden divorcing her and ruthlessly ousting her from the mansion, despite the objections of his parents. Susan, unaware of her pregnancy, relocated abroad to pursue her nursing aspirations. Years later, returning to Miami with her daughter, Lily, she radiated resilience and confidence, having transitioned from a gullible and shy girl to a dependable and empowered woman. How would Jaden feel after seeing Susan standing independently and realizing she has a child, who is the same age as how long she had been away?


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