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The poisoned legacy

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Maxwell Jonas is a reputable, young detective living on the shores in a quiet town in Italy with shook the town of New York causes him to lose his family in cold blood.Driven by a new motivation, Maxwell will do anything to uncover the people responsible nad bring their empire down. Everything works in his favour when the husband to the daughter of Walter Bryson, patron of the influential Bryson clan, is found dead and had a resemblance to him. What Will Maxwell do? Would this path end successfully? Does he stand a chance against the power families that control Europe?

Chapter 1

The sun was rising over the peaceful Italian island community as Maxwell led his ten-year-old son, Mateo, to the river's edge. The early morning air was cool and fresh, and the birdsong filled the sky.

Maxwell gestured for Mateo to sit by his side, and with a gentle smile, he handed him a fishing rod. "Let me show you how to fish, my boy," he said, guiding Mateo's hands to hold the rod correctly.

Mateo's eyes lit up with curiosity and excitement as he listened intently to his father's instructions.

"The first thing you need to do," Maxwell explained, "is cast the line into the water. You want to swing the rod behind you and then forward, releasing the line as you do so."

Mateo nodded and followed his father's instructions, but on his first attempt, the line got tangled around the rod. Maxwell chuckled and helped him untangle it. "It takes practice, Mateo. Fishing is a patient game."

"How will I know when a fish bites?" Mateo asked.

Maxwell pointed to the bobber floating on the surface of the water."That bobber is our friend," Maxwell said, his voice warm and soothing. "When a fish takes the bait, it will pull on the line and the bobber will disappear beneath the water. That's when you need to act fast and reel in the line."

Mateo's eyes widened in anticipation. "Do you think we'll catch any fish today?" he asked, his voice full of hope.

Maxwell grinned. "It depends on if the fish are hungry," he replied. "But remember, fishing is not just about catching fish. It's also about spending time with loved ones, enjoying nature, and learning patience. Those are the things that make fishing truly special."

Mateo nodded, understanding dawning on his face. He watched the bobber with renewed focus, willing it to disappear beneath the water.

Suddenly, there was a small splash in the distance. Both father and son's heads snapped up. The bobber was moving, jerking back and forth!

"Quick, Mateo!" Maxwell exclaimed, his voice full of excitement. "Reel it in, son!"

Mateo's hands gripped the fishing rod with newfound confidence, his eyes shining with determination. He began to reel in the line, his arms moving in a fluid, rhythmic motion.

The bobber continued to dance on the surface of the water, and then, suddenly, it vanished! Mateo's heart raced as he pulled in the line with all his might.The fish fought valiantly, thrashing and wriggling on the end of the line. But Mateo refused to let go.

"Almost there," Maxwell encouraged him, a grin spreading across his face.

Mateo strained against the fish, but it was stronger than he expected. As the line continued to jerk and tug, Maxwell saw his son's shoulders start to droop in fatigue. Without hesitation, he stepped forward and took hold of the fishing rod, steadying it against his chest.

"Let me help, Mateo," Maxwell said, his voice calm and reassuring. "This fish is a fighter."

Together, father and son worked in unison, pulling on the fishing line with all their might. Slowly, but surely, the fish began to surface, its glinting scales reflecting the morning sun.

As the fish breached the surface, it let out a powerful thrash, spraying water over the father-son duo. Mateo let out a gasp of awe and excitement as the full size of the fish was revealed.

"Look at that!" Maxwell exclaimed, his eyes wide with admiration. "That's a beauty, isn't it?"

The fish was indeed a magnificent specimen, its body a deep, iridescent green, and its powerful tail shimmering in the sun. It wriggled and writhed, its gills flaring as it tried to escape.

With a deft movement, Maxwell scooped the fish up in his hands, holding it firmly to stop its frantic flapping. Mateo watched in amazement as his father expertly removed the hook from the fish's mouth, leaving it unharmed.

"You did it, Mateo!" Maxwell said, beaming with pride. "Your first catch, and what a catch it is!"

Mateo's face was glowing with joy. "Can we take it home?" he asked eagerly, his eyes fixed on the fish.

Maxwell smiled. "Of course we can, son.”

With the prize catch held tightly in his hands, Maxwell glanced back at his son and smiled. "I bet your mother is going to be thrilled with our catch today, Mateo. And you'll be sure to tell her that you caught this fine fish all on your own, won't you?"

Mateo's chest swelled with pride as he nodded, his excitement palpable. Together, they set off along the well-worn path home. The forest around them seemed to come alive as they walked, the birds chirping merrily and the breeze rustling through the leaves.

As they made their way back to the cabin, Maxwell took a moment to soak in the beauty of their surroundings. The sunlight streamed through the gaps in the trees, creating a dappled pattern on the forest floor. The air was redolent with the earthy scent of damp leaves and moss.

"Your mother and I moved here for moments like this," he said to Mateo, casting a fond glance at his son. "The city was too crowded, too noisy. Here, we can hear ourselves think. And fish," he added with a chuckle.

Mateo grinned, taking in his father's words. He loved this place too.

They reached the edge of the forest and the small, cozy cabin came into view. A wisp of smoke curled from the chimney, signaling that his mother was already preparing breakfast.

Maxwell paused, turning to Mateo with a twinkle in his eye.

 As they approached the cabin, Isabelle emerged from the door, her smile as wide as the sky. She had a tall, lithe figure, with a hint of a pregnant belly peeking out beneath her apron. Her blonde hair, usually tied in a practical bun, had come loose, framing her delicate features and adding to her ethereal beauty.

"Look at you two!" she exclaimed, her voice ringing with joy. "And what have we here?" she asked, her eyes alighting upon the large fish in Maxwell's hands.

"Why, it's a fish, my dear," Maxwell replied with a roguish grin. "A fine catch if I do say so myself. And guess who caught it?" He gestured toward Mateo, who was practically bursting with pride.

Chapter 2

"Really, Mateo?" Isabelle cooed, her eyes shining with admiration. "I'm impressed! This fish is almost as big as you are!" She gently ruffled his hair, eliciting a giggle from the boy.

With a smile, Isabelle turned back to Maxwell.

"Well, then," Isabelle said, brushing a few stray strands of hair from her face, "I suppose we should celebrate our young fisherman's first catch. Breakfast will be extra special today."

Maxwell leaned forward, brushing a tender kiss on Isabelle's cheek. "Indeed it will," he said. "And after breakfast, why don't we take a walk by the river? The weather is perfect for it, and I'm sure Mateo would enjoy showing you where he made his great catch."

Isabelle's smile widened, her gaze shifting between her husband and son.

She nodded, her expression turning slightly serious. "Mr. Brown called.He wanted to know about the investigation"

Maxwell's face shifted to a more thoughtful expression, the cares


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