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The Personal Assistant

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Samuel Trent, following in his accomplished father's footsteps, had risen to the position of CEO at Trent Gold Company. Intelligent, successful, handsome, and wealthy, he had firmly decided to prioritize his career over romantic endeavors for the time being. However, unbeknownst to Samuel, his dedicated personal assistant, Helen Robert, harbored a deep infatuation for him. Her feelings became increasingly evident, especially with the unexpected reappearance of Samuel's ex-girlfriend, who seemed determined to win back his affections. Meanwhile, Samuel's mother eagerly awaited the introduction of his future fiancée to the family, hoping for her son to settle down. In contrast, his persistent ex-girlfriend was willing to go to great lengths to reclaim his heart. The lingering question remained: Would Samuel Trent succumb to the alluring charms of his ex-girlfriend? And could Helen navigate the delicate territory of unrequited love to ultimately capture Samuel's heart?

Chapter 1

Helen's POV

"This can't be the proposal she was going on and on about for more than three weeks with her irritating voice, which always makes my ears ring! Miss Fredrick can't be serious! There are zero benefits or profit behind it, and to tell the truth, if we invest in this, we won't have anything to show for it. We'll lose all our investment without gaining anything from it. I can't venture into this! I'm not interested. Why the hell did I employ her?"

He looked at the documents in the file after I handed them to him. I brought the file from Miss Fredrick, the head of the operations department.

"Call Miss Fredrick on the office line and instruct her to come to my office right now!" he ordered.

"And you, rearrange my schedule for the coming week, cancel that silly appointment with Mr. Albert Nelson, since I'm not interested in investing my money in his business. Also, check my appointments for the day and the documents I gave you a few minutes back. If there are any errors, make the corrections. And call my father on the other line," he ordered.

I nodded as I collected a file from him, and with that, I exited his office.

I called Ms. Fredrick and told her that Mr. Trent needed her in his office.

"Sir, your father is on line two," I said immediately, putting a call through to his father.

"Alright," he replied and took another line.

I began proofreading the documents he had given me. I would call Mr. Nelson last because I knew he would surely want to speak with Mr. Trent. Since he was still busy on the phone with his father and Ms. Fredrick was on her way to his office, he wouldn't appreciate me distracting him with Mr. Nelson's call.

Samuel Trent was my boss, a very famous, rich, and powerful businessman. I had been working with the company for a year and two months. It was not always easy to find a well-paid and decent job in my city. I applied to the company when I saw an ad in a newspaper for a personal assistant role.

Trent Gold company was founded and operated by his father before him. The company is one of the most successful and developed organizations across the globe.

It has a solid foundation, strong partnerships, and well-experienced and trained staff that have taken the company to greater heights. Samuel Trent inherited it and he won't take it lightly if anyone tries to damage the company's image. His personality is like that of a dragon; he has a bad temper and is not always patient.

But there are some amazing things about him. He has a handsome face with a strong jawline. His golden skin could make anyone drool. Samuel Trent had a face that could easily make anyone fall for him. Even an angel could easily fall just by looking at him. I had the biggest crush on my boss, and I found it difficult to stop myself. Samuel Trent is so handsome; it's hard not to have a crush on him.

There's nothing wrong with having a secret crush on a very attractive and handsome man, right? It doesn't matter if he's your boss.

"Ms. Robert, can I go in?" I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard a voice.

Ms. Fredrick was at my desk with a pen and a folder in her hands, looking cold and standing angrily biting her lips.

"Wait a minute, please," I replied, pushing the image of my boss far from my mind.

I called Mr. Trent's line immediately and informed him that she was there. He instructed me to let her in. She opened the door immediately and strolled into the office with her head held high

I hated everything about her. She always thought there was nobody in the company who was up to her standards.

She was tall, fair, and slim. Although she was in her early thirties, she liked younger men like my boss. There was a time when a rumor circulated that the two were dating, but I found it hard to believe. She still looked like a young lady and had the appearance of a model, but she was not his type. The woman was so arrogant and believed she was better than anyone in the company, except Mr. Trent, of course.

I continued with the task given to me by Mr. Trent, making necessary corrections to the documents on my table. I enjoyed what I was doing because it made things easier for Mr. Trent. He had a personal assistant before, but he fired her after a week when she developed feelings for him and started flirting with him in his office. Since then, he had refused to employ another personal assistant.

I was the one doing the job as a personal assistant, along with my secretarial duties, since I had been in the position before. I was happy with that arrangement because I was being paid double my salary until he found another personal assistant.

I hoped he would hire a male personal assistant who wouldn't have a thing for an attractive boss. The ladies always had an uncontrollable desire for him, always wanting to be around him and talk to him. He was truly handsome, one of the most handsome men I had ever seen. His golden skin always attracted me, and I didn't know why.

His mother must be extremely beautiful.

I hadn't seen either of his parents before, although I had seen his father in pictures. Thirty minutes later, I finished proofreading the documents. I was quick to make the necessary corrections since Mr. Trent didn't like it when his employees didn't meet deadlines.

My deadline was 2:00 PM.

Glancing at the wall clock on the left side of my office, I saw it was ten minutes to two. I arranged the documents properly when Ms. Fredrick emerged from his office with a frown and an unpleasant look on her face.

I stood up almost immediately and knocked on his door.

"Come in, Ms. Robert," he said.

His voice was so charming. I couldn't imagine going a day without hearing his voice. I put a smile on my face and walked into the office.

"Here are the documents you asked me to proofread. I've corrected the errors and made the necessary changes. I will get Mr. Nelson on the phone when you're less busy, as I know he will definitely want to speak with you."

"Hmmmm, that's fine, Ms. Robert," he paused, then continued. "I have been thinking about something for a while, Ms. Robert," he adjusted himself in his chair, looking at me. At first, I was scared, but listening to his tone, I realized it was nothing serious.

One thing I had learned about him during my time working here was that his tone was a tell.

I always avoided anything that could make me lose my job. I stayed away from gossip and kept the wrong company. I couldn't afford to lose my job anytime soon. The pay was pretty good, and I had two or more people depending on me.

My mother had lost her job just after I got mine, and she was terribly sick. She couldn't work anymore due to her health. My younger brother was in college, and all eyes were on me. I had been paying for the rent and meeting the family's needs since I got the job.

My rent would expire in the next couple of weeks, and my younger brother had a long list of things he needed for school, including his school fees.

"Would you like to be my personal assistant, and I will employ someone else to take your place?" he said.

I was shocked. I didn't know what to say for a few seconds. Me, as a personal assistant to Mr. Trent? There was no honor greater than that. P.A.s earned a higher salary than basic secretaries, and I could continue with both duties indefinitely. Obviously, I would surely have picked the one with a higher salary because I needed more money than before. Plus, being a personal assistant to Mr. Trent was more than an honor to me. I had all it took to be his personal assistant. I had been doing the job perfectly ever since he terminated the appointment of his former personal assistant. I had the knowledge, skills, and experience, and that was the position I had applied for in the beginning, but someone else had been hired to fill the role. However, since my resume was so impressive, Mr. Trent decided to hire me as his secretary.

"I'm so grateful, Mr. Trent, and I accept," I said with a smile on my face.

He nodded and gestured for me to go back to my office. He didn't talk much, and he always spoke to me when he wanted to give me instructions. He didn't like repeating his words, not just with me, but with everyone around him, including his father, mother, friends, and his ex-girlfriend.

I didn't really want to talk about his ex-girlfriends. He always seemed to attract the most popular celebrities, or they always found themselves surrounding him.

I remembered the last one he dated. He decided to break up with her because she was always complaining and being annoying. She would come to the office whenever she felt like it, without informing him. Mr. Trent didn't appreciate that, and whenever he was done with them, he would send them chocolate with a letter.

I didn't really know when he did that, and I had never asked for it once because I didn't want to lose my job.

I went to my office, feeling excited. I wasn't sure what made me happy—whether it was the new position or something else—but I couldn't contain my excitement about the news I had received from him.

It was my lunchtime, and I needed to grab something to eat. The excitement couldn't suppress the hunger I was feeling at the moment. I changed into my flats and headed to the company's restaurant. I didn't particularly like wearing heels, but I didn't have a choice since Trent Gold had a dress code that had to be followed. Otherwise, one would be out of the company, and finding another job that paid as well would be difficult in the city.

As I left the office, I saw Jennifer Luis, a famous model and Mr. Trent's ex-girlfriend whom he had dumped the day before, walking in.

"What is she doing here?" I asked myself as I headed towards the restaurant.

I was certain Mr. Trent wasn't expecting her in the office, and it seemed unlikely that he had sent for her. Nonetheless, it wasn't my place to question or interfere in his personal matters. I decided to focus on my new role as his personal assistant and do my best to support him in any way I could.

Entering the restaurant, I ordered my meal and found a quiet corner to sit and eat. I knew that with the new position, my responsibilities would increase, and I needed to be prepared for the challenges ahead. I made mental notes of the tasks I needed to accomplish in the coming days and how I could assist Mr. Trent more effectively.

As I savored my lunch, I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride and excitement. Being the personal assistant to such a successful and influential businessman like Samuel Trent was a significant milestone in my career.

Chapter 2

Samuel's POV

I stood up immediately after finishing some documents, ready to call one of my favorite friends for lunch. We had been friends for more than 20 years. We met during our high school days before getting admission to the same university, where we both earned Bachelor's degrees in Accountancy and Master's degrees in Marketing.

As I walked towards the door, I heard a voice.

"Hi, love!" the person greeted me as I headed towards the door.

I turned around slowly to see who the person was, and before I could look at her face, she threw herself at me and pulled me closer for a kiss.

I angrily pulled her away from me.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I yelled at her. I wasn't expecting her to come to my office, and I don't appreciate uninvited visitors.

"I just wanted to surprise you and take you out to spend some time together," she said, smiling at me.

I looked at her in my


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