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the passion of the twins

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The lives of two twins, Lisbeth and Lissett, are involved in a bitter taste when they meet the boy who would change their lives. Both with the illusion of reliving each of their fantasies with him, they embark on a journey of passion, desire and of course an intense war, having to face friends and family. Will the sisters be able to bear this? Will her love for Joseph be stronger than the love they have for each other? Or will the betrayal be stronger than their brotherhood? Joseph will be in a love triangle that will change his life in the least expected way.

Chapter 1. Two.

Joseph .

As I entered Lisbeth's house, I was happy to realize that her mother was not there because she was not the one who opened the door for me, in fact I was glad to keep a copy of the keys for these moments when I feel so lucky.

As I entered Lisbeth's house, I was glad to see that her mother wasn't there because she wasn't the one who opened the door for me, actually I'm glad I have a copy of the keys for these moments when I feel so lucky.

-Lis," I shouted looking towards the living room to see if I could find her.

When I entered the room I was surprised to see her lying on the couch, she looks as beautiful as always, I like it so much when she wears short flannels because I can delight myself with her beautiful waist that turns me on like she has no idea.

I turned the couch around to be in front of her, I bent down and tried to wake her up with kisses on the forehead or on the cheek, causing her to start laughing, waking up to give me that beautiful look that I glorify myself so much.

-Hello beautiful," I said as I roughly kissed her lips.

She looked at me a little confused, maybe because she was just getting up.

-Is something wrong?" I asked, afraid that maybe she was annoyed that I ruined her nap.

-What are you doing here?" he asked, sitting up, brushing his hair out of his face.

-You invited me, silly," I said, tickling my stomach, "Don't you remember," I asked while smiling.

-He said with a chuckle.

His answer didn't convince me completely, however I doubted that he was hiding something from me.

-What about your mom," I asked, standing up again.

-She's not here, she went out to a friend's house," he replied, wiping his hand over his face to remove the remnants of sleep.

-What about your sister," I asked excited by his answer.

-She..." She said thoughtfully, as if she had an idea - She went out - She answered effusively, almost jumping up and down - I don't know exactly where she went but I'm sure she'll be a while - She added quickly.

-So are we alone?" I asked smiling.

-Yes, I think we are," she answered, still looking half asleep.

-Great," I said, thankful that I had come instead of going to Izzy's house.

I unbuttoned my pants, letting them fall down, and stood in my underwear in front of her.

-What are you doing?" she asked surprised.

-Well, I'm taking advantage of the moment," I answered, thinking it was logical.

-But what if someone comes?" she asked naively, as if she was purposely omitting the previous times we did it.

I grabbed his hand and placed it on my bulge, which was slowly increasing in size.

-Do you want me to stop," I asked, knowing very well her answer.

-Lisbeth for some reason began to waver, as if she were someone else.

-I asked, imagining the worst, "Are you sure you're all right," I asked, "It's you, isn't it?

-He answered immediately, caressing my bulge, "It's just that I'm afraid that someone will come," he explained.

-Don't worry, just enjoy -I answered taking her hand, squeezing my bulge -Do you like it -I asked her provoking her more.

-Yes- She answered with her breathing agitated.

-Let me down my boxer - I said directing our little game.

She looked at me surprised, biting her lips with desire to then heed my request, jumping out of my boxer my huge c*ck. Lisbeth didn't take long to take it in both hands, masturbating me just the way I like it, making me moan with pleasure.

-You're so good," I said, looking at the ceiling, restraining myself from writhing in pleasure.

-Am I doing it right?" he asked without taking his eyes off my p*n*s.

-Yes, actually I'd say you're doing better than usual," I mentioned laughing a little, feeling her hands going up and down, and I imagined I was inside her. -Put it in your mouth.

-Are you sure?" she asked hesitantly.

-Come on, don't be afraid," I answered, lowering my gaze, stroking her blonde hair and then taking her by it and guiding her closer to my member.

She opened her mouth, putting only the head inside, making me feel her sucking it and using her tongue,

I pushed my c*ck further inside, making her eat half of my p*n*s, she had an expression of suffering, but I knew she was enjoying it because she wasn't trying to get off, I would say she was looking to get to my balls.

-You are a goddess," I said as I pulled it out and shoved it into her mouth, moving faster and faster, f*ck*ng her mouth like no other day.

She seemed to be gagging, forcing me to stop every so often to let her take a breath.

-You have a very hard c*ck - She commented out of nowhere, going back to sucking it without waiting for an answer from me - I like it so much - She said pulling it out, letting me see a small trickle of saliva connecting her lips with my glans - It feels so good to feel it so hard, throbbing and hitting my tongue - She added with a very exciting voice, taking off her flannel to be left only with the brace.

-Do you like how heavy it is? I asked, grabbing it with one hand.

-She answered, letting out a sigh.

With my member in my hand I started to hit her cheek, making her moan every time my p*n*s hit her.

-Do you like being mine?

-Yes, I love it," she replied, removing her bra with one hand, exposing her large breasts.

I bent down and moved my face between her two breasts, licking her center to excite her even more.

-Keep going," she exclaimed in pleasure.

I began to caress one of her breasts with my hand, while making her squirm with pleasure each time I caressed her nipple with my tongue.

She continued to moan louder and louder, placing her hands between her thighs, tensing her whole body. For my part I grabbed her neck, lifting her head, using my other hand to unbutton her shorts, lowering my head to remove her panties with my teeth, sucking her vagina, playing a little with my tongue, touching her walls.

-Do you like it?" I asked, seeing her so excited that her cheeks were red.

-Yes," she answered, wanting more.

-Do you want me to make you explode with pleasure," I asked, smiling mischievously.

-Yes, please," she begged with bated breath.

I didn't wait for her to continue begging, I did what I like the most and placed my finger inside her vagina, moving in a circular motion until I managed to enter, causing her to moan so loudly that it was possible that the neighbors had heard us. I put it in and took it out penetrating her faster and faster, she moved, giving me to understand that her body wanted more, while I penetrated her with my fingers, I used my mouth to continue sucking her nipple, taking her to the limit.

-Please stop," she begged between moans.

-You wanted this as much as I did, now you'll have to go all the way," I said as excited as she was.

Lisbeth only moaned, writhing in pleasure, looking for a way to get out of my grip.

-I feel like I'm coming," she murmured half-heartedly, making it difficult for her to speak as she felt her muscles tense, feeling my fingers double. I took advantage of the moment to insert a second finger which brought her to the limit, screaming my name with so much pleasure, filling my hand completely with her exciting juice, surrendering on the couch.

I stood up to masturbate in the same way, seeing her there so excited, so beautiful, so desirable, that it was not difficult for me to finish.

-She mentioned, realizing that I was trying to fill her with my milk.

-Shut up," I said, feeling my p*n*s gushing and getting harder than ever, reaching the climax to expel all of my omen through the hole I have in the middle of my glans, splashing all of my semen. I would have enjoyed this moment even more, if her twin sister hadn't come just as I was writhing in c*m.

-Josh!" she exclaimed, walking hurriedly over to where we stood, seeing us half naked.

I tried to cover his member with one hand but no doubt both the stick and my balls were sticking out and even if I used both it was still very showy.

-What the hell are you doing?" he asked slapping me several times.

-Sister, it's not what it looks like," Lisbeth said immediately, standing up to stop her sister, ruining her intentions by choking on the liquid she still had on her face.

-Then explain it to me you f*ck*ng b*tch Why the hell do you have my boyfriend's milk Swept on your face?

At that moment the hairs on my arm stood up, my heart almost froze, I looked with wide eyes at who I thought was Lisbeth but in reality it was her twin sister Lissette.

-You tricked me," I said angrily, pulling up her underwear and pants.

-I'm sorry, I got carried away by the moment and it's just that actually I've always liked you but you started dating my sister and I couldn't get into your relationship, and suddenly today you come in so horny wanting to have s*x with my sister that I took advantage of that and me.

Lisbeth, the real Lisbeth slapped Lissette hard, knocking her back on the couch.

-You are the worst sister in the world," she said angrily.

I looked at her disappointed, feeling used.

Lisbeth took me by the hand leading me with her to the entrance.

-It's better for you to leave," she said, still unable to accept the situation.

-You know it wasn't my fault, she lied to me - I said trying to defend myself somehow.

-I don't want to talk to you Josh" He said pushing me out of his house.

-You know I'm just another victim- I yelled, placing my head on his door, feeling so frustrated, wishing I never left the house today, feeling so guilty about Lisbeth- I should have gone to visit Izzy- I muttered overwhelmed, not knowing how I would go about fixing this problem. " D*mn!".

Chapter 2. Six months ago.

POV: Joseph.


-We're about to leave, you can't drop out," exclaimed Izzy almost worried as we walked into the university.

-I didn't say I'm going to drop out, I said I'm going to freeze it for a while, besides it's not even a decision, it's just something I'm considering," I answered immediately to try to calm his nerves.

-Drop out, freeze, it's the same thing, most people say they are only going to freeze for half a year and end up studying another career, getting married, having kids - there it was, Izzy had just used her special ability: Exaggerate.

-I'm not going to do any of that," I replied amused.

-When we started studying you told me that you were going to accompany me until the end of the course, that was the purpose of studying together, that neither of us would give up, to force us to reach the end, but now you tell me that we always don't.

-I doubt


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