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  • Author: Gab
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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The plot: Beginning: It all begins with Cronos being woken up by his aunt, who has taken care of him after the death of his parents, we are given to understand that he has not left the house for a long time and that now his aunt forces him because I left the past back and do something with his life, Cronos gets upset but nevertheless pays attention to him, all in order not to continue arguing, he explains how difficult it is to please his aunt, because it seems that it is not enough for him that he is the one who contributes the money in the house . When leaving, he meets some girls from his school who whisper things about him, before arriving at school and seeing those girls seen, he realizes that he was not wearing the uniform, he began to debate what he would do to conclude that possibly the director would let it pass without any problem. Upon arriving at school, he is detained by the guard who explains that he cannot entering without a uniform, Cronos asks to speak to the director who gives him a spare uniform, which ends up being too short for him. In his first class of the day he is mesmerized by the beauty of Noah, who rather catches his attention for his attitude, at the end of the class Cronos decides to talk to him but she is very defensive with him, he begs her to accompany him to a more solitary place and she accepts to get rid of him without further ado, there he declares what causes her to laugh thinking about how stupid he is, they end up talking things over, Noah explains that it can't be anything from a stranger and Cronos replies that everyone starts out as strangers, she laughs and asks for at least some time to think about it, he accepts and stays there in the swimming field, hoping that the answer he takes is a yes. Development: After everything that happens on the first day, Noah continues not to take Cronos' words seriously, postponing his answer every time he can, until he ends up coming home one morning, proposing that he take her to class, Noah Annoyed and yells at Cronos that if he continues to be so weird he will seek a restraining order, she begins to avoid him while Cronos tries to subtly get into her life in order to help her and make her understand that although her love may not seem true, it is one one of the most real loves that she will know, he shares a little of his story with her because Noah never wanted to make their relationship tense, that's why he never investigated on his own. Climax: Noah decides to tell Cronos the truth about why she can't be with him and because she is abused by her stepfather, Cronos is devastated and tries to get Noah and his mother out of that house but this ends in a bigger problem because Noah He gets upset when he feels that Cronos does it out of mere pity, accepting his help for not having any other solution, he begs her to forgive him but Noah decides to distance himself by making his life apart, trying to create a relationship with another boy. Cronos for his part is killed by the press who already know that he has flown to the real world, harass him with questions regarding the death of his parents, he falls into depression again, entering his house, where he fights with his aunt and his cousins. Ending: In the end both meet again, one day before the start of the classes, the two realize that they are studying together again, Cronos confesses his love for Noah again and he accepts without any regret, wanting to share his misfortunes but also his happiness. Main conflicts: Noah's insecurity before herself does not allow her to believe that the love Cronos feels for her is true, which causes her to distance herself. Cronos' problem with his past and how at first he only sees Noah as an escape from all this but then he realizes that he actually likes her enough to make a life together. Noah's stepfather who abuses her, threatening to kill her mother. Cronos falling back into depression for feeling that he disappointed himself and his parents because despite the fact that he tried, he felt that he had come to nothing.


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