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The painful desire

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She is the prophecy lady, you don't want to be on her bad side. Aria has special powers that she only seems to be able to control only of she is with her soul mate but with every other person, she loses them. Her best friend wants her and he is ready to do anything to have even forcing her to parties and getting her drunk on purpose just to have her and bring out the demon in her. Thrown in between them, she will have to pick between being good with her mate or turning into the beast her best friend want her.

Chapter 1


Ambrose was full of fury by the time he got to school, watching the love of his life disappear with that guy was annoying enough, but seeing the two girls that have hurt her got him madder.

He noticed they were in crutches but he didn't care, they still touch her, he stormed towards them and slammed one of them against the locker she was standing in front of "how dare you touch her?" He roared

"Who gave you guys the permission to touch her" he poked you the second lady hard on her shoulder

The two ladies were taken aback because truly they have confronted her but they are the one in crutches not her "what is your own in this, she doesn't even notice your feelings for her" Becky boldly replied

Her words didn't even affect him because he knows the truth, even if her werewolf side doesn't want him, her vampire side does do and he is going to make her embrace that side.

"I won't say it again, you guys touch her again and face my wrath" he threatened with a serious expression on his face

"Don't you see what she did to us, aren't you scared of what she might do to you" Nicky replied

It was obvious this two ladies are scared of their life and what she has done to them "I won't say it again, touch her and the two of you will be died"

"She isn't a human, she is a demon Ambrose, you too have to stay away from her"

Ambrose pretended he doesn't understand what they were talking about "what do you mean, she is human like us" he defended

"Assuming you are right, how come we are the one wounded and not her, we spent the rest of our evening in a f*ck*ng hospital and she only went home to rest" Nicky clarifies

"Maybe you ladies attack her not knowing she will be stronger that you both" he answered

Brenda scoffed "are you that blinded with love that you can't see the truth, Aria is a demon, she can kill you without even touching you" she said with horror in her face

"You are just saying that because she won against you two" he replied moving back away from them

"Don't day we didn't warn you" Becky told him grabbing Nicky hands as they hurry away from him

Ambrose watched their retreating figure, he wondered how Aria could be so careless that she has showed her real self to this two, they can bring danger to her if they tell who they aren't supposed to tell, he promised himself he was going to take care of them later but his mind is on what the two mates could be doing at the moment, he wished he was the one with her and not him.

He didn't concentrate in class throughout the whole day, he just want them over so that he can go back and get her away from him, immediately the bell rang, he flung his bag on his shoulder aggressively and hurried out of the school towards his car.

The drive to her place or Alex place was fast because he has speed up, he didn't bother to knock as he barged into the house "this is really becoming an habit to you, barging into someone else house without knocking" Alex scold seeing he was the one again, thanks goodness Aria is upstairs changing her outfit

"Maybe because you are keeping something that isn't yours" he replied him back in the same tone

"None of your things is here last I checked and I will appreciate if you stop barging into my house or rather still if you don't come here again" he said letting him know he doesn't appreciate him being around his mate at all

"She was mine before you come along, I won't watch you take her away from me" Ambrose voiced out his opinion to Alex

"You are just her friend but she is my girlfriend and as you can see, she loves me and she won't want you " he sneered

Ambrose wanted to hit him for getting on his nerves but he didn't want to get on Aria bad side Aria bad side as he doesn't want to lose her "watch and see how I take her away from you" he declared with a sadist smile on his face

"What are you doing here again Ambrose" Aria asked seeing him as she walked down the stairs

"I wondered too" Alex replied silently for him to hear

"I came to check on you to see how you are doing now" he replied hugging her

"How is school, I am sure I didn't miss much" she replied as she hugged him back

"You didn't, it was boring as usual" he replied not mentioning his confrontation with the two ladies at school today

"You didn't need to come here again, I am fine now and I will also be in school tomorrow" she answered as Alex came to her side and hugging her waist possessively

Ambrose caught sight of it with his side look but didn't say anything "if you are really okay, should I take you out like I normally do" he asked just to get her away from him

"That is not a good suggestion, she still need to take some rest as she will be in school tomorrow" Alex replied

"I wasn't asking you" he said angrily letting his temper out

"She is my girlfriend, I should know what is right for her" Alex fired back

"You both don't need to fight for me, Ambrose I know you want me to go out but Alex is right, if I am going to be in school tomorrow, I should rest today" aria answered, moreover she was still sore from earlier.

"Are you saying that because you are trying to take his side because he is your boyfriend" he questioned her

Alex throw a triumphant grin at Ambrose letting him know he will always matter the most to her.

"No, you are my best friend and I am not picking side, don't worry, I will go out with you tomorrow" she promised him

Alex smirked because he knew in his heart he is going to get her occupied tomorrow gat she won't remember that she has promised to be with him "can you ow leave my house now" he asked

"Don't be rude, he is my friend"

"But this is my house" he replied

"If you don't want my best friend here, it means you don't want me too" Aria replied pouting her lips at him

"Baby Common, this is like our small apartment, our house, why won't I want you here with me, by my side, on our bed" he said the last part on purpose as he glared at Ambrose

Aria not understanding what is going on turned pink by his words as she playfully hit his shoulder "you don't have to say that last part especially in front of my best friend"

"You are my girlfriend who I will one day get married to and he is your best friend, there is nothing to hide" he answered

"All those information is clearly not necessary" he replied

"You see, I told you" she hit him again "let me go prepare something so you can eat before you go" she added

"He is going to eat here again" Alex asked dumbfounded "he ate here this morning"

"What has come over you" she eyed him "he is our guest"

Ambrose mocked Alex who seem to lost the battle as he doesn't know what to say and Aria went to cook "just so you know, you aren't welcome here" Alex said

"I don't understand what you are talking about seeing someone is in there preparing me a delicacy"

"Don't press your luck any further, this is my house and it's my rules" he stormed back

Ambrose gave a wicked laugh "if you don't want to see me again in your life, you know what to do and I will be glad if you do it"

"You are dreaming if you ever think I will let her go especially to someone like you"

"And what does that make you, you don't even know her like I do, she is more free with me than you"

"You are only saying that to make yourself happy" he replied

Aria came to where they are and they both pretended they just haven't been at each other necks "are you guys getting along well, I even thought you both will be playing some games by now"

"I don't want to bored your guest with my expensive game" Alex replied sarcastically

"He is just afraid I might beat him in his own expensive game" Ambrose replied too

Aria looked between the two guys and shook her head, these two guys will never get along properly unless she does something about it.

Chapter 2

The following morning, Alex was glad Ambrose didn't barged into his house again as he was with his people getting ready to go to school.

"Are you sure you are fit to go to school today" Alex asked with a worried expression on his face, he doesn't want his girlfriend to be bullied again all because of him

"I am fine from the damage those two devils caused but I am sore from yesterday morning and night" she answered flushed

"You can stay home if you want" he quickly replied

"If I stay home, you will want to and it is going to be a different story because I know I won't be able to walk for a month"

"You don't complain during the course of action, yet you are complaining now"

"I am not babe, I am just stating how dangerous it's going to be if I stay home again with you today" she smiled at him

"You love it"

"That I can't lie about, I lo


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