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The Mafia's Pet

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They said the money can control the world and that's the truth. Being a mafia lord, you can have everything you wanted in just one snap of your finger and that's what defines Uno Rivera. A gangster leader bought Jill Agustin as a payment for his Uncle Danilo's huge debt to him. Jill is innocent, pretty, and smart but for Uno, she's only one of his collateral damage what if Marcus Aurelius came back, his biggest business rival, and will fall to his pet, will Uno let him take her or Jill won't be anyone else pet but exclusive only for him. Did he fall for her too or just part of the business?

Chapter 1 Prologue

Jill is on her way to work when a muscled man blocks her in the hallway of their street asking her name.

"Are you Jill Agustin?" He simply asks her while starting her from head to toe.

She gulps a bit with confusion because it's her first time seeing the man who was standing in front of her.

"I'm sorry sir but why you're looking for me?" She asked him but the big man didn't say anything.

Before Jill could recognize the man's identity, he was gone from her sight like magic.

She just shook her head and decided to forget about it. She is a staff at Bro Cafe. She starts at 6 in the morning and finishes her shift at 1 in the afternoon. She also taking night classes at St. Barbara College.

"Jill, what's wrong? You look pale!", Arl asked and noticed after she arrived.

Arl is the same age as her and he also has a secret admiration for her as well. He's her partner during the day shift.

Before answering her friend, she placed her backpack in her locker and went to the counter.

" I'm okay but something isn't right today. Someone asked my name but after I told him that it was me, he just disappeared! Weird." She mumbled while putting on her apron.

"Yeah, weird." Arl simply said and began to entertain their new customer.


Uno is having breakfast when Dilan came, one of his bouncers. He's wearing round sunglasses. His left eye was taken by his last boss Marius as his punishment for abandoning his gang but he's lucky that Uno took him and made a deal with his boss. Now, Dilan is one of his most loyal bouncers.

He signals him to come closer when Uno saw him entering the gate. He's having his breakfast near the pool. It's too sunny so both of them are wearing sunglasses.

"Good morning, sir. Positive! The old man has a niece. I bumped at her this morning.".

After Uno heard this news from Dilan, he immediately makes phone calls to his men to take the girl as collateral.


One day later...

Jill felt that something is hovering above her with a hard thing in between her legs. Her eyes were tightly closed from a deep sleep but she tried her best to stretch them wide open just to find out what is it.

Her eyes widened to see a man above her and about to scream when he quickly covered it with his heavy hands.

" Don't scream or else, I won't let you out of my room!"

At first, she doesn't know what he meant but after she slowly recalled what happened the other day, she then realized that this guy took her by force inside her uncle's house. His face looks firm and his eyes were cold but calm. His voice sounded like a lion, very primal.

" I'll take my hands but promise me you won't scream, understand?" He asked me in his cold tone.

Jill hastily obeyed his order. She doesn't want to die in this man's hands.

Uno stayed above her. She could feel the hard muscle trying to get in between her legs and that made her body tremble. Her tension rises when the mafia boss places his right hand under her skirt. She bit her lower lip when she felt that his fingers were moving near her thigh. He will gonna r*p* her so she started kicking him with her legs but he won't budge.

"You're mine now so stay still!" He commanded her.

"No! Please let me go! Don't do this to me. Help!!!"

She went on screaming and it made Uno irritated so he called him outside to get a rope.

Jill saw two men go inside and started to bind both her hands and feet on every corner of the bed. Uno get off her and stayed beside her while crossing his arms around his chest. Being helpless, she suddenly burst into tears.

"Leave now," Uno ordered them and they were alone again.

He walked closer and gently touch her face. It's a touch of a caring man. He rubs her face so smoothly that he started to sympathize with her but it's only inside her head.

Jill woke up when she felt a sting on her face. Someone slapped her hard and he was the man who tried to get the advantage of her earlier.

"This is your first day with me so I'll be nice. If you want to go home, tell your Uncle to pay me, understand?!?"

Jill was startled when he shouted at her. She finally realized that her uncle arranged a deal with this man and she was his payment. She was his collateral damage. When Uno left her, she was still in denial. She laughed at first and then began crying. She doesn't get it. Yesterday, she was taking her night classes, and then when she was about to go to her day shift at the Bro Cafe, four men forcefully drags her to get inside a black Mitsubishi van, and after inhaling something like a chemical, she started to feel dizzy until she is hardly breath.

"Please, let me go! I want to go home! Please!", she shouted one last time but Uno just ignored her and left her inside his room.



I don't know what to do with this girl. She's still young but Danilo betrayed me by finding a hole to hide his huge debt and I won't tolerate that kind of behavior. His niece will suffer. If he pays, she'll be free.

I took one tobacco inside my pocket and began to smoke. I am at my office. I want to erase the tension building up inside my body too because it's my first time bringing a girl inside my house, and my room. I place my tobacco on the ashtray and decided to call Danilo.

" Are we okay? Make sure to pay me back or else, I'll punish the girl."

It's my warning to him. I set a wild grin on my face while thinking about what to do to her. I don't want to take her, I just wanted to play with her besides she's mine now; my property.

Chapter 2

Today is collection day. Stalls, cafes, clubs, street vendors, restaurant owners, and gamblers rush to prepare their money from their vaults, wallets, banks, and pockets to pay their collectors, and one of them was Danilo.

Danilo Agustin, a jobless citizen of Los Angeles, California runs inside his house while looking for his niece Jill.

"Jill, where the hell are you? Hurry!", his voice sounded like thunder making her startled from her sleep.

With her messy hair and drowsy eyes, she rushes outside to answer her uncle's sudden call. She looks like a zombie too in her lazy walk and crumpled white sleeping gown.

" Yes, uncle? What do you want? I woke up earlier to prepare our breakfast. The food is on the table." She softly replied while rubbing her eyes but she was surprised when her uncle grabs her hair angrily.

"Ahhh!!! Uncle it hurts!", she screamed while battling off from her uncle's grip on her hair. She co


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