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SYNOPSIS. “You are mine. I own you. Nobody… no one, gets to know how you taste. I will kill for you. I will kill anyone who touches a strand of hair on your head. No one dares to look at you the way I do. It is not a request. I do not beseech you. It is a threat,” his dangerously deep voice whispered in her ear. “You… you are getting worked up. I am just your mistress.” “No. The moment you sign on those papers, you belong to me. You are mine for the rest of your life. No one… gets you. You are my property, Malyshka.” === To Leilani, rule number one was: Never date a married man. However, when the freakishly hot devil disguised as the cruelest mafia lord, Diego took a sudden interest in her, all of her rules got bent right before her eyes and unfortunately for her, there was nothing she could do. He would not take no for an answer. He was worse than fear. He was worse than death… and he would kill anyone who opposed him. He was not the average man. He was Don Killian Diego, and he found pleasure most in killing.





“Where is that bitch?!”

She covered her mouth with her palm as she heard the holler from her father and then crawled gently to her room.

When she entered, she opened her little wardrobe and then entered it.

Thank God she was alone at home. Thank God her little brother was not home.

She settled uncomfortably in the wardrobe and then covered her mouth tightly with her hand.

He must never find her here.

She could only hope anyway.

This man always finds her wherever she hides.

She just could never get away from him.

A girl could only hope. She could only wish for help.

Help was never going to come. Maybe not there.


When she heard his voice getting closer, she pressed her lips together, closed her eyes and her breathing muffled.

Fear blanketed her.

Her whole body trembled as she felt his presence in the room.

Her heart palpitates terribly.

She could feel it in her mouth.

She clasped her sweaty palms together as tears dripped down her cheeks.

She was still healing from the previous beating that she had received from the man. 



She sat still even though she knew that the wardrobe door was open and her father was just standing a few inches away from her.

“Hide and seek is over, bitch,” he said and she raised her head gently.

She sniffed as she dropped her fluttering eyes on him and then shook her head gently.

“Were you hiding from me?

She tightened her grip on her clasped hand as she shook her head.

“You crazy little bastard!”

He yelled, grabbed her hair, and then pulled her out of the wardrobe.


I screamed out as he raised his hand to hit me and then I opened my eyes.


It was a dream. No. A nightmare. 

I breathed out as I looked around the room and slammed my palm on my face.

My heart was still racing and I wished there was a way to tell this little broken heart of mine that it was a nightmare and that he was not here.

Maybe I will never recover from this.

Maybe I would always think that he was around and was going to hit me again.

This was not the life I chose but this was probably the life I would die with.

It was a good thing I was alone at the moment. If my brother had heard me scream that way, he would have been worried as usual.

Sluggishly, I got out of bed.

If that is even considered a bed— and then moved over to the bowl that I had placed in the middle of my little room overnight.

I looked inside it and sighed as I saw the water in it.

It had rained and I had placed it there as my roof was leaking.

I carried the water, moved over to the little plant I kept in the corner of my room, and poured it on it.

•You are barely surviving. How dare you think you could keep a plant.•

I sighed as my inner thought attacked me and I breathed out again.

I knew the little plant was probably vexed at me too. There was no sunlight in this room, so keeping it here was like telling it to die.

Maybe I was actually keeping the flower in the dark room to portray how much my life is withering away just like it withers with no sunlight.

Still, I wouldn’t let it go.

I thought it was cute and that I could keep it.

I smacked my tongue as my phone beeped which indicated that it was time to wake up.

As usual, I had woken up before my alarm.

I guess setting up an alarm was just like an alternative when I sleep off.

Not like I could though.

I arranged my bed while I hummed gently and when I was done, I moved over to the bathroom and then began my morning business there.

It was quarter to six in the morning and I should be out of the house by six. Hopefully.


I looked at myself in the little, broken mirror for the last time before I moved out of the house.

I kept the key under the foot mat just in case my brother arrived home before me and then walked out of the apartment.

As I walked down the bumpy street, I hummed which was just a resort of getting my mind off my thoughts.

Glancing through my phone again, I widened my eyes as I realized that I could miss the bus if I did not increase my pace, and then…I ran.


“Leila!” Freya screamed as I entered the cafe and got behind the counter.

“It’s Leilani, madam,” I rolled my eyes as I snatched my apron from her and then wore it.

“Is there any difference between Leilani and Leila?” Freya rolled her eyes.

“A lot. Leila means night.”

“And Leilani?”

“Someone’s walking in, talkative,” I smacked my tongue as I moved over to the counter.

“Good morning,” I flashed a smile.

“Good morning. Can I have four cups of Iced Americano to go?” She asked.

Not like it was a question though.

It's not like I could tell her that, “No. I'm not going to take your order!”

“Sure, on it!” I said as I prepared to make her order.

“Cash or Card?” I asked after I dropped her order on the counter.

“Card,” she said and removed her card from the purse.

After I had finished attending to her, I dipped my hand in my pocket, removed my phone, and then browsed through my contact list.

“You better not get caught,” Freya chuckled as she moved over to the next customer.

“I’ll be quick.”

“Hey, you better get ready to do some explanation when you get home tonight. How could you spend the night out without telling me first?” I sent the message and then returned the phone to my pocket.

“Can I take your order?” I asked the lady who stopped in front of me.

“A cup of iced latte,” she said and I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

“Just a second, please,” I pleaded and removed my phone.

“I’m sorry, sis. My phone was down last night. I’ll be home soon. Can you wire me some cash, please?”


I hissed and returned my phone to my pocket.

“I’ll make your order now, I’m sorry,” I said and moved over to the machine.

After I had delivered her order, I nudged Freya and gestured to her that I was coming.

As I entered the room, I brought out my phone, logged in to my bank app, and then checked my account balance.

As I saw the little or no amount in there, I sighed and pressed my lips together.

Maybe when I get my paycheck for the day, I will send it to him.



“Could you not have been any faster?!”

I swallowed hard as the pot-bellied man yelled at me and then dropped his drink on the table in front of him.

“And what is this?” 

“What?” I asked as I stared at the hand he was pointing at the drink.

“I asked for a dry martini cocktail!” he hollered and I exhaled.

“That is a dry martini,” I answered, trying as much as I could to not raise my voice back at him.

“Since when has it always looked like this?” he frowned.

“Looked like what?” I asked.

He gnashed his teeth before he answered, “This is the one that tastes like caramel, vanilla, lime, and whatever?”

“You are talking about the whiskey sour taste, sir,” I answered, tired and annoyed. 

“Then why did you not get me this?!” he shouted.

What? I got him what he asked for. No?!

“You asked for Dry martini.”

“I asked for a dry martini? When? I clearly stated that I wanted the whiskey… uhm whatever cocktail!”

Now. He was going to lie?

“Whiskey sour taste?” I raised my brows.

“Silly bitch, get me your manager!” he bellowed and I drew my brows together.


Did he just call me that?

Jesus Christ. These overbearing customers surely won't be the end of me.

“Excuse me, sir. I…”

“What is going on here?”

I was cut short when a senior worker stopped beside me.


“He asked for a dry martini and now he does not want it,” I answered curtly.

“You may go. I’ll take over here,” she said and I nodded my head.

I moaned tiredly as I walked to the counter where orders were being taken and then yawned.

I tied my hair in a bun and then stretched my body. It was past eight in the night and I had started my shift at the bar.

If tiredness was a person, then, I am definitely one.

“Take this to the VIP room,” the bartender said as I got to the counter.

“The VIP room?”

I raised my brows.

Only full-time workers were permitted to go in there to serve the people there.

“Yes, the others can't be found and that man is a bit cranky. We can not keep him waiting,” he said.

“And if the manager knows…” I bit my lower lips.

“I will tell him I put you to it,” he said and I pressed my lips together.

“Hurry. It’s the VIP room that is away from the others. That secluded one,” he said and I nodded my head.

I carried the iced bucket that had some undoubtedly expensive liquor with glass cups and then hurried away.

I knew what happened when a part-time worker served the VIP customers.

The manager had flared up, accusing her of wanting to take away his customers or something.

As I arrived at the door of the described room, I exhaled and then knocked on the door before I turned the knob to push the door open.

However, I felt my face turn cold as I entered into the room. 

The manager was conversing with a man whose face I couldn't see but he was dressed in an obviously expensive suit. 

My hands tightened around the cold handle of the bucket. 

God, I'm not ready to lose my job. 

I was yet to pay my rent and my brother’s fee amongst other bills piled up

“What do you want me to do? Should I get some girls for you?” The manager asked and I stood still in my position.

Right now, I don’t know what to do.

Should I rush outside, or should I proceed to serve his drink?

I kept standing like I was expecting the man to give the manager a reply so he would leave then I would do my job, but when the man did not answer and only kept browsing through his phone, I exhaled gently.

Suddenly, I felt the man’s eyes on me and I stood upright and gave him a short bow.

“Uhm… your order,” I stuttered.

Was I supposed to say your order or your drink?

Because right now, this man was looking at me like I had said something bad.

I watched as he scrutinized my body and I twitched my lips upwards.

What is he doing?

“What are you standing there for?!” The manager’s voice threw me off guard and I shook my head.

“Drop it and leave! I will serve him,” he snapped and I nodded my head.

“Sir, as I was saying…” 

He continued as I dropped the basket on the table.

While I removed the drink from the bucket and dropped it on the table, I could still feel this man’s eyes latching lustfully on my body.

This was one thing I hated about working at a bar.

“I don’t think that is necessary,” finally… his voice came up.

“S… sir?”

“I think I found one already,” he said and I raised my head unconsciously.


“Yes, her.”

I dropped the glass and then creased my brows gently together.

He was indeed referring to me!

“Me?” I placed my hand on my chest and then raised a brow.

“Yes,” he said, his eyes pinned rather dangerously on mine.

“S… she is a worker, sir,” I heard the manager say.

“I know,” he said curtly, still not getting his eyes off me.



“I will have her tonight,” he added.

My eyes widened at his words and unconsciously, I asked, “Have who?” 

Chapter 2 SWEET GIRL.



She let out a small sigh, and I raised my head to look at the person whose presence seemed to change the atmosphere of the room.

“Uhm… your order.”

I scrutinized her as she said. Her hand gripped the handle of the bucket rather tightly and it showed just how lost and nervous she seemed at the moment.

I watched her for as long as I could. I stared at her. Observed her.

Her eyes kept fluttering and her lips continued to twitch even though her body remained unmoved.

She seems like a temptation… even though her body is not fully seen.

When Mike yelled to her to drop the bucket and leave, she finally moved out of the dark and into my view.

Now, I could see her more better.

She does not look like the women I’m seen with… or the ones I am expected to be with. Those women don’t look sweet.


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