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The Mafia Boss's Sweet Lover

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In the bustling halls of their prestigious school, shy newcomer Zheng Shuirou finds unexpected companionship in the lively and outgoing Li Xuan. Despite her determination to focus on her studies and avoid trouble, Shuirou quickly learns that navigating the complexities of high school social dynamics is no easy feat. As Shuirou tries to settle into her new environment, she catches the eye of the school heartthrob, Anton, drawing the envy and ire of Lin Yulan, the school's reigning beauty. Yulan, along with her clique, confronts Shuirou with veiled threats, warning her to stay away from Anton. Confused and intimidated, Shuirou seeks solace in the friendship of Li Xuan and her supportive circle. But as tensions escalate and secrets unravel, Shuirou realizes that appearances can be deceiving, and friendships forged in the crucible of adversity are the ones worth cherishing. Amidst the backdrop of teenage drama and burgeoning romance, Shuirou must navigate the treacherous waters of jealousy, betrayal, and self-discovery. With unexpected allies by her side and her own inner strength guiding her, Shuirou learns that true beauty lies in resilience, kindness, and the bonds of genuine friendship.

Chapter 1

In a dimly lit study, a tall figure stood by the window, with a respectful man standing behind him.

"Is everything arranged as instructed?" The cold voice emanated from the figure by the window, leaving one curious about the nature of a person possessing such icy tones, reminiscent of the ice atop a mountain, as if intent on freezing hearts before relenting.

"Yes, everything is in place, Master," the elderly man replied deferentially.

"Good. Arrange for four skilled female assassins from the Dark Moon to secretly protect Miss," the cold voice echoed once more. "Yes, Master, I will see to it immediately," the respectful elderly man responded.

Knock, knock, knock... The sound of knocking came from the study door.

"You may leave. I've given my orders. Do not disturb me until dinner," Wang Gang commanded.

"Yes, Master," the steward received the command and respectfully exited the study.

"Uncle Steward, was Master just in the study?" A sweet voice sounded at the study door.

"Yes, Miss," the steward addressed the angel before him, no, the long-haired beauty, the owner of the sweet voice—Zheng Shuirou. She wore a white U-shaped classical nightgown, draped with a lace silk robe, elegantly trailing down. Adorning her feet were delicately embroidered silk slippers. This ensemble could only be described in four words—noble and elegant. A few drops of water playfully fell onto her nightgown from her damp hair, disappearing without a trace.

"Thank you, Uncle Steward," the sweet girl smiled sweetly at the steward, then pushed open the study door and entered.

The dim study instantly brightened. "Didn't I say no one is allowed to disturb me before dinner?" the cold voice sounded, revealing the master's displeasure. There had better be a good reason, or else you'll know the ominous consequences of your insolence.

"Gang, are you still angry about me going to school?" Zheng Shuirou asked gently.

Wang Gang turned around, his black hair arrogantly fluttering in the air. He had left only three buttons fastened on his white Armani shirt, revealing his muscular chest, incredibly s*xy. His sharp gaze softened upon seeing Zheng Shuirou, as if about to drown in water. Beneath his strong nose were lips with distinct edges, unable to conceal his dominance and majesty, intimidating yet awe-inspiring. But to Zheng Shuirou, he was a different kind of person; in her heart, Wang Gang was the kindest person in the world.

Noticing her hair still dripping, he walked over quickly, lifted her around the waist, gently placed her on the nearby chair, then turned to the cabinet to fetch a hairdryer to dry her hair.

"Why run around with wet hair? You could easily catch a cold. Don't you know?" Wang Gang said gently.

"Who told you I'm still angry? Getting sick would be good. Then you won't ignore me," Zheng Shuirou said petulantly.

"Nonsense. My precious can't get sick. I'm not angry with you. I'm afraid others will notice how wonderful you are and take you away from me. I can't imagine how I would live without you. Rou'er, you can only belong to me. No matter what, I will do anything to keep you by my side," Wang Gang vowed.

Zheng Shuirou, seeing his insecure demeanor again, hurriedly wrapped her arms around his neck, pressed her face against his, gazing into his deep eyes, and said, "I'll always stay by your side, forever clinging to you. Unless you stop loving me, then I'll disappear from your world forever, leaving you unable to find me." Her red lips lightly touched his, then withdrew.

"This is sealed. From now on, this place belongs only to me," she teased as her hand rubbed against his lips, teasingly. Wang Gang's eyes gradually dimmed as he held Zheng Shuirou's waist with one hand, cradled her head with the other, and fiercely kissed her lips, tenderly lingering, his eyes gradually tainted with a hint of desire. "I love you, Rou'er, my Rou'er," sweet words vanished on the corner of his lips.

Honk, honk, honk... Wang Gang opened his eyes to see Zheng Shuirou blushing.

"Hehehe... My baby is hungry. Let's go eat," Wang Gang lifted Zheng Shuirou without hesitation and walked out of the study.

"Laughing again, teasing me," Zheng Shuirou scolded, lightly hammering his chest with both hands.

"Hehe... I won't tease you anymore. Don't move, don't fall," Wang Gang's face couldn't hide his smile. Zheng Shuirou hugged Wang Gang's neck tightly with both hands.

The servants downstairs had grown accustomed to their usually icy master's hearty laughter and tender voice whenever Miss Ice Soft was around, for they knew that only in the presence of Miss Ice Soft would the master become as gentle as water, laughing happily. Who else knew that one of the world's top ten tycoons, the CEO of the "Holy Spear Group," also the leader of the assassin world, was rumored to dote so much on a woman, despite his reputation for being cold-blooded and ruthless.

Chapter 2

Wang Gang sat down at the dining table and placed Zheng Shuirou on his lap. With a wave of his hand, all the servants disappeared from the dining room. Then, with one arm around Zheng Shuirou, he used the other to feed her, indulging her with every bite, his face radiating happiness and contentment.

"Gang, you should eat too. Don't just watch me eat. Here, this is your favorite eggplant casserole," Zheng Shuirou reached out and picked up a piece of eggplant, placing it in his mouth. Wang Gang happily swallowed the food, his eyes catching a grain of rice at the corner of her lips. He stuck out his tongue to lick it away, looking thoroughly pleased, which made Zheng Shuirou blush with embarrassment. Yet, her shy demeanor was truly enchanting. In fact, those were her favorite dishes, and Wang Gang deeply loved her, along with everything she loved.

After dinner, Zheng Shuirou and Wang Gang walked hand in hand in the garden, bathed in moonlight, resembling cele


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