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Callisto's Possession

Callisto's Possession

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Struggling to live, Malia chose to be a con artist to support her brother's hospital bills. All she wants is to support her brother until her last breath. Unfortunately, she met a young mafia boss named Callisto who didn't think twice to end her life. Malia thought that Callisto was a grim reaper sent to end her as her life was always in danger whenever he was around. But contrary to what she thought, Callisto was the one she would be needing the most to help her brother and to save her own life. Callisto is willing to help her, but that comes with a condition. What could it be?



I held the gun tightly as he insert his finger in my p*ssy.

"You f*cker!" I hissed.

He let out a chuckle.

"Focus, baby." His lips roamed around my neck.

How can I focus when he's thrusting his finger in and out of me?

He told me to practice my shooting, but he's here, distracting me every chance he gets.

"Eyes in front."

I want to! Ah!

I gasped as he inserted another finger in my hole.

"S-stop…" My hands are trembling because of the tension. I'm even having a hard time holding the gun correctly right now, how can I shoot the center?

His body which was slightly pressing behind me didn't help me at all. It's just adding to the tension that I'm having right now.

Not to mention his crotch that's pressing on my butt.

"Shh…Focus baby, focus." He whispers, goosebumps enveloped my body as he traced my nipples with his fingers.

Damn, you.

"Are you turned on?" His question sounded sarcastic.

"Are you blind?"

Can he stop messing with me? I'm holding a gun with both hands right now. And what if someone enters this room? Although we're not in a public place, people would still enter this place.

He chuckles in my ear. Sh*t. He's torturing me.

I was about to put the gun down when he stopped me.

"Uh-oh, you need to empty the gun first."


"What if I fill your head to empty it?" I said angrily.

But he just chuckled again. What's so funny?

I gasp when he pulls up the skirt I'm wearing.

"Let me use your p*ssy to fill with my load."

Chapter 1


How should I escape these goons?

Just how lucky am I to see them here in the club? I just want to earn a few dollars tonight!

Seeing them isn't on my plan!

"Hey!" the bold muscled guy pointed at me.

"Sh*t." There are a total of six of them and they're all chasing after me. Some of them- no, almost all of them look drunk. That is the worst state of them that I've dreamed to see when meeting them.

They all managed to hurt me when they were sane, I don't want to think about the possible sh*ts they'd do when they're drunk.

"Get that b*tch!" France, the goon that looked like a monkey shouted. I just know that he's gritting his rotten teeth right now.

I turn to see him.

Before I knew it, my mouth betrayed me. "You might lose a couple of teeth if you grit any further!" Oh shit.

They all stopped running and then slowly turned in France


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