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The Love Between Us

The Love Between Us

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Rebecca and Steven are the main characters of this story. Rebecca came from a family of five, and her father married one of her sister off to a rich man to pay his debt, he was going to try it on Rebecca's second sister when it went the wrong way. Steven on the other hand is the only child of his parent, his father had borrowed to keep in school till he graduated. The story showed how Rebecca and Steven met at Stevens mother's retail market, and it was infatuation at first sight. Their relationship was very easy at the beginning until Stevens boss toke a liken for him and was planning on giving his daughter to Steven despite the fact that his daughter was into women. Apart from Stevens boss trying to tamper with his relationship with Rebecca, his co worker also played a part in-order to break them up but at the end, they ended up together despite all the challenges they faced. This story not only shows Rebecca and Steven love life, but also their families. A love story filled with romance.

Chapter 1

My name is Steven, I like to think of myself as a Genius, but my parent and some of my friends don't think so except Rahim.

Rahim and I are best friends since secondary school, we even attended the same Uni. He's 24 years old, just like me, I'm 24, I will be 25 in November. I studied computer engineering at Uni, while Rahim studied Computer Science, he's a very kind and honest guy and also intelligent like me of course.

Rahim is a tall, dark and masculine guy, he loves football a lot, I do too, but not as much as Rahim, he is the God of football, he knows practically everything about football but as for me, I don't waste my time much on that, my mind is on something else which is how to make millions before turning 25, we are in February already, have promised myself I will become a millionaire before November and how will I do that? I don't know.

I finished Uni with Rahim 6 months ago, I didn't even bother looking for a job because I know I can't find any, but Rahim did, but unfortunately, he didn't find one, most of our friends in Uni back then are doing better now, they have good jobs. And before you think I have a spiritual problem, I do not have, but I don't know if Rahim does, but as for me, I don't have one.

I know what I want, I want to become a web developer, which I am already learning, with my bachelor's degree in computer engineering it has been going easy for me, As for Rahim, -my friend is still looking for a job and I pray he finds one. If I finish learning this web development even my mother will see me and call me a king because money will start flowing, but the only problem right here is that, if I tell you the problem you wouldn't believe it.

See this, while I was in the Uni, my father sends 10k to me every month for feeding, he pays my almost 100k school fee and he's just a meat seller, he sells meat for food sellers in mushin market, though we don't live in mushin. When I finished Uni, I collected my certificate, on getting home that fateful day, our landlord was sitting outside the compound when he saw me and my parent entering the house. He came to greet us and was acting friendly.

"Steven," the landlord said

"Sir," I said

"Your father told me you've graduated," the landlord said while smiling

"Yes sir, I have, this is even my certificate," I said, bringing out my bachelor's degree certificate.

The landlord collected it and from nowhere I received a very hot slap on my neck, I turned back and I received another hot one on my cheek, it was my father, he wouldn't stop beating me.

"Don't kill your son Mr Shaw," the landlord said, still holding on to my certificate.

My father's last name is Shaw, and yes I am Steven Shaw.

"Landlord please I will need the certificate back," my father said, stretching his hand toward the landlord

"Didn't I tell you if you don't pay my 500k you wouldn't collect the certificate, remember what you told me," the landlord said

"What is he talking about dad," I said

"Landlord, I'm sure we can settle this amicably, I will pay the 500k but I need my son's certificate back," my father said to the landlord

"Should I bring the agreement we signed," the landlord said.

"Please sir, I know my husband has promised to pay the 500k, just give him more time," my mother said

At this moment, I didn't even understand what was happening, I wish someone could explain.

"Sir, I need my certificate back," I said to the landlord

"What certificate? It is mine, your father had told me to take your certificate if he doesn't pay the 500k he is owing me, I'm not releasing this until he pays," the landlord said "Raju!" He called out.

A hefty looking man came out, he was 6 ft tall, his eyes were very strong and scary. I was so scared looking at him.

"Take this," the landlord said, handing Raju the certificate "put it inside my locker,"

"Sir, that is my certificate, you can't just take it away like that," I said

Raju turned back and gave me a very scary stare, I immediately ran inside our apartment and hid under the table, I know what I saw, if I could disappear at that moment I would have, Raju's look frightened me, I'm not a coward but if you want to label me one right now, then maybe I am.

In case you forgot, I'm still telling you about the problem I have in finding a good job, the reason why I can't get a web developing job and that is because my landlord had seized my certificate.

I was still under the table in our apartment while my parents were still outside begging the landlord that day but he didn't accept, he called Raju to push my parents away from his sight but my parents left before Raju could come near them.

They came inside and I quickly came out from under the table and lock the door.

"This your son is a fool," my father said, looking at my mother.

"Don't say that, my son is not a fool, did you tell him you owe the landlord money, only God knows what agreement you signed with him that you have to use your son's certificate as collateral," my mother said, removing her head tie.

"Didn't I tell you that I have been collecting your son's school fee from the landlord, or where do you expect me to see 100k every year, even house rent I haven't paid, all the money has summed up to 500k, what do you want me to do," my father said "Steven, the ball is in your court, if you don't pay the 500k your certificate stays with him, I can't kill myself,"

That day was a very sad day for me, it has been 6 months now and my certificate is still with the landlord, my father had been able to pay 50k out of the 500k.

I'm learning web development and the man I'm learning from is already on my neck talking about how I need to pay a fee of 150k. Me? 150k? When I still owe my landlord 450k, where will I see that.

I have been staying home lately, my parents leave me at home and go to work every day, then my mother noticed that I have stopped going to the web development class. And While she was serving my father's food that night, I was there waiting for her to bring mine too, she left my fathers food on the table and he started eating, she served mine too and hers and we all ate.

"So Steven," my mother said, looking at her food

"Ma," I said, using my spoon to turn the rice and stew.

"Why did you stop going to class," she asked

"Oh, about that, the man teaching me said I have to pay 150k to continue," I said

"Why? That is too much, what do you think," my mother said, looking at my dad

"Why are you asking me, whatever you people want to do is none of my business, have done my part as a father, I paid his school fee throughout his Uni, I think have tried enough, I still have debt I haven't paid and you are asking me about another 150k, don't let me get angry at you," my father said

"So we cannot ask you questions in this house again?" My mother said, looking at my father.

My father didn't bother to answer, he kept eating his food.

"So you've been staying at home lately right," my mother asked

"Yes," I said

"Will you be following me to shop then," she asked

In case you don't know, my mother's shop is actually at a market, a lot and lots of people come there and the roads ain't good, imagine, a graduate like me following my mother to shop where she sells vegetables and some foodstuffs.

"I can't mom, it is too degrading," I said with a squeezed face.

"What is degrading, better follow me, I even need someone to be staying in the shop for me," she said while drinking water.

"Why?" I asked

"Have been going to my friend's place, she's teaching me how to make liquid soap," my mother said

"Oh, that is good, but I don't think I can follow you to shop," I said

"It will be better you follow her, I don't want you staying at home," my father said

"I can't," I said

"You will and you must, make sure he follows you to shop tomorrow," my dad said to mom "come And pack this plate away from my front," he said to me.

I packed my dad's plate to the kitchen and I sat down there thinking.

Now, I have no choice but to follow my mother to shop, a shop that is inside the market for that matter. Have suffered in this life.

💸 Rebecca pov💸

Rebecca, a 25 years old girl with an average height and light in complexion, she has a mole beside her nose which is very obvious, it added to her beauty, she had beautiful eyes that fascinate people to her, She was seen reading a book inside the room she shares with her sister, one of her daily routines was to read in her spare time. Her sister Rose was in the room with her, but she was sleeping.

Rebecca reads a lot of romance novels and she hopes that someday she will meet her prince charming.

She has 2 sisters, one of her sisters Which name is Vivian, has been married off to a rich man, on the wedding day, her sister Vivian wouldn't stop crying, she had told Rebecca and Rose she doesn't love the man but she has no choice, her parent needed the money to pay their debt. Rebecca hopes nothing like that will happen to her.

Ever since her sister Vivian got married, the husband has been taking care of Rebecca's family, but at a point, he stopped because Vivian didn't get pregnant a year after the wedding. The money they normally get from Vivian's husband stopped totally and Rebecca's mother started regretting that she gave her daughter to the man. Anytime Rebecca thinks about her sister Vivian she starts feeling sad.

That afternoon, she wanted to take her mind off all the happenings at home which range from her father's alcoholic problem, her mother's diabetes problem and she and her sister's money issue, Rebecca and Rose both have National Diploma(ND) with the help of Vivian's husband but there is no money to go for their Higher National Diploma(HND) so they just look for menial jobs to do, Rebecca uses her free time to read romance novels, with that she can take her minds of her problems.

That Sunday afternoon, Rebecca sat down in the room reading her novel, then her sister Rose woke up.

"Rebecca," Rose said, stretching her hands and yawning

"Yes," Rebecca said, still focusing on her novel.

"Are you still reading that novel," Rose said

"Yeah," Rebecca said "you have to read this novel Rose, it is interesting,"

"Have you ever seen me read any novel before, I'm not interested, let me bath and go see my boyfriend I'm sure he would have been expecting me," Rose said, taking her clothes off.

"Just don't let mom and dad know you have a boyfriend," Rebecca said, facing Rose and holding the novel

"Why, will they kill me, look at this one," Rose said, tying her towel around her body

"I overheard them saying they are planning on giving you to one Mr Benson," Rebecca said in a very low tone.

"God forbid, I will run away if they ever try that with me," Rose said, sitting on the bed

"Don't let them know I told you," Rebecca said

"What sort of parents are these ones, they married off Vivian and they are trying to do that with me too?" Rose said, almost crying "I will show them the kind of stuff I am made off,"

On hearing Rose talk that afternoon Rebecca was so happy, finally, someone will stand up for her right. Rose is not like Vivian, she knows exactly what she wants and she wouldn't let her parents selfishness come in the way.

To Be Continued...

Chapter 2

🎯Rose (Rebecca's sister) pov 🎯

Rose started thinking about what Rebecca said.

"Just be smart about it, don't let them take you for a fool," Rebecca said

"Or should I go and face them," Rose said

"And tell them what?" Rebecca said

"That they should never try to marry me off or else I will run away with my boyfriend," Rose said

"Don't do that yet, they might ask you how you knew," Rebecca said

"God knows I'm not Vivian, I'm sure they wouldn't try that shit with me, they might try it with you though," Rose said, entering the bathroom

"God forbid," Rebecca said "I will only marry someone I love,"

Rebecca took her novel and started reading but she couldn't focus.

"I just hope they don't marry me off too, I know my parents, they will do anything for money," she thought to herself "but is it a c


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