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The gonzalez's unexpected bride

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Ramón González, heir to the González empire can't believe his long-time friend is cheating on his sister. Ramón blames the lady who he thinks has shamelessly been throwing herself at his friend. Convinced she is just like any other gold digger out there, he confronts the pretty redhead and asks her to stay away from his friend and future brother-in-law. The defiant redhead ignores his advice. Ramón won't allow any harm come to his family, especially his sister; Elena. So he has to act fast to avoid breaking his sister's heart and the only solution is for him to marry the redhead whether she agrees or not. Calixta Latimer is like any other young lady out there. She divides her time between her waitressing job, taking care of her infant brother, and her studies. Things seemed to have been working out just fine, until a stranger comes out of nowhere and forces her to marry him or else she loses her baby brother's custody and many other things. Is she ready to sacrifice her dreams and career just to stay with her brother? What happens when Calixta finds herself attracted to the mysterious man instead of hating him?

Chapter 1

Calixta Latimer groaned with frustration remembering her last meeting with Leo De Cruz. Things didn't go as planned because Leo had insisted he wanted nothing to do with little Luke, her infant brother. It broke her heart since she didn't want her brother to lack fatherly love just like her.

Calixta had received custody of the nine-month baby a few weeks ago. Even though she left her family as soon as she turned eighteen, her mother made her the guardian of little Luke. She was still unable to understand why Mariana had taken such a decision when they hadn't seen each other in years.

She hadn't talked to her mom and twin sister in years, but when mom died, she was the first person Roxana called.

Her twin sister Roxana had informed Calixta that their mom had died in a car crash. Going back home meant she had to confront her past but she didn't have much choice.

Once in England, Calixta was unable to shed a single tear for Mariana, her mom, who had always hated her for a reason that remained a secret to Calixta.

CALIXTA was British and had never known her father before.

During the funerals, she found herself having custody of little Luke.

Her sister, Roxana, had mysteriously disappeared leaving a letter where she told Calixta how much she hated her, and that she never wanted to see her again.

Calixta didn't care because they hadn't been that close anyway.

At first, Calixta was not ready to take the little boy back to the USA. When she saw the little boy sleeping in that cradle, her heart melted and she suddenly didn't have the heart to leave him behind.

He was her blood and no matter what her mom had done in the past, she wasn't going to blame the little boy who had her ocean blue eyes. After all, she hadn't known the happiness of having a family and she wasn't going to subject Luke to that punishment.

Once she was back in the US, she found out that her mom had an affair with Leo de Cruz and she decided to contact him.

CALIXTA Latimer was a student in software engineering at the university and a waitress in the afternoon.

With the presence of baby Luke, Calixta had difficulties in balancing her life and she wanted the best for her infant baby brother.

When she contacted Leo, he was friendly but when she told him her reason for contacting him, he lost it.

Then one afternoon, he agreed to meet her and she thought things would be ok. To her surprise, Leo wasn't old as she thought but rather a very young handsome man.

She later discovered that her mom, Mariana Latimer had an affair with a man she was older than with ten years of age gap.

According to her, he was probably in his mid-thirties and she was still unable to believe that such a young handsome man could had fell for her manipulative mom"s tricks.

Anyway, she wasn't there for that. Then she had gone ahead to inform him of everything she needed and to her surprise, he had accepted to give her everything Luck needed except the love she had expected him to give the little boy.

In other words, he refused any contact with Luke then he begged her to keep it a secret.

She sat at that table for a long moment after he had left. After a moment of debating with her inner self, she finally concluded that Luke still had her and she could give him all the love he needed.

Then she decided to go but just when she was about to stand up, a hand settled on her shoulder.

Having no choice, she sat back as the stranger rounded the table and sat opposite her while she tried to understand what was happening.Once he sat, their eyes met and her heartbeat stopped. She forgot to breathe. The man that just sat opposite her was probably the most handsome man she had ever seen in her life.

His icy blue eyes with a flicker of curiosity met hers. Calixta couldn't help but feel self-conscious. Then her eyes traveled down his roman nose and she swallowed hard when her eyes settled on his film jawline. This man was the most handsome man she had ever seen.

Lost in her thoughts, she barely heard the handsome stranger clear his throat. Back to reality, she continued staring at him in silence.

After a long moment of staring t each other, she realized he wasn't going to talk so, she cleared her throat and finally spoke ;

''how may I help you stranger ?'' she asked breaking the intense silence.

For a moment, she thought he wasn't going to answer and, she was about to stand up to leave when he finally spoke;

"I want to talk to you," he said stopping her on track.

Surprised, she sat down and asked;

"Do I know you?"

He shook his head slowly.

"So who are you? and why are you wasting my time?" she asked him before she heard him cursing beneath his breath.

"Who I am, is not important right now. I suggest you listen to what I have to tell you" he adviced Icily.

Too tired to argue with him, she asked him what he wanted and the stranger went silent for a moment so much so that it soon became infuriating for Calixta.

"The man you just had met with is my brother-in-law and I want you to leave him and never come back again," he said staring straight into her eyes.

She felt as if she was just thrown a bucket of cold water.

To say Calixta was shocked was an understatement. Who was this man and who did he think he was?

"I don't seem to get what you mean," she said her stare meeting his icy ones.

"It's simple amor.Leave Leo De Cruz and never meet him again' he repplied calmly.

Calixta couldn't explain why she suddenly felt the need to laugh at this man in front right infront of him. Why was he behaving this weirdly? And was he taking her for someone else?

"Why would I want to do that ?" she asked amused hoping to hear more of this interesting story.

"It might interest you to know that he is about to get married to my sister. I don't want to take any risk and let her get hurt. That is why I have decided to meet you and talk to you amicably. I suggest you follow my advice and never meet Leonardo Da Cruz again or else am afraid you won't like my reaction"

Calixta couldn't explain why she was amused at this whole situation. Why will a stranger just come out of nowhere and start believing like she has a relationship with Leo De Cruz? And why wasn't he asking about their relationship before threatening her?

Breaking the silence she asked with a steady voice ;

"So Leo is getting married?'

"Effectively !''he answered but then Calista couldn't help but ask the next question.

"And if I understand well, your sister is the bride?"

'Yes " he answered briefly.

"So why won't you go warn him to stay away from me?" she asked amused then the stranger frowned.

"I will eventually do that, but a man like Leo is powerless in front of a vixen like you. I need you to leave and if that requires me to pay you off then, just name your price."

Oh no! this man was going too far and she felt the need to make things clear before any further misunderstanding.

"Please, whatever you are thinking, Leo and I don't have that kind of relationship and.....''

"Save it! Goldiggers like you like the word "LOVE" so much so that it sometimes makes me wonder if that is the first word you pronounced in your life. Just follow my advice, amor, and save me the stress of having to chase you away.''

Ignoring the pet name, she stared at him coldly. She was done trying to reason with him and she didn't care what he thoughts of her. Breaking the silence, she asked him;

"So you think that if I let him go, you can stop your sister from getting hurt?''

He nodded. This man was sick in his brain.

''So let me ask you; did you know that your specie, that is; all men are scumbags? And once they set their mind to cheat, no one can stop them?'' she asked staring straight into his eyes.

The color left his face, which made Calixta so happy that she felt more confident to continue speaking;

''So that leaves me with just one question. How many girls will you pay off to make your sister happy?''

Silence descended between them;

''That is what I thought. Please, I have a meeting to attain. So what I want you to do is to stay away from me. The last thing I need now is an arrogant b*st*rd coming to annoy me. As for your filthy money, keep it. As it stands, I don't even know where you got it. You might be a human trafficker. Who knows?" his reaction to her accusation was so satisfying that she promised to buy herself ice cream later in the day.

With that, she that she left with her worries coming back to life.What was she going to do about little Luke?For the time being his father had agreed to pay for everything he needed and she hoped that the love she would give him would be enough.

Chapter 2

Ramon Gonzalez stared at the redhead as she left the restaurant, and he couldn't help but groan. He had never seen a woman as arrogant as this one.

Not only did she not care who she was talking to, but she had been unbothered by the fact that Leo was getting married. At first, she seemed simple to him because she wore no makeup, manicured nails, or high heel like all the women he had met before.

In his thoughts, things were going to be easy for him.

He had hoped she would start crying, pretending not to know Leo was getting married, while he would play sympathetic and will give her a tissue.

He had then thought that he would propose paying her off, and since she couldn't refuse money, she would have easily named her price. They would have bargained for a while, and once they concluded, she would have given her account number, and everything would have ended amicably.

But that wasn't exactly what happened, he instead found himself wit


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