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The General's Mistress

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"Start" Jason snapped as soon as they got to his office, it was sound proof so he thought it would be the best place for the man to talk, yet he was taking long to do just that and Jason was really loosing his patience, he hated dilly dallying. "S..i..r" he stuttered, sh*t, this was proving to be harder than he had thought. "Sir, that's the girl from the Banks family" he finally let it out, "She is a prisoner here." He continued. "I had wanted to pick some things so I could take her to the basement, but then you came back." "And who gave you the right to bring her here" his voice had chilled a few degrees lower, freezing the entire office "And why did you disobey my orders, I told you to kill them all, to wipe them from the face of the earth, was it so hard to understand" he bellowed. So angry to even look at him, his eyes narrowed to slits as he asked him again."What do you want to do with her?" "Sir, I had thought death would be mercy upon them, so I took there youngest, she's only eighteen she'll face the same fate as Cassie did, they have too." His eyes blazed with anger and hatred, Jason had never seen before this man hid well, he thought but talking about Cassie brought about a new found anger he could never escape. He had softened, maybe because it had been long since Cassie's death, and besides, he hadn't had any lead on who had done that to her. But after getting his hands on them, he had promised Cassie justice, and right now, the fire had rekindled, they'll suffer he thought, that family deserved more than death. Death was mercy upon them...he would break this girl, till she couldn't live no more. He would hurt her...till she wished for death... "Take her to the cold chambers in the basement, I know what to do with her." He paused having second thoughts, but then shaking them out of his head, he ordered, "one more thing, I don't want those pieces of sh*t living well, bankrupt them and let them eat on the streets. No, let them starve, let them beg, don't let anyone hire them at all." he had regained his calm as he ordered his man out...Cassie, his sweet Cassie...he will torture all those that had a hand in her death, and all those related to them, he thought, darkly....

Chapter 1

Camellia looked on wide eyed, as her family sold her out.

Tension rose, as she watched her mother and father, kneel down in front of a weird looking man, thanking him, and offering her as a thank you gift.

She felt the ground holding her firm, quake.

She thought she would faint, .....what kind of family was this, wouldn't they find any other way of thanking him.

She didn't even know, what they had deserve death, as a punishment. What had gone wrong.... Before all this chaos, her mum had been in their garden, tending to her flowers. She never let anyone near them, so they usually didn't bother her. Minutes later though, they had heard screams, they had rushed to help, only to find her at gun point! What had really gone wrong....

Still thinking hard about it all, she didn't notice the man until he had crept up behind her...

"So this is your finest" he had asked in a scary voice, his voice frightened the sh*t out of her, and what was with this... finest sh*t and crap...

"Yes, she is, and thank you again" her mother rushed out, as if eager for them to leave, but why?...she felt tears fill her large eyes, she saw her vision blur...the disappointment that hit her couldn't be described, why....why, why??

Shoving her aside, and examining her the creepy looking man kept on checking her, maybe to see if she were up to the finest level, she thought, bitterly, but with her strong backbone, she wouldn't go down, without a fight....readying her speech mentally, she finally voiced out...

"If you think, taking me will solve any of your problems, then you're wrong" she did not know her voice could sound so calm. When the man heard that statement, he gripped her wrist hard...leaving no room for struggle.

"You can't escape this, you fate is sealed, little girl" he whispered, and she felt like puking on his ugly face.

"I am not a commodity for sale" she shouted trying to free herself from his firm grip, but he couldn't let go.

Looking at her parents pointedly, she refused to give in to her mum's begging eyes, eyes that told her to quit fighting!

But she couldn't have it, no way in hell would she, on f*ck*ng way. She looked at her elder brother and sister, but they failed to meet her gaze.

That told her everything she needed to know...they knew the secret, and they had consented to this b*llsh*t too...eyes blazing with anger, she glared at them all as she threatened them one last time...

"I'm not leaving this place, and if I do, in anyway you people want, consider me, no more a part of this family" she said her piece thinking that maybe, they would crumble a little, but no, they didn't even have a change of emotion....

She knew that there was no escape for her. This man was strong, but before she left, at least she needed to know the reason for all this....what had caused all this mess, some time back they had been happy, they had been one beautiful, strong family, that everyone admired, what had changed?

"Alright I will leave, but before I do, I need to know the reason why I'm being sold out, by my own family" somehow, they were all ashamed of answering that, they just kept exchanging glances, no one wanted to spill the beans...."why, you think, I'm not worthy of even knowing why I'm cast away"... Looking at them all one last time, she knew since then, that she didn't have a family anymore.

Still gripping her wrist so hard, the man led her out, and into the car, Camellia didn't care about the eyes that followed her out as she left, she could feel them trail her, but right now she loathed them....she didn't care anymore, what they felt....

Her family looked at her, and felt so guilty, they could all see it, they could see how she had shattered, how this mess had broken such a sweet girl....mentally and all of them knew that.... she would never forgive them.

*** had been good, Camellia thought, but now whether she was to be killed, or sold into prostitution, she knew life would never be the same again, she knew that, she would never be that happy girl, who sung and danced freely, she knew that, she would never see her friends again, and she also knew that, she had to pay a price for the wrongs she didn't know about.

She wasn't a fool, she could read the situation and understand it, that man was ready to kill, if he didn't get what he had wanted, that just proved that they had already decided it would be her, that's why they had all kept it a secret.

Just today morning, she had been happy, she had practiced her ballet, she had been so happy, as she told them about how her trainer, had given her a chance to perform with the seniors, because he had thought she was the best....her dream was coming true, but now....all her future was unknown....

"We are here" the man said, she didn't know his name, but then again she didn't care.

"Hey you better hurry up, or you won't like what I'll do, don't think this is your home" he threatened, but what could he do to her, that would scare her, she had already prepared herself for the worst.

Leaving the car, she gasped, what the....was that a house or a mansion...."what, what am I doing here?" she stammered, suddenly so worried, but the grumpy man never answered.

She had been in her own little world, that she didn't notice where they had been going, but looking around she got the scare of her life...the place was guarded, armed men surrounded it, this was no home, this was a prison and who ever her parents angered, kept prisoners here for torturing.

She was doomed...all her hopes of trying to escape had vanished into thin air, there was no escaping this ever. all fight left her body as she finally surrendered to her dots swarm around her eyes, and before she knew it, she had scumbled to darkness.......

Chapter 2

Not minutes long after Camellia had fainted, and been carried inside more like dragged in, the sound of the Master's phantom filled the drive way.

Brian panicked, his face a mask of worry. Their boss wasn't supposed to be home at this time. Brian had just wanted to pick some things and then he'd leave. Now he couldn't hide the girl. There was an unspoken rule of this house, and to whoever that worked here, no women somehow Jason didn't like them at all, he didn't want any of them in his house apart from the cleaners who came around once a week, and maybe the cook some elderly lady he didn't really care about, but now he had a girl in his boss's, house he was dead.

Tension filled the house as Jason entered, only to spot a girl, a fucking female, in his home. The sight stopped him in his tracks.

"Who is that, and what is she doing here?" He asked looking at the unconscious body in his living room. The girl lo


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