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  • Author: Leon-na
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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"Start" Jason snapped as soon as they got to his office, it was sound proof so he thought it would be the best place for the man to talk, yet he was taking long to do just that and Jason was really loosing his patience, he hated dilly dallying. "S..i..r" he stuttered, sh*t, this was proving to be harder than he had thought. "Sir, that's the girl from the Banks family" he finally let it out, "She is a prisoner here." He continued. "I had wanted to pick some things so I could take her to the basement, but then you came back." "And who gave you the right to bring her here" his voice had chilled a few degrees lower, freezing the entire office "And why did you disobey my orders, I told you to kill them all, to wipe them from the face of the earth, was it so hard to understand" he bellowed. So angry to even look at him, his eyes narrowed to slits as he asked him again."What do you want to do with her?" "Sir, I had thought death would be mercy upon them, so I took there youngest, she's only eighteen she'll face the same fate as Cassie did, they have too." His eyes blazed with anger and hatred, Jason had never seen before this man hid well, he thought but talking about Cassie brought about a new found anger he could never escape. He had softened, maybe because it had been long since Cassie's death, and besides, he hadn't had any lead on who had done that to her. But after getting his hands on them, he had promised Cassie justice, and right now, the fire had rekindled, they'll suffer he thought, that family deserved more than death. Death was mercy upon them...he would break this girl, till she couldn't live no more. He would hurt her...till she wished for death... "Take her to the cold chambers in the basement, I know what to do with her." He paused having second thoughts, but then shaking them out of his head, he ordered, "one more thing, I don't want those pieces of sh*t living well, bankrupt them and let them eat on the streets. No, let them starve, let them beg, don't let anyone hire them at all." he had regained his calm as he ordered his man out...Cassie, his sweet Cassie...he will torture all those that had a hand in her death, and all those related to them, he thought, darkly....


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