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The domineering president falls in love with me

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Under the influence of alcohol, Jessica has a bad idea for C-town boss Brad. She had thought it was just a harmless affair, never to cross paths again. But who knows, the next day, the big man actually came to the door and solemnly asked her to be responsible. CEO Brad always acts aloof and Stoic in front of people, like CEO of an iceberg. Instead, he pressed Jessica against the wall and whispered in her ear, "Baby, did you miss me?" It's faster than turning the pages of a book. Word was flying around town C, and everyone knew there was someone special in President Brad's life. President Brad looked at Jessica with a look in his eye that said, "You're responsible for me." Jessica was no pusher either. "Didn't you take the initiative?" she asked. Brad, president of the corner of the mouth: "Obviously you first to me with evil, why ask me to sit with not chaos." This is a good story in C City, a cold CEO and witty girl easy love story.

Chapter 1 Do you have a girlfriend?

Jessica drank a little too much today.

Under the dim light of the Bar, she hugged a man and refused to let go.

She was clamoring to see if he had abs.

The man let her lean against him without saying a word. He held the wine glass in one hand and carelessly fiddled with a bunch of her hair with his other hand.

The black hair was wrapped around his fair and slender fingers, circling around in circles, and suddenly gave off some charming smell.

Not getting the response she wanted, and coupled with the effect of alcohol, Jessica's heart felt a little hot. She looked up and saw the man's handsome and tight jawline, with his Adam's apple bulging, looking extremely s*xy.

Looking at it, she felt itchy, so she opened her mouth and bit it.

The man snorted almost inaudibly, his Adam's apple rolling, he lowered his head and glanced at her, then turned sideways and hugged her sideways.

He was tall and tall, and even though he had drunk a lot, his steps were not messy at all.

Jessica wrapped her hands around his neck and buried her head in his broad chest.

Warm breath sprayed on his skin, and he could even feel his eyelashes brushing gently, causing a slight tingling.

He couldn't help but tighten his arms, and the person in his arms moved closer.

Passing through the crowd of revelers, he walked directly into a private elevator at the corner.

This bar is on the first floor of this building. The upper floor is a luxury hotel room with the same name. The higher the floor, the higher the grade of the room.

The elevator stopped at the top floor.

The man placed her in the middle of the bed.

Although her mind was a little confused by the alcohol, Jessica understood what was going to happen next.

She grabbed the man's restless hand and said aggressively, "Tell me, do you have a girlfriend?"

The man was stunned for a moment, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly, and a smile flashed past.

He looks so pretty when he smiles!

How did the ancients describe good-looking men?

Mr. Mo is like jade, and his son is unparalleled in the world.

Jessica was a little absent-minded.

I thought the man wouldn't answer, but a low and hoarse voice floated in my ears: "No."

After that, continue what you just left unfinished.

Jessica was not feeling well, her body was sore and numb.

I felt as if I had fallen into a bottomless river, being overwhelmed by the rapid current and unable to breathe.

"It hurts, it hurts!"

She reached out and pushed him.

The man seemed not to hear and bit her red lips.

It tasted soft and sweet, making him a little addicted. ..

Seeing that he didn't respond, Jessica became anxious and waved her hands randomly.


The man received a solid slap on the left side of his face.

Both of them were stunned.

The man's eyes darkened, and he glanced at her solemnly.

I don’t know what the man’s identity is, but his aura is too strong for an ordinary person.

As a result, this glance brought with it a strong sense of oppression.

Jessica panicked, and Peter couldn't bear the pain in her body, so she quickly apologized: "Yes, I'm sorry."

After saying that, she bit her lower lip lightly with her teeth, stared at him with her big wet eyes, and complained softly: "I really hurt."

The voice was soft and soft, with a little hook hidden in it.

What a little elf.

The man thought about it and couldn't help but started to kiss her eyes. He turned down and bit her lips hard until there was a faint smell of blood in her mouth.

Jessica's eyes were red, and it was finally over.

The man hugged her and fell asleep exhausted.

Jessica was not sleepy at all at that moment, and her whole body was pressed against him as if she were boneless.

I was mostly awake from the wine, muttering to myself that this matter was not as beautiful and exciting as what was written in the novel.

Her bones now ached as if they had been run over by a truck.

After resting for a while, she forced her weak legs to go to the bathroom to take a shower.

The girl reflected in the mirror has a charming face, her lips are slightly swollen, and the broken skin is no longer bleeding.

It's just that the body is a bit miserable, with bruises and bruises everywhere.

After watching for a moment, Jessica patted her face to wake herself up, and began to pick up the clothes on the ground and put them on.

The dress she originally wore was torn by the man, and she couldn't wear it out, so she had to put on the man's black shirt.

The shirt was very big and loose, covering her smooth and slender thighs.

She took out the mints from her bag and threw them into her mouth, feeling the sweet coolness and trying to ignore the discomfort in her body.

Then he lay on the bedside and stared at the man.

The man has deep eyebrows, a high nose, and his entire face stands out.

Looking down, the eight chocolate abs are neatly arranged.

She just touched it, it's nice and strong.

Jessica knew that she was a b*tch, otherwise how could she ignore other people and have to take two steps to stand in front of him and fall down.

I originally wanted to leave directly, but when I thought that in the end, no matter whether it was Peter or not, the man would not stop no matter how much he begged me, I felt a sigh of relief in my heart.

She left a note for the man: Hi, do you know about sea dog pills? Eat more, I hope it helps.

Jessica felt a lot better when she thought of the man's angry look when he saw the note.

By the time she packed up and walked out, the bus had already stopped running at 3 o'clock in the morning.

Jessica was indeed very tired, so she took a taxi.

Returning to the small house she rented, she took off her clothes and threw them away. As soon as they touched the pillow, she fell asleep immediately.

In the hotel, Brad had already woken up, staring silently at the mess in the room.

Today he signed a business cooperation with a top foreign company.

In order to successfully sign this contract, he spent more than a year and a lot of effort.

The other party was very cunning and kept dealing with him even before he signed.

After signing the contract, I thought about relaxing in the bar alone, but unexpectedly I was entangled in it.

In fact, regardless of his identity, with his excellent appearance, he stands out from the crowd no matter where he is.

There were so many women around him, but he just felt that the noise was troublesome, not to mention that the one today was by no means the most beautiful among them.

Unexpectedly, he was seduced by her through some strange combination of circumstances.

Originally I thought of just giving it a taste, but then I seemed to be attracted by her eyes and couldn't control myself at all.

He shook his head. With such a position and power, he hardly ever had, nor was he allowed to lose control like that.

The girl suffered a lot behind her. She left quietly and did not ask him to take responsibility.

Brad lit a cigarette and took a deep breath, feeling strange in his heart until he saw the note on the bedside table clearly.


He snorted coldly. Although he didn't say a single unnecessary word, he still frightened his personal assistant, Zorro, who came to deliver clothes.

He has been with Brad for so many years and is used to his vigorous and decisive methods, but it is rare for him to see his boss showing his emotions so obviously.

After all, in the business world, no matter what happens in private, everyone is doing enough on the surface.

And Brad is always good at killing the opponent with a calm and calm attitude, leaving nothing behind.

Zorro stood respectfully next to him. Naturally, he caught a glimpse of the content on the note. When he came in, he saw the tattered women's clothes beside the bed, so he made up a good show on his own.

How could his aloof and cold CEO Brad be ridiculed and not very good at it?

Is it really not possible?

Zorro didn't dare to think blindly.

Brad stood in front of the huge floor-to-ceiling window and gave the order.

"Go and find her."

Chapter 2 Handsome guy with eight pack abs

Jessica slept in bed until noon.

If her best friend Amelia hadn't banged on the door outside, she could have slept from day to night.

Amelia came in and yelled: "Why haven't you answered the phone? I thought you were trapped in love because of Epps and couldn't think about it?"

Epps is Jessica’s boyfriend.


Now he's an ex-boyfriend.

They had been dating for two years. Last week, she went to see Epps and saw him hugging what he called "a school girl". The two were kissing each other inseparably.

Epps' hand had already reached into her clothes.

This school girl I met when Epps took Jessica to their class reunion. She has a hot and sexy figure, but she has a pure face.

The "pure lust" style that men love most.

Jessica gritted her teeth and took photos and videos and sent them to Epps with two words attached: break up.

Block all his WeChat numbers.

When Amel


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