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The Disguised Assassin

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Chloe Jackman was ten when she witnessed the death of her parents by the hands of unknown assasins. Abandoned and left to burn, she was later rescued by Derrick Smith and Diana Monroe, two of US most wanted assasins, and raised. Ever since then, they trained in their field of assassination. She mastered the art of deception and carried out her killings by disguising herself as a maid for her victim and then stealing their properties and ending up killing them. Chloe went on to make it to the top ten most wanted assasins, surpassing Diana and Derrick. John Evans, son of billionaire, Damien Evans, is an FBI agent whose sole mission is to stop Derrick and his gang and bring them to justice. Derrick upon finding out John's plan sends Chloe to take him out. Disguised as a maid, Chloe applies for a job and later gets employed to work as a maid for him. Months pass and Chloe finds out she is beginning to have feelings for John. Will she complete her mission? Or will she let love take its course?

Chapter 1


'I woke up to the smell of smoke. My eyes were red with tears and I coughed uncontrollably. 'Why was the house burning?' ten year old me thought. 'Did mum leave the stove on again?' I crawled out of my room and stumbled towards the stairs. The fire seemed to be coming from down up.

"Suddenly, I heard a scream."


Chloe rinsed her face with water from the sink and dried it with the towel beside her. She stared at her reflection in the mirror for some seconds before sighing.

"I need to lose weight," she muttered as she cocked her gun and hid it in her skirt before covering it up with her shirt. She walked out of the toilet as one of the maids rushed in.

"Danielle?" the maid called out. "Where are you going?"

" My name isn't Danielle," Chloe replied as she walked away. "And I've got work to do."

Chloe walked down the hallway leading to Mr. Dawson's room. She passed by a painting on the wall and stopped. She walked back and stared at it.

"Hey, how much does this painting cost?" she asked as she placed a finger on her ears.

"Not much," a voice from the earpiece in her ears answered. "Focus on your mission and forget about the painting, Chloe."

"Just tell me how much it costs," Chloe insisted.

The voice sighed and said, "Twenty thousand dollars."

"Not worth it," Chloe scoffer as she walked past it.

" I told you it wasn't much," the voice said. "Now, focus on accomplishing your mission."

"Like I wasn't," Chloe muttered and rolled her eyes.

"You do know I can hear you, right?" the voice said and Chloe grunted.

" I didn't say you couldn't," she said as she walked up to Mr. Dawson's room door.

Music boomed from the room and Chloe could hear laughter and shouting. "Having a party, Mr. Dawson?" she smirked as she pulled out her gun from her skirt and pointed it at the door's handle.

Chleo was about shooting when she heard someone gasp behind her. She turned sharply and saw it was the maid from earlier.

"D-danielle," she stuttered. "W-why are y-you with a--" Chloe didn't allow her complete her words as she pointed the gun at her and pulled the trigger. There was a 'PFFT' sound and the maid dropped to the floor with a hole in her head.

"You ask too much question," she rolled her eyes at the already dead maid before turning back to the door.

"Good thing you had your silencer on," the voice from her earpiece said and Chloe sighed.

"You turned off the security cameras, right?" Chloe asked and the voice replied with a groan

" I turned them off before you came out of your fancy toilet," they said.

Chloe pointed to the door's handle and pulled the trigger, blasting the lock off. She kicked the door and walked into the room casually.

Mr. Dawson laid on the bed naked with bare chested girls surrounding him. He looked at Chloe and smiled.

"Came to join the party, huh?" he asked as he grinned widely. His smile soon faded as he saw the gun in Chloe's hand. "W-wait, do--" He couldn't complete his words as Chloe shot him repeatedly, leaving bullet holes on his bare body. The girls around Dawson, upon seeing his bloodied body, screamed as they all ran out of the room.

"Girls," Chloe snickered as she walked over to Dawson's body. She stared at him for a while before saying, "he has got one big d*ck."

Chloe ransacked Dawson's room, grabbing anything valuable she saw. After successfully searching the whole place, she grabbed all that she had found and put it in one of Dawson's work bag.

"Don't forget the file, Chloe," the voice from her earpiece said as Chloe was about walking out of the room. "You forgot it, didn't you?"

"No, I did not," Chloe lied as she walked back inside. "I totally did not forget it. I mean, how can I?" she said as she began searching the place again.

Suddenly, Chloe heard sirens blaring outside the building. "F*ck," she cussed as she increased her pace.

Chloe stopped after some minutes of fruitless searching. "I can't find it," she said.

"Have you checked under his bed?" the voice asked and Chloe scoffed. She pushed Dawsons body off the bed and squatted, preparing to raise the bed up.

"There's no f*ck*ng way it would be under..." she paused as she raised the bed up. "Oh," she muttered.

"Officers are heading your way, Chloe!" the voice screamed. "Get out of the now!"

Chloe grabbed the documents, ran out of the room and turned down the hallway. She sped pass the painting from earlier and paused before coming back to grab it. 'This will look beautiful in my room,' she thought as she placed it under her armpit and continued her running.

Chloe spotted the elevator that led to the ground floor just ahead of her and smiled as she ran towards it. Suddenly, the elevator dinged as it began opening and Chloe halted. She immediately jumped into a room beside her as the elevator door opened.

Chloe peeped through the rooms door and watched as three men walked out of the elevator. "You take that room and you take the other," one of them ordered the other two.

Chloe heard a light gasp behind her and she turned to see a little girl, sitting on her bed and staring at her. She looked scared. Chloe placed her finger on her lips, motioning for her to keep quiet and she nodded. She smiled and turned her attention back to the men outside the door.

Chloe watched as they searched the rooms, looking for her. She knew it wasn't going to take long before they got to the one she was in. 'I have to get out of there', she thought.

"Chloe," the voice said. "You there?"

"Yeah," Chloe whispered. "Where'd you go?"

"Had to go get something to eat," the voice replied. "How about you? You holding up?" they asked.

"I'm holding up... for now," Chloe said as she watched the men get closer to her. "Won't be long before they reach the room I'm in."

"Find a way to get out of there then."

"Easier said than done," Chloe muttered. "My ride is ready, right?"

"Yeah," the voice replied. "Had Diana put it in place for you."

"Awesome," Chloe muttered. "Talk to you later," she said as she tapped the earpiece, turning it off.

Chloe looked around the room for a means of escape. How was she going to get out there? Her eyes suddenly landed on the window and she smiled.


Chapter 2

"Damn, it's chilly out here," Chloe muttered as she held on to the window and looked down to the street. "Fuck me, this is high," she muttered.

"Mum says we shouldn't cuss." Chloe turned to see the little girl still sitting on her bed and staring at her. "Mum says that's a bad word."

Chloe chuckled and said, "you should hear what your mum says when daddy's around." The little girls face suddenly went from fear to sadness as a tear fell from her eyes.

"Dad's dead," she muttered. Chloe looked at the little girl with pity as flashbacks of her parents death came to her.

"Me too, kid," she croaked. "Me too." Chloe turned from the girl as she hung her bag around her neck and placed the painting under her armpit. She put her leg on the window frame and paused. "One advice from an orphan to the fatherless," she said.


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