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The Crazy She-Devil

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"It's beautiful, isn't it?" "It is." "Please don't pull that with me." "Pull what?" "That." She pointed at my face. "Where I explain how pretty everything looks and you say yes but you would be referring to me." She waved her hands in the air, explaining. "It's cliche and kinda getting old." "Would you prefer I do this instead?" I pinned a loose strand behind her ear, my palm roamed her soft features and also on her lips. "Or this?" I leaned in to steal a kiss, stopping midway to see if she'd stop me and she didn't. I couldn't help the tiny smirk that lay on my lips after. "Aren't you going to stop me?" My raspy voice whispered in her ear. She shivered, unconsciously leaning into me for warmth. I stopped her fingers as she tried to wrap them around my neck. ******* She's not the good girl he thought she was. He's not the bad boy she thought he was

Chapter 1 Moving away

Catalina's POV

"Catalina, I'm talking to you!"

"Stop right there young lady and listen to me. You are not leaving this house!"

"Dear, listen to me, please. You are hurting and making rash decisions." The voice said but much calmer this time.

When she didn't get a reply from me, her harsh and loud tone returned. "You are confused and letting your emotions take over. Think this through! What would your parents say, huh?!" Aunt Lydia continued ranting behind me, her heavy footsteps resounding in the once-quiet hall as she tried to keep up with me.

"Where will you go?"

"I've told you, aunt. I'm leaving for my ranch first thing in the morning. I can't stay here any longer." I kept my voice stern, turned to her, and continued the walk to my room again.

"And keep your voice down, Aunt. Your screaming won't stop me. I've decided already."

I was finally at the foot of my door before she spoke up again. "But, how will you cope? You've only been to the ranch a few times, and you were just a kid then. You are a city girl now. You'll catch diseases there." Hissing, she turned for support. "Mariana, help me talk some sense into her. Tell her how unbelievable she sounds!"

Mariana, my cousin, who I didn't notice was following us earlier opened her mouth but a harsh glare I threw at her made her keep shut. I threw my oak wood door open, slamming it behind me, effectively waning my aunt's complaints.

My plain room stared back at me. It use to have color but he didn't like it so I changed it for him. Now it was just a constant reminder of what could have been. The gray color made my insides turn. I felt sick from looking at it. I knew then I couldn't sleep in here.

I walked quickly to my bed, grabbing my favorite pillow and sheets. In a hurry to leave the room, I accidentally knocked against my bedside table, causing the contents to fall including a gold watch. I went to pick it up, forgetting everything else on the floor.

I flipped the watch, placing it on my wrist. The cold, fine print looked good on me, which angered me even more. It tempted me to throw it against the wall but decided against it. He ruined everything for me but I couldn't let him have this. The watch was too precious to throw away because of some jerk.

I took all three items with me to my parent's room. I flipped the switch by the door and the room lit up; it was just as I remembered. The last time I was here, the circumstances were different. I was unbelievably happy. I was ecstatic; it felt like nothing could hurt me but I couldn't have been more wrong.

Discarding the items on the king-sized bed. My fingers ran down the fine fabric as I took a seat. A picture in a tiny frame caught my attention from the corner of my eye. It was me on my seventh birthday. With slightly red, puffy eyes, my little arms wrapped around my mom's neck as she wore the widest smile on her face. Dad wasn't in the picture as he was away on business. Mom was supposed to leave with him but with me crying so hard for them to stay, mom bailed on the trip and remained with me. I was so happy I grinned all night. Dad promised to attend the party but couldn't make it. I was still happy though, at least I had my mom with me.

Another photo caught my eye on the bedside table, it was all of us. We looked so happy with Dad kissing mom with his hand on her tummy while my eyebrows pulled down and my nose wrinkled in disgust at their actions. We were the perfect, little family. Sadly, it was short-lived. I wiped the thoughts from my head, wanting to rest for the night. It was going to be a long day tomorrow.


Driving above the speed limit, I was heading for my ranch house. A few feet away and I could make some figures, workers stood outside the huge door and it looked like there was a ruckus. I was just about to ask about the situation when a piercing scream filled the air. It stopped almost as soon as it came. My eyes scanned around and saw that no one bothered to check what was going on. Whispers were flying around instead of help. I groaned loudly before making my way to the entrance.

My footsteps were quiet till I got to the foot of the stairs. A man with his back turned to me and was manhandling a lady who was putting up a fight but was losing terribly. His hand was up her skirt and the other covered her mouth, shutting her cry for help. From where I stood, tears rained down her cheeks as she realized how helpless she was. And that's when I cut it in, "what's happening here?"

Relief immediately washed up on her face then confusion followed. The man who looked to be in his late forties or early fifties turned to me. A scowl etched on his face which later turned to annoyance.

"Who are you?" He asked, his voice laced with annoyance.

"I should ask you that. I am Catalina Diaz, the owner of this ranch." My words came out tough and powerful.

Shock was written on both faces. He took off his flat-brim hat before responding," Gilberto at your service, the foreman of this ranch. I took care of it when you were away."

I looked at him in irritation. He had a mustache and was sporting a beard. A perfect example of a cowboy he was. I turned my attention to the girl, and she cowered under my gaze. I would have felt sorry for her but my empathic self died a long time ago. The pity was out the window.

"You still haven't answered my question. What's going on?" My gaze was back on Gilberto and from the corner of my eyes, the girl seemed to relax.

"I caught her stealing. I was going to teach her a lesson before you walked in." He looked so calm, so I wasn't sure if he was lying.

Needing to hear the tale from both ends, I asked, "Is that what happened?" I said, turning to the frightened girl who looked at Gilberto before turning to me and nodding in agreement. Something wasn't adding up, but I was letting it slide for now. If she didn't want to be helped, I would not force it. You can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved.

"Show me to my room." I beckoned the girl who at once led me away in a hurry.

Walking up the flight of stairs, we stopped in front of a room. "Boss, how do you like this room?" She seemed eager for my approval, probably to get on my good side.

With my hands on the doorknob, I scanned the room to find it a little too small for my taste. I could see the closet from where I was standing and could tell how little it was. My gaze turned to meet a queen-sized bed. There was no doubt I would roll off it at night and the sheets looked like they had not been washed. It was nothing like I was used to.

Closing the doors, I spoke. "Where's my parents' room? It's up the stairs, right? I want to sleep in there." I spoke, glancing at the door that led to the medium-sized room again. The walls were peeling.

Her gaze dropped as she mumbled under her breath before replying, "that's Gilberto's room now."

"What?!" I stormed up the remaining stairs to the room. I found it easily as it was the only room with large doors and I remember running up those stairs to play. I dashed into the room in anger, picking up all the manly things within sight and throwing them down the balcony.

The workers outside watched in confusion and continued whispering. I walked back in and turned to the girl, "throw everything that belongs to that man. He can sleep in the staff quarters." I was fuming. How dare he sleep in my parent's room! This room was supposed to be locked. It was their matrimonial bed for heaven's sake!

"Yes, Boss. I'll see that this room is cleaned and ready for you by tomorrow," She wasn't making eye contact with me but I didn't care.

"I'll sleep in here tonight."

Hesitant to speak at first, "Boss, you can't sleep in here, Gilberto allowed no one in here so it was hardly ever cleaned. Perhaps you could sleep in one of the other rooms while I get working on this one. You can sleep in here tomorrow."

"It's fine, I'll handle it. It's getting late, go to your room." I was eager to do some cleaning myself before retiring for the night.

"What about dinner, Boss?"

"It's fine, I'm not hungry. You may leave." She left right away, and I noticed some clothes in the drawers. I took them to throw them out on the balcony again, but I stopped halfway.

Outside was the foreman, Gilberto staring at me with one hand in his pocket. He lit a cigarette, not once taking his eyes off me. The staring contest continued till he took off his hat, giving a slight nod in respect, turned, and walked away but I got the message loud and clear. I was treading on thin ice and I was going to fall into the freezing water.

Chapter 2 Meeting the She Devil

A few days later

Andres' POV

"Felipe!" My luggage fell at my feet as I yelled out his name. It took a while for him to recognize me, squinting his eyes to take a better look. His tools dropped as he ran straight for me. His arms were wide in the air and I ran into them in a warm embrace.

"Andres, Mi Hijo. Why are you back here? Is everything alright at home?" He threw endless questions at me. I had to calm him down.

"Felipe, relax. Everything is fine and going smoothly." I patted down his frail hand. Veins were prominent under his skin, signs that he wasn't as young as he use to be.

"Why are you here then?" He asked, almost quietly. He spoke as little as his hoarse voice would let him.

"Felipe, things are totally fine," I reassured him but it was clear he didn't believe a word I said so I explained further. "


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